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Hot Hairstyles At Bargain Basement Rates

Hot Hairstyles At Bargain Basement Rates

Celebrity Haircolor Guru Kim Vo

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The more famous the stylist, the higher prices the hairstyle they create. Many people love the idea of going to a "big name" stylist and are willing to hope a plane to New York San Francisco or LA to rub elbows with their favorite stars.

After Rene Russo announced that her gorgeous multi shades of red was created by New York legend color expert Beth Minardi, the phone for appointments with Beth light up.

Unfortunately visiting a celebrity hairstylist can be incredibly expensive. While it is true that a first-rate haircut can give you great-looking hair, it can blow a hole in your bank account at the same time.

Does that mean that budget conscious people can't partake of the celebrity hair experience? Not exactly.

With a little planning and some hidden secrets, most people can at least experience a fabulous cut by a top salon.

Maybe they won't be able to have their hair colored by Beth Minardi or Hollywood color guru Kim Vo. They also might not be able to afford an updo created personally by Allen Edward, but they will get the next best thing.

The Power Hair Stations

Celebrity Hairdresser Sally Hershberger

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The Power hair stations in the US are located in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and LA.

There are also high powered salons in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Miami.

The New York City salons tend to be the most famous because they cater to supermodels, socialites and other big name TV and movie celebrities.

While the New York Salons tend to be the most famous, they also tend to be the most expensive.

A trim at a big New York Salon like Louis Licari can set you back many hundreds of dollars every six weeks. Yes, you will look fabulous darling, but changes are that the new dent in your checkbook may not even buy you the attention of Licari himself.

Before you get depressed and decide to give up and throw yourself at the mercy of a stylist-in-the-box blow-dryer yielding maniac, consider taking the back door to high priced services at bottom dollar savings.

Big Name Salons With Discount Days

Celebrity Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon

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How? Check to see if the celebrity salon or stylist of your choice offers any special "discount days".

Some of the top salons in New York hold open evenings or training evenings where the new kid stylists get training on hair volunteers from the top senior staff members. Often the senior staff include the big gun celebrity stylists themselves.

Although you will still have to pay for your beauty experience, the price will be a lot more affordable than if you go at high season times and costs.

Most of the stylists that are the "trainees" are seasoned professionals from other salons that are new to the celebrity house and are learning the techniques of the celebrity salon. The senior trainers are often some of the best stylists in the business.

All of the salons that are known to have special training evenings required that you be on a reservation list. Space is always limited and there is usually a waiting list for a spot.

Some of the salons require that you pay in cash only. No checks or credit cards are accepted. Make sure you know the rules before you show up.

So now that you know that these types of special opportunities are available, where do you find them?

Celebrity Hairdresser Frederic Fekkai

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Note: Please call the salon of your choice to verify all prices which are constantly changing. I apologize, but can make no guarantees on pricing.

John Sahag Salon 425 Madison Avenue Manhattan (212) 750-7772 Tuesdays beginning at 6:30 PM (call on Monday to be placed on the list; space is limited)

Estimated Training Night Costs $25 for cuts (regularly $100-$300), $25 for single-process color (regularly $120); $34 for highlights (regularly $250-$300)

Note: Although John Sahag has passed onto the great hair cutting station in the sky, his cutting techniques have been carried forward by those talented people he trained.

Frederic Fekkai Beaute de Provence 714 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 212-753-9500 Training nights are held, usually during the middle of the week, but there is usually a very long waiting list. Call the salon for details.

The Louis Licari Salon 693 5th Avenue, 15th Floor Manhattan (212) 758-2090 Main Phone Number (212) 517-8084 for automatic messaging system; leave message and they'll call you back

Estimated Training Night Costs $30 for cuts (regularly $95-$140) $40 for single process hair color (regularly $75-$425) $60 for highlights (regularly $165-$375) Cash only for training nights.

Celebrity Hairstylist Louis Licari on NBC Today Show

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Oscar Blandi 746 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021 (212) 988-9404

Models are needed for training classes every Wednesday night. Call the salon to inquire about getting on the list.

Estimated Training Night Costs $35 - $40 (cash) for cuts. Color may or may not be offered on training nights.

Regular cuts can range from $135 - $450+ Call For Pricing.

Vidal Sassoon for Men & Women 767 Fifth Avenue Manhattan (212) 535-9200 Stop in Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM or Wednesday at 6:30 PM to schedule an appointment. (The staff needs to see the cut you want before fitting you into one of their frequent classes.)

Estimated Training Night Costs $14-$18 (regularly $61-$100)

They'll Pay You!

Be on the cutting edge of new hair care product development by participating in focus groups and other market research programs.

Celebrity Hairdresser Louis Licari

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In the past Clairol has invited women age 18 to 50 to participate in market research studies at the Consumer Research Forum located in Clairol's offices in NYC.

Everyone who qualifies and participates in hair color or hair care studies that range from 15 minutes to 2 hours receive a cash payment. Call 212-546-2706 for further information to determine if any focus groups are being formed and how to qualify.

A Standard Caveat

Remember, just as you would ordinarily, bring pictures of what you want if you're making a major change and don't be afraid to speak up if you start to feel uncomfortable about the way your do is turning out.

If you are attending a training session, the head stylist leading the session will often intervene to make sure you get the exact look you want, especially if you voice your concerns.

- Revised Publication Date: 11/10/11

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