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Hairtopia Hair Vitamins: A Review


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Over the past two years I have been the human guinea pig for many of the product offerings. I have soaped, lathered, slathered, rubbed, smoothed and covered by entire body in products from many of the brand names carried by

Anyone who knows's Karen Marie Shelton like I do, knows that she is extremely ethical, honest and concerned about offering products that provide the best value for her customers. So, when Hair Boutique came out with the new HAIRTOPIA hair vitamins, I was curious about how they stacked up as a product.

Note: HAIRTOPIA Hair Vitamins May Help Slash Risk Of Heart Attacks While Helping To Grow Hair

I volunteered to test the HAIRTOPIAvitamins and give a fair review. Karen would have it no other way. If any of the products that she sells at suck, she wants to know. Either she will pass on selling the product or will figure out how to offer an alternative.

Now, my hair is very thick, I keep it quite short. Whether I like it or not, I need trims every three weeks. My hairstyle is a modified Bed Head, and after three weeks, my spikes just don’t spike anymore. Nevertheless, I wanted to see how my hair responded to the HAIRTOPIA hair vitamins.

Now why, you may ask, would anyone with hair that grows as quickly as mine does want to test a hair growth formula? I’ll tell you why—because my hair grows so quickly I notice changes in it right away. Not only that, but I can also tell you that my nails and skin respond to the formula as well. But before I tell you my results taking HAIRTOPIA, you need to know the history behind HAIRTOPIA.

Some History on HAIRTOPIA

HAIRTOPIA was personally developed by Karen, working with a team of chemists around the country. She spent over two years researching various vitamin offerings and products. She wanted to find a way to market the best possible mineral and vitamin product for hair, while also evaluating cost and utilization factors.

Over the past few years Karen has received lots of emails from people who made suggestions on the type of hair vitamins that they would like to see available on the market. As always, Karen listened closely to all the suggestions.

Karen has done a lot of research on developing hair growth products and came to her own conclusions about how to offer a high quality product line by creating the HairTopia line.

Although received the first shipment of HairTopia in June of 2001, they remained in "stealth" mode until several people (like me) could test the products, including all the people to make sure it was up to Karen’s own personal tough standards. The results were truly amazing! The feedback was incredible.

Note: HAIRTOPIA has been used by thousands of satisfied customers and is still very popular as of October 1, 2009.

HAIRTOPIA was recently sent off to an independent testing lab to verify the quality and content of the pills. As you can imagine, the HAIRTOPIA labs was not told that secret independent testing was being done. By the way, Hair Boutique paid a lot of money for the tests and sent HairTopia to a lab in a different state, so they know they are getting a fair assessment. The results were very good. This is just another way that Karen is making sure that Hair Boutique is selling the best product possible.

As I said, Karen takes these things very seriously. She regards visitors like family and she only wants to sell them the best possible products.

Evaluation of HairTopia

HAIRTOPIA is a standard sized capsule that was designed to be easy to swallow. It has also been designed to be easily absorbed into the body. It does not contain fillers or binders and it uses the easiest to digest capsule container.

Some people have said that they don't digest tablets as well as capsules. With this in mind, Karen made sure that HAIRTOPIAwas developed as an easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest capsule. It has the additional advantage of being easily opened so that you can pour the powder into a protein mix or juice. Yes, it is more expensive to make capsules, but she wanted to offer the option of a product that was in capsule form. This seemed like the first and most important feature of the product.

Studies have shown that if someone has a digestive problem they might not digest tablets as well as the easier to digest capsules. There is also a difference in the type of capsules and how well they can be digested. So as you can imagine, selected capsules that have the highest known digestive rate. This means the vitamins and nutrients will be more efficiently absorbed into the body.

Historically vitamins have been proven to work very well for the majority of the people that take it. However, as usual, Karen wanted to have the highest success rate possible. She was told by the chemists that helped develop HAIRTOPIA that the capsule model would work even better for some people than the tablet.

