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Hair Color Codes: What Your Fave Hue Says About You


Red Haired Actress Carey Mulligan

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Experts who study the personality traits of people based on their favorite colors have come up with a general color code tied to hair hues.

Whether you're attracted to wear the hair color yourself or attracted to others who wear it, check out the meanings color experts have deciphered for the different hues below:

Red Hair Hues - People who either wear red hair or love red heads tends to be adventurous, extroverted, fun and have loads of friends. You always want your own way and will fight until you get it. And yes, you tend to be fiery and have a temper. Actress Nicole Kidman is famous for her signature red hair.

Orange Hair Hues - Whether you have red hair with vibrant orange tones or have bright orange hair, you tend to be cheerful, good-natured, out-going and instantly likeable. You make friends easily, but are not taken as seriously as you might like. Marcia Cross is famous for her orange hued red tresses.

Pink Hair Hues - Kelly Osbourne and Pink have rocked this popular alternative color. If you love wearing your hair pink or enjoy the color on others the experts say you're affectionate, charming and compassionated. It also signals someone who is a romantic and wants to live happily every after.

White Hair Hues - This can manifest as white blonde, platinum or natural white hues. You are very unique and never follow the crowd. They follow you. Whether you're hanging with a crowd, a few close friends or just by yourself, you're cool. Christina Aguilera is famous for her white blonde tresses.

Blonde Hellcats Star Aly Michalka

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Yellow Hair Hues - Butter, golden and yellow based blondes would fall into this category. In general, the color experts say you would tend to have a sunny personality and are optimistic, fun, and love to talk. Although you seem happy-go-lucky, you tend to be a hard worker and will study hard when learning a new discipline or attending school. Hellcats star Aly Michalka is know for her golden blonde hair.

Brown Hair Hues - You're supportive, trustworthy, honest and dependable. Your friends appreciate you because you're always there to support them. Friendship is very important to you and you make a great best friend. You're a fan of Do It Yourself (DIY) or home projects and like to learn new things. Eva Longoria is a famous brunette who is famous for having lots of close friends.

Raven Black Hair Hues - You are sophisticated, elegant and have an element of mystery. You are very strong-willed and independent. Self-discipline is one of your signature personality traits. Raven black hair is the signature color of reality TV star Kim Kardashian who is famous for her elegance, sophistication and beauty.

Purple, Plum, Magenta, Merlot Hues- The color purple is often tied to royalty. It also signifies someone who is thoughtful, intuitive and spiritual. People who gravitate towards purple based hues may be shy, retiring and sensitive. They also set high standards for themselves and others. Sharon Osbourne is famous for her plum, merlot and magenta hues.

Green Hair Hues - You're generous, honest and always there to help a friend in need. You care about other people's opinions, sometimes over your own.

Blue & Purple Haired Actress Kelly Osbourne

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Blue Hair Hues - As a rule you're steady, dependable and persistent. You may have to work harder than others to learn new disciplines but you eventually achieve your goals.

Kelly Osbourne is famous for just about every hair color from cotton candy pink to plum, purple, blue and even green.


Celebrities will often drastically alter their appearance by adopting a brand new hair color. Does the new color change how others perceive them? Can your favorite hair color speak volumes about your personality or not? Only you can be the judge.

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