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Headbands Are Golden


Nicole Kidman at Golden Globe Awards

Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2004 All Rights Reserved.

The Golden Globe Awards are normally held sometime during the end of January through the end of March.

Sometimes the headbands which are worn are as golden as the statues presented at the awards ceremony.

The awards are held to present the very prestigious Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) awards. They are considered by many fashionistas to be the dress rehearsal for the Oscars, which are always held after the Golden Globes.

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The Golden Globes are always full of predicted celebrity pomp and circumstance. It's a great place to catch a view of the latest hair, hair accessory and fashion trends.

There is always a famous Red Carpet stroll with gorgeous jeweled encrusted stars wearing gorgeous gowns, coifs and accessories.

And yes, there was also the parade of uber famous presenters handing off the golden statues to the winners.

Changing The Face Of Accessory Fashions

Nicole Kidman is often one of the famous celebrity faces at the Golden Globe award ceremonies because of her many nominated acting roles over the years.

In 2004 Nicole was one of famous award nominees for her leading role in Cold Mountain. Although she did not take home the statue for her leading role, her appearance made a huge impression on the fashion world.

Nicole Kidman at Golden Globe Awards

Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Her gown was spectacular, but what caught the eye of the fashion world was her glorious golden headband wrapped seductively around her undulating waves and ringlets.

Encrusted with tiny sparkling crystal gems, the headband was the true star of the evening.

Headbands Are Hot

Needless to say, the next day the fashion and beauty world was abuzz about the glam new hair accessory. Headbands officially became sizzling hot back in 2004 and have showed no sign of slowing down in popularity since.

Nicole Kidman has long been considered a fashion trendsetter. Her red carpet appearances at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are always watched closely. Nicole and her team of stylists can do no wrong.

Whenever Nicole appears on the red carpet with a new hairstyle, fashion or accessories, within 24 hours a new trend is launched.

As a result of Nicole's appearance with her golden headband at the Golden Globes headbands instantly became huge in the fashion world.

They also became a must-have hair accessory for Prom and Wedding events.

Matching Cuffs

Nicole Kidman at Golden Globe Awards

Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2004 All Rights Reserved.

As always, Nicole did it just right. Honoring the new code for soft sultry natural waves and curls worn down, Nicole matched her romantic coif with a glittering gown.

Since her dress was so ornate Nicole wisely avoided wearing any distracting necklaces or earrings.

Adorning herself with a simple but elegant handbag and matching shoes, her only other accessories included the matching ring and cuffs on either wrist.

If you look closely at Nicole's photo you note that the cuffs and ring look like they were made out of the same material as the headband.


Back at the accessory design ranches the various designers are thrilled Nicole adopted the the soft sultry headband style.

Although Nicole directed the spotlight to these sensuous style bands, they have actually been gaining in popularity in some circles for the past few months.

Several well known accessory designers like L. Erickson, Jane Tran and Tarina Tarantino introduced gorgeous versions of this new soft headband style.

L. Erickson has been doing the soft Dupioni and 100% Charmeuse silk bands for some time in response to the current popularity of romantic and sultry accessories.

Anticipating the ever growing popularity of the headband, various designers also came out with matching tie sash and sash belts.

The accessories can be worn in a multitude of ways from around the waist, the hips, as a psuedo pashima or in Isadora Duncan style around the neck or head. The headbands and sash ties come in complementary or matching tones.


As a result of Nicole wearing a golden headband, the hair accessory market was abuzz. Don't be surprised to see headbands hitting the market which are made of a range of sensual materials from silks, satins and lace.

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