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John Sahag Hair Makeovers: Sharon - Short Edgy Bob


Sharon Before

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Sharon After

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Many people feel the need for a little help creating the perfect hair and makeup. With good cause.

A professional hairdresser or colorist will have absolutely no sentimental or emotional reasons to encourage an attachment to an outdated hair style, faded brassy color or raggedy ends.

Master makeover experts provide objective opinions through a pair of fresh eyes. An analysis of your face shape, skin and eye tones along with your hair texture, condition and type instantly determines how to make your best features dazzle.

Spectacular results occur when an entire makeover team of seasoned hairdressers, colorists and make-up mavens collaborate for a unified and customized final look.

When a hair color and makeup is harmonized with a new hair cut and style that is designed to enhance your natural beauty while addressing your lifestyle, budget and personal desires you can achieve the appearance of your dreams .

For many people the concept of a hair makeover conjures up images of major color or cuts. This is usually not the case.

The very best makeovers utilize a skilled professional team crafting a dramatic difference by simply working with the existing hues and styles while bumping them up a little.

By studying face shape, skin tone and other features, a skilled hair master can make a few tweaks that result in maximum benefits with minimal change.


Sharon During

MMI Media All Rights Reserved

The team of John Sahag professional hair, color and makeup experts partnered with Multi Media Magazine (MMI) to transform lucky winners of a recent MMI Model Makeover Contest.

Model Sharon (shown above & throughout this piece) visited the world renowned John Sahag Workshop, NYC (212-750-7772) as one of the finalists in the Makeover Contest.

Note: Visit John Sahag on the web at:

The professional makeover provided by The John Sahag Workshop Team was designed to enhance, rather than dramatically alter, her existing look.

The Makeover

The Cut

Master stylist Mayumi Honda started the make over process by first studying Sharon's face shape for inspiration.

Mayumi determined that Sharon had a long as well as a narrow face with a strong square shaped chin area. Sharon's natural hair was thick with some natural curl.

Model Sharon & Daniel Garza Colorist During - Hair color

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Her conclusion? The creation of a precision sculpted dry hair cut focused on creating a sleek bob style with lush volume around the crown area that perfectly framed Sharon's thin face.

Mayumi decided to create a bob that had a much shorter length at the nape than along the sides.

Mayumi also believed the creation of a new forehead fringe would help to balance Sharon's face which had a small forehead in comparison to wider cheekbones.

The focus on the new cut was to create a finely layered shape with movement and natural balance. Utilizing the world famous Sahag dry cut methodology, Mayumi painstakingly sectioned, cut and carved a series of shapes into Sharon's hair, moving in and out between the strands carefully creating natural soft movement and flow.

The finished style was a unique work of hair art custom crafted for Sharon. When he was finished, Sharon's strands fell perfectly into place. The dimensional cut added instant softness to her overall face shape providing a more balanced form.

Mayumi creating gorgeous face framing side-swept bangs netting spectacular eye-popping results. She carefully chiseled very subtle angled bang layers that cascaded over Sharon's forehead along one side to open up her eyes and naturally widen her forehead.

The Color

Sharon During - Foil Highlights & Lowlights

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Sharon's pre-makeover hue was a medium, almost muddy brown, deemed too dark and draining for her beautiful skin tone.

John Sahag master colorist Daniel Garza's makeover plan was to take Sharon's medium brown hue to a softer brighter caramel butter base.

Daniel's ultimate goal was to brighten Sharon's skin tone and add a natural glow as well as opening up her face. The caramel base hue was designed to enhance Sharon's beautiful brown eyes.

After lightening Sharon's base to the desired buttery caramel, he carefully hand painted alternating ribbons of vanilla highlights and toffee lowlights designed to work in harmony with the newly sculpted haircut and to add dimension and contrast.

The Styling

Sharon During - Foil Highlights & Lowlights

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After precision processing time Sharon's foils were removed and her hair was shampooed. The results were spectacular. The final base color was luscious infused with a subtle rainbow of burnt sugar tones.

Carefully placed toffee hued lowlights radiated from the perimeter of the style while soft vanilla inspired highlights fanned out as subtle splashes of light around the hairline and at the crown.

