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Katerina Graham's Hair as Bonnie in Vampire Diaries: Relaxed Curls


Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

Katerina Graham co-stars as the rivating character of Bonnie Bennett in The CW's show known as The Vampire Diaires.

Bonnie Bennett, is the girl with intense psychic powers who is Elena's (Nina Dobrev) best friend, in The CW's new drama “The Vampire Diaries.” She has intense concern for Elena's budding love relationship with Stefan Salvatore played by smokin hot Paul Wesley.

Katerina has the opportunity to make a huge splash on the hottest new show on TV for the Fall of 2009 because of her stellar beauty, acting talents and ability to select a great part.

Born In Geneva, Raised In Los Angeles

Although it is widely reported that Katerina was born in Geneva, Switzerland on May 9, 1989 to father Joseph Graham and her Russian Jewish mother, Natasha, The CW lists her actual birthday as September 5 in Los Angeles.

Most of the media on Katerina indicates she was born in Geneva while her father was doing journalism for the UN. Her grandfather was a United Nations Ambassador from Liberia.

The family moved to Los Angeles, California when Graham was 4 years old and she spent the majority of her young life in Los Angeles.

She attended Hebrew school and speaks English, Spanish, French and some Portuguese and Hebrew.

Exposed To Many Different Cultures

Although born overseas, she is classified as an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer and model. She is also the voice behind's single "I Got It from My Mama" as well as one of the spokesmodels (The Fantanas) for the Coca-Cola drink Fanta.

Katerina has been exposed to many different cultures and societies from an early age. She believes this is what has greatly influenced her artistically and personally and fosters her intense motivation to be a success.

Katrina went on a lot of acting auditions until she landed the plum lead in Lion King playing Nala. This happened just two years after arriving in New York to follow her dreams of being on Broadway.

Among the lovely brunette's theater credits are the role of Carmen in the national tour of "Fame -- The Musical" and roles in regional productions of "Jesus Christ Superstar," "As You Like It" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Curls By Numbers

Graham stepped into the entertainment industry at the age of six. From then until she was 14, she could be found in commercials such as Barbie, K-Mart, Pop Tart, and Edison, and television shows such as "Joan of Arcadia","Like Family", "Grounded For Life", and "Lizzie McGuire".

Her first big break came when she replaced a young Christina Milian as the host of the Disney Channel series "Movie Surfers".

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

At the age of 15 she was chosen by choreographer Fatima to perform at the BET Awards as a background dancer for Lil' Bow Wow.

That experience led to other stints as a background dancer for Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Jamie Foxx, and choreographers Hi Hat and Michael Rooney.

In addition to being a professional actress and dancer, Katerina also began to pursue a career as a musical artist.

One of the first songs she wrote and sung ("Derailed") was featured in a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

Completing that song inspired her to purchase her own studio equipment and add producer to her list of talents. Although she had no formal production training, she soon mastered the techniques and developed her unique style.

"When I first got my equipment I had no one to guide me…I taught myself. I realized there was no other teenage, female producer in the world, so I was forced to look within myself for motivation." she recalls.

Snagging Lots Of Guest TV Roles

A year later she met producer Damon Elliott (Pink, Mya, Destiny's Child) who turned out to be an influential mentor. While the two worked on perfecting Katerina's skills as a musician and producer, she continued to work as an actress, starring on television shows "CSI: Las Vegas", "The OC", "Malcolm In The Middle", "Joan of Arcadia", "Strong Medicine", and "Hannah Montana". She even forayed into music videos, appearing in Akon's "Mr. Lonely", 112's "What If", John Legend's "Used To Love You", B2K's "Why I Love You", Musiq Soulchild's "Buddy" and many others.

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

At 17, Katerina was selected by the Coca-Cola Company as part of an international campaign to market their soft drink Fanta.

While promoting the campaign as a member of the "Fantanas" (as Capri/Strawberry), Katerina simultaneously completed her degree in recording engineering.

"My background is one that is so varied, I've never been one to check for what the next person is doing," she says. "My circumstances and my mind have set me apart and I will never blend in."

It is this confidence and tenacity that continues to propel Katerina to the next level.

She continues to work in acting, music and dance: she recently finished a world tour with The Black Eyed Peas; her voice is featured on two songs on Will. I. Am's latest solo release "Songs About Girls" ("I Got It From My Mama" and "The Donque Song" feat. Snoop Dogg). She was in the film 17 Again which stars Zac Efron and Matthew Perry.

Her next projects are the Hallmark Christmas film Our First Christmas, the modern day Breakfast Club remake Bleachers, and is starring as Kel Mitchell's love interest 'Chaka Lovebell' in the film "Chicago Pulaski Jones".

