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Linthicum Heights, MD - In Salons July 2004 - Waved, twisted, coiled and transformed, curly hair is part of fashion's new class act. (Image to the side from Goldwell Trendline Move Control - "Before" Product use - 2004 - all rights reserved).

Inspired by the runway approach to Old Hollywood glamour, dedicated-to-their-curl girls are taking their style to the streets. Retro, red-carpet looks are taking a twist, tightening up or getting loose. Helping the movement away from blown stick-straight or lifeless curl is Goldwell's new Trendline Move Control, the first cream paste for highly defined curls and waves.

Trendline Move Control's unique consistency helps "bundle" damp hair, creating the foundation for fabulous, frizz-free curl. Once you apply the product and diffuse- or air-dry, the bundles remain unchanged, without taking on a crispy feeling or giving in to humidity. The result is a dimensional effect that is full of expression and natural, even movement-no matter what the natural curl pattern.

Like all of Goldwell's Trendline styling products, Move Control features Elastomer technology, which combines the best benefits of a setting polymer and a smoothing polymer, and leaves hair clean with hold and a high-gloss shine.

(Image to the side from Goldwell Trendline Move Control - "After" Product use - 2004 - all rights reserved).

As it protects hair from heat during styling, it creates style memory that lasts until you shampoo it out, with no leftover residue. It won't cause build-up dulling or flaking and it never leaves hair stiff or sticky.

Suggested retail is $16.50 US., $19.95 Canada for a 125-ml screw top jar.

Goldwell, a leading marketer of professional hair color, perms, shampoos, treatments and styling products used and available in upscale salons and spas, is one of the world's largest professional-only hair care companies and has world headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, U.S. headquarters in Baltimore and Canadian headquarters in Toronto.

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