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Hair Snippets: Matthew Morrison Natural Curly Hairstyle


Matthew Morrison

Matthew James Morrison (born October 30, 1978) is an American musical theater, television actor and singer who has captured fame for his Golden Globe-nominated role as curly haired Will Schuester on Fox/TV's smash hit series Glee.

Ironically, rapid fans, known as Gleeks, are obsessed with his natural curls which he has reported comes "from his mother's side of the family.

Matthew told People Magazine his mother "has beautiful curly hair." How does he feel about his own curls?

His ringlets have helped to make him famous with fans. Matthew loves his curls which is "all because of her." He thanks his mom for his hair because it's "just one of the many reasons why I need to thank her."

Hair Style:

Matthew honors his natural texture which is incorporated into the actual Glee scripts. If you're a fan you know Cheerios Coach Sue Sylvester, played brilliantly by Jane Lynch, often insults Matthew as Mr. Schu for his curly hair.

The two characters are arch enemies on Glee but it has recently been revealed the reason straight haired Sue insults Will is because secretly she is jealous of his lush head of bodacious curls which give him an drop-dead edge.

Matthew wears his medium length curls au natural whether he is performing on Glee, on Broadway or delighting legions of fans on the Red Carpet.

Matthew Morrison

In a way, Matthew Morrison is a true music nerd, but his curls combined with his handsome face, sparkling eyes and long lean physique breaks him out of the nerd mold.

Hair Secrets:

The biggest secret to Matthew's well groomed curly locks is a precision haircut which incorporates his natural spirals and waves.

Matthew's hair is designed so he can wear his natural curly hair long enough to allow the ringlets to form into well defined patterns framed by waves bordering the hairline.

Quick Hairstyling Tips:

Matthew's hair style is ideal for anyone with natural curls which are medium in thickness combined with some natural waves.

Matthew's hairstyle is best achieved on freshly cleansed hair properly prepped with styling products to give the hair appropriate workability.

Cleanse hair with products designed specifically for naturally curly hair to provide moisture, which is a key need of all natural curls.

Jane Lynch (Coach Sue Sylvester) and Mr. Schuster (Matthew Morrison) on Glee

Add rinse-out conditioner and final cold water rinse. Rake leave-in conditioning and styling cocktail through strands.

Note: If your hair is prone to frizzing apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. Many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant.

Dry with a long finger diffuser to create the tousled separation.

Finish hair styling process with light holding spray. Swipe with light shine serum to capture random fly-a-ways and add bounce shimmer.

The key to the sexiness of Matthew Morrison's hair is the softness, shine and bounce of his ringlets.

Who could resist running their hand through those perfect curls? Which may explain how Mr. Schu has become such a hot stud both on and off screen.

Note: Visit the Matthew Morrison Hairstyle Gallery - Check out the hairstyles of super hot actor.

Hairstyling Notes & Options

The key to this look is starting with a haircut which incorporates all the natural curls so that they nestle together into perfect clumps.

Once the proper cut is created, experiment with both air drying and long finger diffusing to define the curls. Remember, when it comes to natural curls, moisture is key as well as use of anti-defrisants.

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