The movie, which will be the directorial debut for comedian Cedric the Entertainer. She is currently filming the movie Boogie Town starring alongside Marques Houston, Brenda Song, and Vanessa Simmons as well as the thriller The Roommate with Leighton Meester.

Steal Katerina's Lush Relaxed Curls

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

According to The Vampire Diaries' onset hairdresser, Randa Squillacote, Katerina has medium thick naturally curly hair which has been chemically relaxed.

Note: Depending on what curl typing system you subscribe to ranging from Andre Walker, Lorraine Massey or other, Katerina may be categorized as a category known as 3B or a 3C (added post-Andre Walker's published book).

She might not. It's very hard to tell due to the photos exactly how tight her curls are. There is also the consideration of her hair's dryness pattern and spring to mention just a few variables.

Most of the time Katerina wears her hair down with some curls, especially along the perimeter.

From time to time she has been spotted on the Red Carpet with her natural curls coiffed in loose waves and barrel style curls.

Kudos to Katerina for her gorgeous curls.

Note: Please also note that this is not just my "token attempt" to give a nod to African American, mixed or other races and hair types. I have curly hair myself and am a huge fan of curly hairstyles for all ages, races, ages, genders. If anyone is offended by my discussion of Sophina Brown's gorgeous hair please note it is not my intention to offend anyone or be "clueless" in my curl discussions.

Step By Step Instructions

Although it's possible to achieve a similar curly look for those with naturally straight or wavy tresses, it would take a lot of time, energy, styling products and hot tools. Ultimately Sophina Brown's hairstyles are best suited for those lucky ladies born with natural curls.

Follow the steps listed below to steal Katerina's curly hairstyle:

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

1. Natural curls require special TLC. To duplicate Katerina's curly style, shampoo tresses with a product designed to address your hair's special curl needs.

Since her hair is chemically relaxed, it will be much more dry than normal and requires lots of conditioning and moisture.

Depending on the texture of your natural curls you may wish to either cleanse with a diluted shampoo formulation (1 part shampoo to 3 or 4 parts water) or wash with conditioner only (CO). Choose the best historical cleansing steps for your curls.

If you color, highlight or chemically treat your curls like Katerina, select a shampoo that supports those treatments as well as your natural curls.

Note: One to try - Ken Paves gentle moisturizing Healthy Hair Daily Shampoo

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioners. (Avoid if hair is super thin, fine or tends to flatten easily). Rinse out or deep conditioners are excellent steps to take for curls which may be damaged.

Note: One to try - Ken Paves Healthy Hair DailyConditioner.

If you wish to amp up your hair color like Katerina's use 1-2 pumps of Ken Paves Boost Up color with your daily conditioning rinse. Select from a variety of colors from Black to Platinum depending on your current hair hue.

3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles and encourage natural shine and to help close the cuticles.

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

4. Towel blot and apply very light cocktail of desired leave-in detangler, conditioner or other styling products (firm holding mousse or gel). Ken Paves Boost Up color can also be added to your leave-in or other styling products for extra color oomp.

If hair frizzes easily, apply a defrisant balm like Phytodefrisant or similar to damp strands to prevent frizz while still allowing soft curls to naturally form.

5. For extra control around the face, crown and sides, apply a firm holding hair cream or sculpting gel.

Note: One to try: Ken Paves Healthy Hair Curl Balm.

6. Separate hair into individual 2" sections. Working from side to side around the entire head blow dry hair with blow dryer with long finger diffuser.

Avoid touching your strands with your fingers as you work to avoid frizz. When possible, use the slowest, coolest setting. Allow curls to rest in the base of the diffuser cup as you direct air flow through the strands.

7. Once each section of curls is 100% dry, clip or pin the section into a twisted ringlet pattern against your scalp and continue drying the next section.

8. When hair is completely dry and pinned against the scalp, spray entire the entire head with a firm holding spray like PhytoPro Strong Finishing Spray or Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shaping Finishing Spray. Allow spray to dry completely before removing pins or clips.

Katerina Graham Bonnie The Vampire Diaries 2009

9. Right before leaving the house unpin all the hair sections and use fingers to tousle waves. If desired, use a medium barrel curling iron to touch up any disconnected curl sections.

10. Finish with a swipe of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum. Apply one drop of the Shine Serum to the palms of your hands, rub together and then lightly brush over the top of your gorgeous new soft waves.

Top off your lush natural curls with a crystal encrusted headband, or attach an accent flower or crystal clip.


Katerina's ultimate dream is to build up her acting credits on TV and in film to the point where she can have a wide range of acting options.

Note: If you would love to try the Ken Paves Healthy Hair products check out his convenient Healthy Hair Try Me Kit which includes 2 oz of the daily shampoo, conditioner, shine serum and shaping hair spray. All Ken Paves Healthy Hair products are available at the Marketplace.

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