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Halle Berry Hair: Always Changing


Halle Berry

Halle Berry's hair is always changing. Although the Oscar winning actress was currently spotted on Ellen's show with her hair in her trademark super short pixie, she's been known to wear her natural curls in a dizzying array of hairstyles from long and bone straight to chin length with masses of ringlets and tight curls.

Halle was on Ellen's show to talk about her latest film, Frankie & Alice. which is getting Oscar buzz. She also chatted about her life since having her little girls.

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Although Ellen told Halle she looked fantastic, the actress made a point of lifting her arms to show off large pit stains from "those Indian dancer" who appeared right before Halle on the show. The actress said "I was so nervous for those guys I broke out in a sweat."

After Ellen dabbed at Halle's sweat the actress said "that's so embarrassing." Ellen pointed out that since Halle brought her sweat stains to everyone's attention "no one will pay attention to it."

Of course everyone was checking out Halle's hot pixie haircut which won her so many accolades when she first unveiled it some years ago. The advantage to wearing her natural curls so super short is that it takes almost no maintenance.

If Halle accepts other acting or modeling roles it's very easy to instantly change up her tresses with wigs and clip-in or permanent hair extensions. Halle is famous for adopting drastic hair changes and even hair colors.

Halle Berry Vogue - October 2010

Halle's Sleek Smooth Shiny Bob Hairstyle

On the recent October 2010 cover of Vogue Magazine Halle appeared wearing a stick straight sassy mid-cheek length bob hairstyle. Halle's bob was created for Vogue by the iconic Oribe. The famous celebrity hairdresser shared his tips for Halle's hair in the magazines.

Oribe explained that the naturally curly tressed Halle had never worn her hair in a straight bob before and he wanted to be the first to create the style for her.

Of course Oribe is famous for pushing the envelope when he styles the hair of superstars. He noted the Art Deco style clothes were part of inspiration along with wanting to create a sharp, sleek look with soft, moveable bangs to draw interest to her stunning eyes, complexion and face.

Oribe explained that brunette actress Natalie Portman wore a similar bob style in the film The Professional and her bob was perfection.

Things To Consider Before Adopting Halle's Hairstyle

Halle Berry Vogue - October 2010

If your hair is naturally wavy, curly or kinky like Halle's you'll have to deploy straightening products and hot tools to recreate the look of this short bob.

When you love the style but aren't sure you want to go with a much shorter length, consider playing with similarly style wigs before you take the final plunge.

This style is actually easier to re-create for someone with naturally straight hair with fine to medium thickness. Halle's hairstyle might not work equally well for all face shapes or ages.

If you have your heart set on this style be sure and work with your professional hairdresser to weigh all your options and tailor a style which works best for you and your features. Halle's bob can be modified to work for just about anyone with a little bit longer length and a variety of fringes and/or layering.

Keep in mind that the beauty of Halle's short bob is simplicity and shine. It is designed to direct attention to Halle's beautiful eyes, skin, lips and face.

The good news is that for some hair types and textures this can be a low maintenance hairstyle. However, to keep it looking sharp it will require more frequent visits to your hairstylist for shaping.

Recreate Halle's Cheek Level Bob

Halle Berry

1. Start by cleansing your hair with your desired product and method (poo, diluted poo).

2. When appropriate apply a rinse out conditioner before doing a final cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle and encourage shine.

3. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

4. Apply desired detangling, leave-in conditioning, styling and defrisant formula.

5. Detangle hair working from ends to the top. Create desired fringe.

6. Apply a straightening balm before straightening hair with a blow dryer and a boar bristle paddle brush.

Note: Since this style has virtually no volume it may be best to avoid utilizing a round brush or any products which build in volume throughout the sides or back of the hair.

7. When hair is 100%, separate into 1-2" sections and apply a heat styling spray to protect delicate strands. Flat iron entire head making sure to linger over any sections which have retained natural texture.

Halle Berry

8. After hair has been completely flat ironed and allowed to cool, apply a small drop of shine serum, cream or similar to the palms of your hands and smooth over the top of your entire style. This will add shimmer as well as prevent frizz.


Halle Berry has naturally curly hair but constantly keeps it fresh with an array of different hairstyles ranging from embracing her curls to wearing her hair bone straight.

Famous for her super short pixie Halle has brought it back and is rocking it all over town. Ultimately Halle looks great in any hairstyle she selects.

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