To protect the delicate new hues, John Sahag Clean For Chemically Altered Hair - a color maintenance shampoo - was used on Sharon's hair followed by use of the John Sahag Clean Conditioning rinse for her naturally coarse tresses.

Sharon's hair was towel dried. The John Sahag 3D Volumizing Gel was applied very liberally along the roots and then worked into the strands down to the ends to help build in lots of sassy volume and fullness through the interior of the style.

The goal with the hairstyle was to add a halo or hair around the perimeter of Sharon's face and volume was key. The 3D Gel also helped soften Sharon's hair while adding shine and control.

Sharon During - Foil Highlights & Lowlights

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One of the special benefits of the 3D Volumizing Gel is that fact that is miraculously invisible and definitely light and non-sticky.

The Volumizing Gel can be used on a myriad of styles from soft and sleek to wild, extreme and edgy.

Once product was distributed throughout Sharon's hair Mayumi separated her hair into smaller sections.

Using a large round boar's bristle style brush and a blow dryer with a concentrator, Mayumi blow dried Sharon's hair, starting at the back of the head while directing the air flow down the shaft from the roots to the ends building in lots of major fullness and movement.

The Finishing Touches

Once Sharon's hair was completely dry Mayumi applied a tiny bit of John Sahag Revitalizing Drops to the palms of her hands and distributed the product through Sharon's tresses to add a dab of shine and renew the texture of the newly styled strands.

Sharon Make-up Application During

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She used a brush to slightly backcomb the crown area to add extra fullness.

Creating a side part she directed a soft sweep of hair over to one side of the crown. Mayumi also directed a section of hair down and over the top of one side of Sharon's forehead.

The side swept strands barely brushed the bottom of her eyebrow directing focus to Sharon's eyes.

Mayumi used a hot iron to spot smooth the fringe. She pulled individual pieces along the nape and sides and finger picked the style until it was a cap of sleek and shimmering strands.

The Make-Up

Makeup artist Flora Kay evaluated Sharon's skin and eye tone along with her face shape and stunning new hair hue to craft a major makeup design.

She created an instant face dazzling transformation with an eyebrow shaping that eliminated heavy brows. Flora also lighted the brows slightly to show case Sharon's gorgeous big brown eyes.

Sharon After

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The results were stunning. The masterful John Sahag team created a sleek sassy face framing bob style infused with gorgeous hues that worked in perfect harmony with Sharon's skin and eye tones. The newly created shine from the gorgeous color was almost blinding but definitely beautiful.


To Schedule Your Own Makeovers

If you love Sharon's makeover and would love to experience your own personal transformation, call the John Sahag Workshop in New York City for an appointment (212-750-7772). The John Sahag Workshop is located at 425 Madison Avenue #2, New York, NY. 10017

More About John Sahag Workshop

Sharon After

MMI Media All Rights Reserved

The late John Sahag (2005) was an Internationally known and beloved hair artist for more than 30 years starting his career at the tender age of 16. John was renowned for his "dry cut" which today is used by many hairdressers around the world.

In 1985 John opened The John Sahag Workshop in New York City with the purpose of "creating an oasis away from the frenetic pace of New York life". His goal was to erase the "edginess" of urban living and to revive the energy of every man and woman entering into his Workshop space.

The ultimate goal of The John Sahag Workshop which still exists in the present time is to make sure that every person who leaves the salon is enhanced, refreshed and invigorated. Although the great hairdresser has passed on, his vision and work are still practiced today by those great hairdressers that are still involved with the John Sahag Workshop.

Sahag took pride in his work and all those that worked for him. Affectionately calling his colleagues "his kids" he created a masterful team of experts including resident stylist Gabriel Saba, Karmela Lozina, Mayumi Honda, Rafael Garcia, Daniel Garza and Thomas Clancy as well as colorists Frank Reina and Santino N. Acquista.

They continue John's legacy every day.

Stylist Mayumi Honda The John Sahag Workshop

John Sahag Workshop All Rights Reserved

Each client is treated individually and as unique as a fingerprint.

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