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Hair Boutique is very honored to introduce our first guest writer for the articles section. Valentine is a frequent contributor to the Hair Talk board and has her own web site that is listed on our links page.

Valentine is a wonderful case of "hair in progress" and she offers wonderful, inspirational insights into the hair growing experience. I found her to be a kindred soul. Valentine will be the first to tell you that she has committed some heinous hair crimes.

Her story reminded me of my own hair crimes including the things I did to my hair for the sake of love. My days of the Farrah look came flooding back to me after reading Valentine's courageous and touching history. Her story had a major impact on me. I think you will all find it touching and poignant.

Valentine has recently started using Aveda's Curressence conditioner and she reports that she is very pleased with it. She reports that in the past she has tried many product lines such as Paul Mitchell, Back to Basics, Broccato, Pantene, Infusium, Mane and Tail and assorted other supermarket type brands.

She stated in a recent email correspondence that she had even tried following Paula Begoun's recommendations in her Hair Care Product guide book Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me but that never before has Valentine had as much success as she has with the Aveda Shampure and Aveda Curressence.

Valentine has baby fine hair that tends to be dry and she reports that Aveda Shampure and Curressence has helped her hair have incredible softness and shine, moisture without goopiness or weight and no more static or fly aways.

She has commented that "I never thought any one product would be worth the money I spent on this conditioner but I couldn't be more pleased. This product is really going to help a long ways towards growing long hair!"

Valentine also has experience with henna which is a popular topic on Hair Talk. Here is Valentine's comments on henna in her own words:

"I have used a couple types of henna in the past. Light Mountain Henna (the pure powder) and another type of henna that was premixed (and probably not as good for my hair, probably not pure) made by Meta Henna in Elk Grove Village, IL, that really colored well. I think it all depends on the henna you use and your hair type.

Just like the way different shampoos, conditioners and other treatments affect us all differently, so does henna. Obviously, using a premixed henna that is probably not pure can cause some possible drying or damage because the manufacturer may have slipped some real coloring agents into the mix. But even with pure henna, some people feel that it makes their hair stiff or brittle or dry or coated feeling. But then again, I have met many people who are happy with it's results too. I used to love coloring my hair red with henna, but finally quit doing it. One of the reasons wasn't so much that I noticed any damage, as I noticed that if your hair is not completely one uniform color, the henna exaggerates the tonal differences. I was bright red on the ends and deep red on the top! Not very attractive, so I quit."

Valentine's first (and hopefully not her last) article is titled Bad Hair Days: A Survival Manual!

Valentine emailed me that she thought this article was a nice recap of all of the things that she had learned lately about hair from many sources including the ETLHS and private and posted articles. She felt that it was handy to see all the information presented in one place. Some of the information presented in the article is based on her own thoughts. But all of it is stuff she really believes in. Particularly the part about knowing your hair type and paying attention to it's needs so that you can use the right products to prevent bad hair days. Valentine reports that she hasn't had a bad hair day ever since she started using the right products.

Bad Hair Days: A Survival Manual!

by Valentine

Bad hair? Boring hair? We all get those days, especially those of us growing our hair out, where we are just disgusted with the way our hair is acting and looking. It's either at an awkward stage, has a lot of build up, the humidity is giving you problems, it's too dry/oily...,or a myriad of other problems.

Don't give up and visit the hair salon just yet! Quite often, these occurrences are just temporary. If you can get past these trying times without resorting to more drastic actions, you too can grow and maintain the hair you've always wanted.

Bad Hair Day, Don't Have Work Today, Lucky You!

You say you are having a bad hair day, but don't have to go to work? Now these types of days are much easier to cope with than a work day. Consider trying a few of the tips for bad hair days listed below.

Dry or Flyaway Hair?

If you have time, deep condition your hair while taking a bath. Soothing for the hair and the spirits. Take your favorite conditioner, oil or hot oil treatment and slather it all over your hair (not applying to your roots if you have oily or sensitive scalp). I like to put a shower/conditioner cap or wrap plastic wrap around it and then put a towel on top of that. A steamy hot towel will help increase the conditioning benefits.

Major Buildup or Flatness?

Try a good build up removing shampoo for a couple shampoos and see how it works.

