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Karen's Golden Girl Hairsticks


Anyone who knows me can tell you that black has always been my favorite color. I wear black clothes and drive black cars. Always have and always will. I also love the color of gold. Not white gold, but yellow gold. My signature jewelry is one single gold bangle bracelet that I wear on my right wrist along with gold hoop earrings and a gold watch.

I also love things that sparkle and glow and am a sucker for rhinestone, crystal or diamond encrusted anything.

I have known many long tressed folks who have carefully and lovingly collected hairsticks that were special for their locks for year. I have never been very good at collecting things, because I tend to lose everything, but I started to understand the importance of what collecting hairsticks means when I found my own special pair of sticks to "collect".

You can imagine my surprise and incredible joy when I recently found my very own pair of hairsticks that were called Golden Girls. (Golden Girls hairsticks shown above and to the side from private collection of Karen Shelton).

I instantly discovered that my new hairsticks were designed using authenic and rare Swarovski Comet OR 24kt Gold coated Crystals, stunning black Jet Crystals and Gold-Plated Beads. The sticks were truly a good representation of "me" and what I love.

Unfortunately it is impossible to show you the true beauty of my hair sticks from scans and photos, but I will do my best to give you at least a good peek.

Hair Friendly Design

My Golden Girl hairsticks (shown above) are 7 1/2 inches of hand lacquered black wood that are perfect for my below the waist, thick hair.

(Photo courtesy of Pivot Point's A Long Hair Collection book available from Pivot Point).

The black lacquer paint gives the sticks a glossy and very sleek appearance that is just beautiful. The sticks are so smooth, there is never any chance that they would rip, pull, tangle, tear or molest a single one of my hard earned very long hairs. They are truly "hairfriendly" creations.

I enjoy wearing hairsticks on many different occasions and will use them as pure decoration or as a functional "giant hairpin" of sorts.

Note: For more details on how to wear hairsticks read Hairsticks: Functional Or Festive.

I have worn the Golden Girl sticks in both forms, to hold my bun in place and to simply decorate and dress up French and multi-strand braids. The photo above is an excellent example of the "ornamental only" use of hairsticks. The hairstick is used to simply add a touch of elegance to this stunning twisted bun.

Jet Crystals From The 40s

The top of each of the sticks has a gorgeous shiny black Jet crystal (shown to the side) that is from the 1940s. I could almost envision some World War II War bride wearing these stunning Jet Crystals on a bracelet or a necklace. In fact, the Jet Crystals remind me of a gorgeous necklace that my grandmother used to have many years ago that had Jet Crystal accent pieces.

The black Jet is just one facet of an amazing creation. The sticks also contain a gorgeous and authentic Swarovski Comet OR 24kt Gold coated Crystal (shown to the side). What is key about the Comet OR crystals besides the fact that they are 24kt Gold and breathtaking is the fact that they are no longer made. That means you may search for a very long time before you can find them, if ever.

Gold Comet OR Crystals Are Very Rare

As it was explained to me, it was found that the process used to create the Gold Comet OR crystals was toxic to humans. Because of the risk incurred in creating the Gold Comet OR crystals, production was discontinued forever. Swarovski no longer makes or sell these beautiful crystals. Yes, I am glad that humans are no longer at risk making them but I have to say that they are some of the most gorgeous crystals that I have ever seen.

It was also explained that the technical terminology of why the Comet OR crystals are golden on one side and clear crystal on the other but all I could remember was that they are just incredibly beautiful and they are very difficult to find because they are so rare.

As if the Comet OR gold crystals and the black Jet crystals aren't enough, the Jet crystal and the Comet OR crystals on each stick are separated by a shimmering gold plated bead and two circles of stunning rhinestones that look to me like tiny diamond wedding rings. Each stick is topped by two smaller gold plated beads that form a gorgeous end to a spectacular setting.

Works Of Art

When I first received the Golden Girl sticks I spent literally hours staring at them like they were a new painting or a great new work of art that I had discovered in a tiny gallery somewhere. I put them in my hairstick glass right next to my PC at and would just marvel at the beauty of the beads.

I also vowed never to wear them since I was deathly afraid that I would lose one or harm this precious set of jewels in some way.

Hairsticks Worthy Of A Great Restaurant

Finally the urge to wear them in my hair overcame my fear of harming the jewels. I decided to break down and wear the Golden Girl sticks the very first time to someplace that is as special as they are. I agonized for some time trying to find the absolute best place to wear them for the first time and finally decided to wear them to a really romantic restauarant. I chose one of the most elegant gorgeous places in town.

I felt that the restaurant I chose was a perfect place to have a coming out party for my Golden Girls sticks. I proudly wore the sticks with a brand new long black velvet dress and matching jacket along with my best golden earrings and bracelet. I wore my hair in a soft romantic knot with the Golden Girl sticks acting as jeweled hairpins holding my hair in place. My hair has never looked better or more romantic than with these gorgeous sticks.

Great For Dressy & Business Events

Once I tasted a little of the glory of wearing the Golden Girl sticks I started wearing them more frequently for dressier and business events. Wearing my Golden Girls with jeans just seemed scandalous to me. However, I do feel that I honor the sticks when I wear them with nice suits and dresses. I currently alternate wearing the sticks in my hair with soft wrapped buns, French Twists (see photo above) and "up" French braids. The sticks are perfect for the current style of messy buns that are so hot for 2004. (All photos are copyrighted from The Shelley Pryor Gallery)

I can't say enough about my Golden Girl sticks. Even though I have had them for many months now, I still marvel at their beauty. I get lots of compliments about them and they have become one of my "signature" jewelry items.

The Sticks Don't Contain Ink

Recently I was wearing my Golden Girls at a large business meeting with one of my customers when the President of the company teased me about the "jeweled" pens I had stuck in my hair. He asked me what color ink they had and if I used them to write letters. (Photo from Shelley Pryor Gallery - all rights reserved).

I laughed and pulled one of the Golden Girl sticks out of my hair so that he could get a better look at my "pens". He stopped for a moment, examined the stick, exclaimed over their beauty and then said that he wanted to buy a set for his wife. He was truly disappointed when I explained that the Golden Girls are "one of a kind" that were created just for me.


The sticks that are some of the most beautiful, well made and most incredible works of hair jewelry that I have ever seen. I think they are an excellent investment that can be worn and cherished for many years to come.

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