How Does HairTopia Work?

HairTopia is designed around a program that includes Vitamins & Minerals, Amino Acids and Herbal Plus.

You can purchase the Basic Plan that includes an introduction to the program with a 30 day supply of the vitamins and minerals and the amino acids. Take 2 of the Vitamins & Minerals and 6 of the amino acids every day for 30 days.

You can also buy HAIRTOPIA with the Herbal Plus which is chock full of great herbs that help with hair growth.

Karen also had all of the HAIRTOPIA vitamins evaluated separately and dosages were adjusted for HAIRTOPIAa to make them as efficient as possible for helping with the growth of hair. The amino acid formula is top of the line and MSM was added to the product. MSM has proven very helpful for hair and skin problems.

HAIRTOPIA offers people a lot of new options for easier consumption, quicker absorption, high quality amino acids and more herbs and vitamins. The product was also designed to minimize niacin flushing which can sometimes happen when vitamins with a niacin are taken on an empty stomach.

For additional questions about HAIRTOPIA e-mail the great Customer Care team ([email protected]). The good folks that work at love to answer any concerns you have about this fabulous vitamin.

Many have taken the product personally and have an inside view of how it works. HAIRTOPIA comes with a 45 day money back guarantee because really believes in this product.


I started taking HAIRTOPIA on 10/4 (the day after my last trim). The first thing I noticed is how easy the capsules are to take! I just took them along with my regular morning and afternoon vitamin routine, and had no problems swallowing them. Also they did not upset my stomach. I sometimes forgot to eat first before I pop my vitamins and the HAIRTOPIA did not ever upset my stomach.

The second thing I noticed is that within a few days I needed to trim my nails. Now as a rule, I generally do the manicure/pedicure thing every other Sunday night in front of reruns of The Sopranos (they don’t mind). Well, I wasn’t due to do it until the following Sunday, but lo and behold on 10/7, I really needed to do the nail thing! And the following Sunday, I had to do it all over again. Something else, too—you know how you often have buff the tops of your nails because they get rough? Mine haven’t since I’ve been taking HAIRTOPIA.

I also noticed that my hair looked a lot shinier. I was driving to work on a sunny day, and at a red light I looked in my rearview mirror. Wow! It wasn’t my imagination, or my sparkly earrings—my hair definitely looked shinier than ever.

Then, on 10/18, I went in for a hair trim a week earlier than usual. Mind you, I was every bit as overgrown in two weeks as I usually am in three weeks! In fact, my stylist (the famous Shelley Pryor) asked me what in the heck I’d been doing to grow so much hair in two weeks! She told me while trimming it that it felt even thicker than before.

I also want to report that my skin is looking better, too. When the weather starts changing from hot to cool to cold, I generally suffer a few unwelcome eruptions. However, my skin has made a smooth transition since taking HAIRTOPIA. Coincidence? I think not.

So there you have it—one woman’s view of HAIRTOPIA hair vitamins. From my own experience and fieldwork on both, I say that HAIRTOPIA is a superior products, and do what they promise. I personally found HAIRTOPIA very easy for me to take. I prefer capsules to tablets anyway; I take a lot of vitamins and herbal supplements, and I always seek out the capsule form when I can get it. (Trust me—you just haven’t lived until you’ve tried to swallow a big tablet and have it stick sideways in your throat!)

If you are looking to grow your hair faster, and have healthier and shinier hair, you might consider HAIRTOPIA to help. You may also experience the improved growth of your nails as I did, plus better skin tone. My hair grew so fast that I shudder to think of what would happen if I gave up my signature short style and just let it grow. Anyone remember Gilda Radnor playing Roseann Roseannadanna on the original Saturday Night Live? Well, if you do, than picture me with that shoulder-length pyramid ‘do!

Jane’s Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give HairTopia a big 10!

Original Publication Date: 11/26/2001, 1/27/2005 - Revised Date: 10/01/09

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