Divert your attention from your hair:

  1. Stop fixating on your hair - give yourself a manicure/pedicure. If the weather is nice, put your hair up in a cap and take a nice walk. Sometimes it helps just to get your mind off of it for a while. Plus it's great for your health.
  2. Never schedule a hair appointment when you're having bad hair. In fact, never get a trim when you're feeling not so good about your hair.
  3. If you have a lot of will power, and know you won't let anyone come near your hair with a scissors, color or perm, schedule a deep conditioner/scalp treatment. My long hair friendly hairdresser does a great Aveda Scalp Treatment that is also a deep conditioner. It gives you about 30 minutes to indulge in having your hair pampered while you relax and read. It makes you feel like something positive and proactive is being done about your hair. And when it's rinsed off, your hair looks and feels like silk! Any conditioning treatment will do however. You can do this at home too but if you have the need to go to a salon, just get the conditioning treatment. It works as a pretty good placebo.

Oh No, It's a Work Day!

These are more difficult days to cope with uncooperative hair. My best suggestion for this is to braid your hair or put it up. This really does take care of unruly hair, or at least gets it out of the way in a neat way for the day.

Before you shampoo in the morning or the evening before, as I do to allow my hair to air dry, pay very close attention to the condition of your scalp and hair always. Also pay attention to the ends of your hair versus the top of your hair. The more attention you pay to this, the less likely you will be to have a bad hair day in the future, although they always do seem to sneak in there at least once in a great while.

Also pay attention to what is in your hair care products. Most of the bad hair days I had in the past were due to this fact. Build up from non-water based hairsprays and products, products containing ingredients that made my hair greasy looking or flat, or products that cannot help smooth and control curly or very thick hair. Know your hair type and look for products with the right ingredients in them for your needs.

My hair, although I have a good deal of it, is fine and straight. Silicone is an anathema to my hair as are some waxes. Makes my hair clump and hang there, looking as lifeless as it could possibly be. Through listening and reading about others?, experiences with products and their hair types, I now know what works well for my hair and the difference is incredible. Never did I believe that the right product could make so much difference for my hair which is now as baby soft and shiny as it was when I was a child.

All these things can help you prevent bad hair days in the future. To find out what is your hair type and product information, I suggest you research in this site, The Hair Boutique. It is an excellent source of information and not an idle plugger!

Nice things to do for yourself / for your hair

  1. Learn a new braid - great for future bad hair days where you have to go to work! Or for a special occasion.
  2. Do a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment. Tip: Most deep conditioners are not much chemically different from a regular rinse out conditioner. If you don't have any deep conditioner at home, but still would like to do something nice for your hair, use the regular rinse out conditioner and cover your hair with saran wrap or a shower cap, then add a towel over that. Leave it in for a while before rinsing. If you wish, you can use a shot of heat on the saran or plastic wrap with a blow dryer before you put the towel on to heat up the conditioner and help it penetrate a bit more. Or use a steamy hot towel.
  3. Convince your friends to start growing out their hair - start a hair support circle! Great for: Sharing/trying out different shampoos and conditioners and other treatments. Very economical for everyone too. Have a friend try out a new braid or style on your hair just to see how to do it or how it looks. Just having someone to talk to when you have a bad hair day. Beats the hairdresser any day! Unity of purpose helps strengthen resolve. Start a real fashion statement! By all growing your hair, you've just let the world know that you are no slave to pop trends. You are a classic; ever classy and timeless.
  4. Join the Hair Boutique Hair Talk board. Participate in other hair talk boards like: Beauty Store's Talk Board, Victor's Men's Board and hair forums (TLHS forums ) to meet new friends, receive positive reinforcement and to help promote a healthy enjoyment and respect for long hair across the world.
  5. Check out the various hair sites. If your ISP software permits, subscribe to the sites so that you are automatically notified of any site updates. Tell these site administrators what a great job they are doing! Volunteer constructive advice and suggestions of what you'd like to see on the site.
  6. Do you have something good to contribute? Send an article in to a site. Brush up on your writing skills and help others all at the same time! Feel free to ask site administrators questions. Or post a question or comment to their bulletin boards or guestbooks.

Happy Hair Days to you all!


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