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Hair Styles For Women Very Short Blonde #2


Layered Blonde Layered Cut With Flicks

Some hairdressers might call this a short shaggy bob. Others might call it a short layered style with flicks.

A razor is used along the edges to create that flicked rough look. The most stunning aspect of this style is the masterful highlights and lowlights which have been perfectly applied to show off the gorgeous haircut and to work with the model's gorgeous skin and eye tones.

This style is versatile and can be worn as wash, wear, scrunch and air dry or it can be styled into a more finished style.

Styling mousse is very popular and has been refined to include many different types.

Whether you wish to go with a soft finish or take maximize the texture, as done if this first style, you need to first start with a precision short cut.

Layered Blonde Layered Cut With Flicks

This very short hairstyle was cut with a combination of a scissors or shears with some detailing done around the face line and the perimeter with a razor.

The front of the style has a forehead hugging fringe while the interior has short layers. The hair in back is cut down to hug the nape of the neck.

This short style also offers the advantage to really play up hair color, whether your own or an added hue.

Working with hair color is important because it can add the appearance of fullness and dimension to thin or fine strands.

In the case of this style, a medley of rich dark reds have been carefully layered to create a glimmering of shine and highlights.

Short Hair Style Rules

Super Short Cut

Recommended for:

1. Tresses that are medium to thick. 2. Coarse texture. 3. Oval face shapes w/great bone structures, reverse triangle with base at forehead, soft heart shapes with less prominent chin, some long & thin face shapes that need balance . 4. Generally preferred for younger ages except in some cases. 5. Hair that has lots of dimensional highlights and lowlights. 6. Hair that is straight or with minimal bend. Not recommended for:

1. Naturally curly, kinky or wavy hair. 2. Super thin, limp or fine strands. 3. Naturally oily or hair that gets greasy since this will make the style flatten. 4. Face shapes with very prominent chin or jaw lines. 5. For short necks or necks with excessive wrinkling or sun damage. 6. Tall or heavyset body types 7. Soft jaw lines or flat noses that give a flat facial side profile.

Steal This Short Style

The front of this style is cut with scissors or shears to be worn soft and sleek and swept to one side. The rest of the style is cut to hint at an asymmetrical design. The back is cut with graduated layers and is disconnected throughout the interior. The ends are layered and then razored to help them stick out naturally.

To Style:

Shampoo with color maintaining formula, follow with a light rinse out conditioner (unless hair gets too soft) and cool/cold final rinse. Towel blow, part to one side for the side swept fringe. Apply firm holding gel or mousse (depending on the hold you desire) to damp strands. For lots of volume at the crown apply volume enhancer at roots.

Starting at the front side swept fringe area, use a blow dryer with a small or medium sized round brush and blow dry strands into desired placement.

Once the front and sides are dried, use larger round brush and move towards the back. Lift individual sections wrapping strands around the brush while directing airflow from the dryer. Keep the surface tight and smooth as you dry your strands. As you work around the top and back of your head, flip the ends up using the brush and the blow dryer.

Finish with firm holding hairspray. Mist hairspray undernead the flipped edges for extra hold. Apply a few drops of shine serum to palms of hands and lightly brush over the top of the style for extra shimmer.


This style requires a little extra styling time but has a sassy, flirty look that is young and fresh and sexy. Because the edges are razored, the ends will have a rough appearance and will easily flick up.

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