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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 8/3/1998

The Long Hair Site

Note: The Long Hair Site has closed.

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There is no question in my mind. Frank Ploenissen is the father of long hair on the Internet. Many long hair sites have sprung up as a direct result of Frank's premier web site. The Hair Boutique was a direct result of the great example that Frank set for all hair related sites.

I first encountered Frank's web site in January of 1997. I remember being completely mesmerized by the beautiful long haired women in the Gallery. I have to admit that I was a little envious of some of the incredible lengths. I was also encouraged in my own quest to grow my own long hair down to my knees. One of the first women that I saw on the site was Noreen with her incredibly gorgeous thick red locks that seemed to go on forever. Noreen became one of my long haired heroines. So did several of the other TLHS ladies including Tamara.

Frank's site is much more than just a Gallery of long haired beauties. The Long Hair site is like visiting a new country where the culture is centered on long hair. For anyone with long hair (like yours truly) a visit to The Long Hair Site is like a trip to a candy store that has all of your favorite candy and you can stay as long as you want.

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You can literally gorge on all the long hair related features including the hair care tips, links, the week's long haired lady and interviews with long haired women who share their hair care secrets. Frank provides a section for photos of women with extra lengths that will knock your socks off. He also provides an archive of previous ladies of the week and a history of what Frank has done to improve the site.

The changes and improvements that Frank has made to the site is a topic all by itself. Frank is constantly working to add more beautiful photos, hair care tips, links and interviews. As the webmaster of The Hair Boutique I know exactly how much work, energy and commitment that Frank has dedicated to The Long Hair Site over the past few years. I can just visualize Frank sitting at his PC at all hours of the night adding all kinds of great new features to the long hair site.

Since December 18th, 1995 the Long Hair Site has logged over one million very happy and loyal visitors. Frank captured the millionth visit with a photograph that is currently displayed on the front page. It is not surprising that the site has so many visitors. While a lot of really good long hair related sites have popped up over the past few years, none have come close to eclipsing Frank's site.

Frank recently added a great guestbook where visitors can post comments, questions and long hair related discussion topics. I always like to pop into the site and check out the guestbook to see what the long hair fans are discussing. I try not to stay long but I always find myself reading every thread.

In the Spring of 1997 I was honored to be selected as Frank's Lady of the Week. I remember how exciting it was to have this great opportunity to show off my long hair on the Internet. I have to admit that I loved all the attention. I received some wonderful email from many of Frank's visitors. I also made lots of new long haired friends who opened their hearts and shared all their great hair tips.

When I opened my own hair site Frank was totally supportive, considerate and helpful. He made some wonderful suggestions that have proven to be very helpful over time. Frank was willing to help us in any way that he could. I would have to say that Frank's generosity and support has helped make the Hair Boutique as successful as it is. I think all of the other webmasters with hair related sites that know Frank would agree with me on this point.

Frank has graciously given me permission to post his handsome face on Hair Boutique's front page for the world to see. It is my way of returning the favor that he bestowed on me in 1997. I have also included the photo of Frank's work PC that is on the site. I think that after you visit the site you will appreciate just how much time and energy that Frank devotes to giving the Internet and the world the best long hair site there is.

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Frank provides a profile of himself on the site in the Author section. You will be amazed to find that besides being a great webmaster and electrical engineer, Frank is a very talented photographer. Be sure to read Frank's interesting profile.

Frank is constantly updating his site and as of this date (7/31/98) the site is on the 116th edition. The next edition of schedule for August 3, 1998.

Be sure to pop into Frank's site and check out the great features. If you hurry you will get to see the current week's lady, Suzanne, with beautiful hair almost to her ankles. Don't forget to stop by the Gallery which Marcus maintains. Great job Marcus.

The Hair Boutique is pleased to honor Frank, Marcus and The Long Hair Site as our second hair link of the week. Thank you for all your inspiration and for providing us with a standard to grow towards.

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