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Jessica Simpson: Secrets & Inside Hair Scoops


Jessica Simpson with Fan in Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey Hines

In 2002 I was honored with the great privilege of spending two entire days in the presence of the lovely Jessica Simpson, her hairdresser Ken Paves, make-up artist Karan Mitchell and members of Jessica's family.

Jessica's personal assistant Cacee Cobb was there along with Tina and Joe Simpson and Jessica's grandparents.

During that two day period, which now seems like eons ago, Jessica had not yet married Nick, her Newlywed Prince Charming, had not become famous for her "blonde moments" and was considered, by some industry experts to be moving slowly out of glare of the spotlights.

Although Jessica loved fashion and shoes back then, her famous Jessica Simpson fashion line was just a glint in her eye.

While I was in Jessica's presence I was able to watch her in many different situations from posing for Seventeen Magazine to hanging out with some of her lucky fans for a group pedicure to performing at the opening of a new Dallas based spa.

Ironically, when I quizzed the Seventeen editor about Jessica's photo shoot, she made it clear that Jessica would not be the cover for the magazine and would be used on the inside of the December edition for 2002.

Indeed, Jessica's photo shoot was tucked deep inside the magazine.

Jessica Simpson with Fan in Dallas, Texas

DC Media

I laugh about that memory now when I think about Jessica gracing the esteemed covers of Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and Maxim. Who would have ever guessed that just two years later Jessica would be the "It" girl turning everything she touched to pure gold?

Rather than focusing on what we already know has happened, I need to share some of the "secrets" that I learned about Jessica during my time with her.

First and foremost I was stunned at how incredibly beautiful Jessica is in person, both with and without an ounce of makeup.

Yes, I was a fan of hers before I met her and I had all her CDs. But trust me, none of the CD photos came close to doing her justice.

When I found myself standing literally a few feet from her, I was amazed at how breathtakingly gorgeous she is.

So what makes her gorgeous? Her hair is like spun gold, her eyes are big and softly expressive while her skin is luminescent. Her natural beauty is hard to describe.

Jessica Simpson

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Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is even more beautiful on the inside which I experienced over the years.

Although a lot has changed in Jessica's life since I first met her in 2002, she is still the same incredibly beautiful women I met so many years ago.

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