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Igia's Hair Tattoos


Two of the current sizzling fashion trends involve tattoos and glitter anything.

You can combine both fashions with Igia's "GLITTER" Jewel Tattoos. You can dress-up your hair and have style and attitude in just a few minutes in the comfort of your own home. (Igia's Glitter Jewel Tattoos photo courtesy of IGIA - all rights reserved).

Fun Glitter Hair Jewels

Fun glitter hair jewel ornaments (a sample of the glitter tattoos are shown to the side) attach to your hair by way of low heat straightening unit. (Photo courtesy of IGIA - all rights reserved).

Better than ordinary hair jewels or barrettes, the glitter hair ornaments are easy and safe to use and won't damage your hair. Depending on the length of your hair you can use just one or multiple tattoos.

The Glitter Jewel Ornaments includes:

  • 15 reusable glitter hair jewel ornaments that can easily be removed with water.
  • Non-stick lightweight straightener
  • Gel
  • An applicator brush.

(Before & After photos shown above of hair with and without glitter ornaments. Photos courtesy of Igia - all rights reserved).

How To Use

  1. Set all the tools out and plug in your straightener.

  2. Hold the tattoos up to your hair to determine where you would like to place them in your hair.

  3. Apply the special gel on the back of the tattoos with the brush applicator (shown above)

  4. Position one of more of the 15 tattoos on your hair. The gel will hold the tattoo temporarily into place before you use the non-stick, low heat hair straightener.

  5. Hold the hair straightener and press to secure the tattoo on hair.

The tattoos are easy to remove with simple water. They can be reused.

The beauty of this tool is that you can also use the straightener without the tattoos. For more details check out the instruction manual that is included with the kit.

Use the tattoos to create unique and dazzling styles that will impress all your friends and put you on top of today's style.

Warning: Young children should be supervised by an adult. Styles and colors may vary.

This item is available at Same day shipping is promised when the order is received Mondays through Fridays by 3:00 CST.

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