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Short Hair: Sexy Secrets


Just like everything related to hair, there are pros and cons for having short hair.

While short hair, on the right face shape combined with the right hair texture, type and condition can be stunning, short hair can also be unflattering on others.

Short hair can offer an instant style change, give the illusion of fuller hair and eliminate damaged ends. However, short hair, just like long hair can become boring over time.

Consider some of the suggestions listed below for adding a new sexy allure to short hair.

1. Texturize It

With a great perm, height, volume and curl combine to hair as soft and easy-going as can be. Some of the best hairstylists recommend a perm to transform a graduated cut into a fabulous new shape.

When hair is highly graduated, it rounds into a delicate halo; you can pull down side tendrils as desired.

Because interior texture comes from a perm, hair is wash-and-wear! If you have a very short crop, a root or pin curl perm adds texture; for a short bob, get a perm for volume or root lift.

2. Get a New Angle

Sleek and smooth styles look business-like cut to bob length, but when a sharp angle is added at the sides, hair frames the face beautifully. Then, consider asking your stylist for softening details like a razored nape and shimmering highlights.

Remember, angled sides can move from short to long (when cut along a diagonal-forward line) or from long to short (when cut along a diagonal-back line).

3. Think Six-Tease

Back before unisex, no one thought short hair was androgynous. The '60s way to make any shorter cut fabulous was to tease the crown and flip the ends.

To bring the look into the '90s, Sabrina Dorey of Salon Visage in Knoxville, TN, suggests tucking hair behind your ears and leaving a single piece free at the side to frame the face.

4. Add Layers

When you add lots of layers to your short cut, style possibilities are endless. When layers get progressively longer from the exterior to the top, you can roller set the interior for soft, feminine curl.

Direct hair back and spiral wrap most the front pieces for maximum movement. After rollers have cooled, finger style hair, backcomb select pieces and detail the ends.

5. Pin Curl It!

Lots of uniform layers take on angelic appeal when hair is set in pin curls. For body, create large loops; for end curl, make curls tighter.

Set hair when it's damp, diffuse dry, then finger comb from roots to ends. For a shorter crop, pin curl just the front or the top. If you have a short bob, try a single side pin curl to create a wave.

6. Try out a Wedge

A super-graduated wedge paired with lots of layers controls hair with a strong exterior shape, but gives you soft femininity via interior layers. For an update on a Dorothy Hamill wedge, iron curl medium-sized pieces in the interior, then break up curls with your fingers or a vent brush. If your short cut has sideburns, touch them up with pomade or gel.

7. Think Razor's Edge

When you want to soften any cut, get the razor treatment. When hair is cut with a razor, each end is tapered, as opposed to being blunt cut.

Super-short hair takes on new mobility and a short bob is softened via fringy ends. This works best for straight hair; very curly hair is less controllable when razor cut.

8. Keep it Close

Fine hair can look too harsh in a geometric cut and lots of volume is too difficult to get. For a soft, easy style, keep hair close to your head. What helps: A cut that follows your natural head shape by tapering inward at the nape and rounding out at the top.

When you wear your short cut smooth and sleek, add surface shine with a spray-on silicone product or slip in a jeweled clip for instant femininity.

One look that's always sexy is one that's finger waved and you can do this with almost any short cut that is not heavily layered. Gel hair close to your head, then mold in waves or use old-fashioned waving clamps. Hard to do? Ask your stylist to show you!

About Victoria Wurdinger

Victoria Wurdinger is an award-winning writer and researcher who specializes in business and beauty.

She has written for dozens of magazines, including Longevity, Drug Store News, Beauty Digest, Drug & Cosmetic Industry, Modern Salon, Art Business News, British Hairdressers Journal, Celebrity Hairstyles, Color & Style, Beauty Store Business, Studio and Day Spa.

Victoria has also authored several books, including "Competition Hairdesign," "Home Haircutting Made Easy," "The Photo Session Handbook" and "Multicultural Clients."

She has won several American Society of Business Press Editors awards, not only for her writing but for her design and layout concepts.


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