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Hair & Scalp Research Symposium Raises Bar Submitted

Leading researchers gather with Nioxin educators to discuss solutions for consumers with fine and thinning hair.

Atlanta - Nioxin Research Laboratories kicked off its renewed commitment to stylist and consumer education at its first Nioxin Hair and Scalp Research Symposium recently at Emory University in Atlanta.

The Symposium brought together the top international researchers and clinicians in the areas of hair loss and its causes to share their cutting edge research with nearly 150 of Nioxin's top part-time educators. The Nioxin management team also learned new information on the company's vision, successes, business strategies and advances in Nioxin products.

"My ultimate dream is to help men and women all over the world have a head full of the beautiful, thick, healthy hair they desire," said Eva Graham, founder and CEO of Nioxin Research Laboratories. "The doctors and other speakers we've brought here share my enthusiasm, and are conducting the research to find a way to make my dream a reality. Dreams come true when a lot of people with the same dream connect, and that's why we've brought 150 of our educators here. Nioxin supports the medical research, promotes the science and looks to the future when our dream will be realized together."

Nancy Flinn, founder of NF Marketing Resources, Inc., confirmed Nioxin's vision based on market demographics, as well as stylist and consumer beliefs uncovered in her market studies. "Fifty percent of women will experience some degree of hair thinning by the age of 50; and thinning also occurs in women in their 20s, 30s and 40s," said Flinn. "More than 20& of women and 30% of men currently think they could benefit from a product for thinning hair, and that number will continue to grow as our population ages."

According to Nioxin research, the largest group of women concerned about fine and thinning hair will grow by 50% in the next five years. Women cite two primary reasons for fine and thinning hair - their stressful lives, compounded by their changing roles and increased responsibilities in society.

Today, most women have never discussed their concerns with their stylist because of fear and denial. However, more than 60% of all inquires made to Nioxin over the Internet come from women, so thy want to receive this information. The key is to educate stylists on the facts concerning thinning hair and on consulting with their clients not only on how to arrest hair loss, but also how to prevent it.

Scientific Findings: Key to Future of Fine & Thinning Hair

The focal point of the Symposium was the presentation of scientific findings by the leading researchers in hair growth and development. Robert Lavket, PhD, professor & director of research at the department of dermatology at The University of Pennsylvania, shared his department's findings on how stem cells in an area of hair follicle called the "bulge" control the entire hair growth cycle. In addition, Sarah Millar, PhD, research assistant professor, and her team at The University of Pennsylvania have identified a gene that is responsible for transmitting the initiation of the hair growth cycle to other cells.

Also, Thomas Apgay, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine, and Dr. Lavker shared from a hands-on clinical perspective, how to interpret hair loss by understanding general hair biology and the hair growth cycle. Cheryl Armstong, MD, associate professor, Emory University School of Medicine, shared with educators the warning signs and symptoms of common disorders associated with the scalp skin.

"Physicians from the leading drug companies have asked Nioxin how we can afford to spend what we spend on research," said Eva Graham. "Our answer is how can we not? Our future is in the investment we make today."

During the Symposium, Nioxin illustrated its strong investment in the future, with the announcement of a special alliance, beginning in early 2002, between Nioxin Research laboratories and Northwestern University's Department of Dermatology. The program, which will be lead by John Ansel, MD, professor of dermatology at Emory University and incoming chairman in the Department of Dermatology at Northwestern University, will be dedicated to the research and understanding of how key cells and agents work together to affect hair growth, the causes of hair loss and the differences in hair of different ethnicities.

Support Of Nioxin Research Labs

"With the support of Nioxin Research laboratories, our doctors and research scientists will continue their work on understanding what cells are important in hair growth and how Nioxin products play a role in the development of creating a healthy scalp environment," said Dr. Ansel. "Together, we will develop new products based on our breakthrough research."

Said Eva Graham, "Preserving a Symposium of this magnitude for our educators has been a dream of the Nioxin management team for many years. By bringing together the most notable experts in the areas of fine and thinning hair, this landmark event has surely catapulted the level of service salons can offer to consumers with fine and thinning hair."

Nioxin products are used and sold at fine salons and spas worldwide.

Nioxin Research laboratories is the leading provider of legitimate, non-drug solutions that concentrate on the living hair and improving the scalp environment, which helps enhance the appearance of thin-looking hair and minimize excessive daily hair loss.

For more information or to locate the Nioxin salon nearest you, call 1-800-628-9890 or go to

Nioxin Research Laboratories, Inc., 1781 Westfork Drive Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122-1565 770-944-1308

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