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Hair Buns - Messy Undone Curls


Alexa Vega

Alexa Ellesse Vega, a former experienced gymnast, is a fabulous 17 year old actress (August 27, 1988) who enjoys wearing her ever changing hair in a variety of messy buns.

She appears to prefer the versions that also show off texture such as curls and waves. Born in Miami, Florida, the Spanish speaking beauty is part Colombian and part Italian.

Start With Natural Texture

Alexa (known as Lex by her friends) wore a stunning soft and messy curled bun to the March 2006 Premiere of Walkout.

The actress has had a long and successful career that started at the tender age of 5 when she appeared on Evening Shade as daughter Emily Newton. She is best known for her work in the Spy Kids movies although at age 15, she placed fourth in the hottest female teen stars in February 2004.

Messy Undone Curls

Alexa Vega

An important thing to remember is that you need to keep the bun as loose and messy as possible to show off the curls. It has a sassy, flirty look that is fun and refreshing.

The "Undone" Bun works best on hair that is shoulder length or longer like Alexa's. It will be harder to achieve the "Undone" Bun with shorter tresses. The bun will work with either newly clean or unwashed hair. Your hair will need to be 100% dry to re-create the look. If you decide to shampoo before you create the bun, remember to use leave-in conditioner or other products that will prevent the hair from being too slippery. Remember that newly washed hair can be very soft and difficult to work with if it is not properly prepped with styling products.

Steal Alexa's Messy Bun

1. To duplicate Alexa's messy yet curly undone bun, shampoo hair with a shampoo designed to address your hair's special needs. If you color, highlight or chemically treat your hair, select a shampoo that supports those treatments. If you prefer, use a dilution formula or a conditioning only (CO) treatment.

Alexa Vega

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioners. (Avoid if hair is super thin or fine). 3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles and encourage natural shine. 4. Towel blot and apply cocktail of desired leave-in detangler, conditioner or styling products (mousse, gel, glaze). 5. Using a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle, blow dry tresses with a paddle brush for a super sleek finish. 6. To style like Alexa's look, use a paddle brush and your fingers to sweep hair up and off the forehead. 7. Create a shallow part on one side. If you prefer, create a slight zig zag part. 8. Sweep hair over to one side to create a fuller crown area. 9. Use your fingers along with a flat or paddle brush to direct both sides toward the back of the head. 10. Make a loose ponytail using Blax or Bungees or other "hair friendly" elastics from the two sections of side hair along with the remaining bottom hair. Spray the new pony with a firm hold hairspray. 11. Push up slightly to create a fullness at the top of the head. The base of the new pony should rest in the middle of the back of the head. 12. Separate the newly formed pony into 1" sections. Working from side to side, use a 1" curling iron and create large loose barrel curls. After each curl is formed, carefully unwrap it from the iron and bobby pin the new curl loosely against the scalp. Spray the new curl with a firm hold hairspray. 13. Continue to curl and pin until you have formed an unstructured bun at the back of the head. Be sure to pin one curl or a couple of curls at the top of the ponytail base to camouflage. 14. Once the bun is completely formed, use your finger tips to carefully sculpt the bun into the desired "messy" shape against the back of your head. 15. For brilliant shimmer, pour one or two drops of shine product into the palms of your hands and mix well. Swipe the inner side of your coated palms over the top of your new do.


This versatile but sassy curly bun will work for just about any event. You can dress it up or down depending whether you wear it for a more business or formal event. If you prefer you can spike it way up for a fun evening clubbing. If you love the style but don't have enough length or volume to get the fullness you desire, consider using an add-on ponytail or clip.

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