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Hot Locks

I discovered the HotLocks site over 1 year back ago in 1998. It is a great site that never ceases to amaze me with all the hair care information that is constantly being added.

This site features a brand new hair care topic on a regular basis. The HotLocks site sincerely promises that "after a few visits your bad hair days will become good hair days!" After hanging out at the site, I think their promise can easily come true for all of their visitors.

As I was in the process of writing this review, the site was miraculously updated right before my very eyes (3/12/99). This just proves how often the site adds new and interesting hair information.

robertlilley.jpg (5833 bytes)The Webmaster/Host of Hot Locks is expert stylist & barber extraordinaire Robert Lilley. I am beginning to think he sleeps less than I do. As you will see, his site shows the results of his labors of love.

Robert made his way into the hair care business over 19 years ago when he graduated from the prestigious Rosston School of Hair Design. This is considered one of the most prestigious schools for stylists in California.

Robert not only brings expertise in hair styling to his site, he also brings the unique experience of a registered barber. This is a rare and very beneficial combination of skills.

Just 15 short months after graduating from Rosston, Robert opened his first salon. He currently owns and operates a full service and a family salon, both in Southern California.

hotlocks.gif (1314 bytes)

The HotLocks site provides an always-growing index on all types of hair resources and information.

HotLocks is organized into the following categories which are easily selected off the left hand menu:

  • Resource Center
  • Biography
  • New sites
  • HotLocks Best
  • Weekly Column
  • Previous Article
  • Past Columns
  • Capt 'n Clippers
  • Showstopper Wigs
  • Sugg/Comments

Resource Center


The Beauty, Haircare and Wigs newsletter is a free publication from Hot and information resource center and ShowStopper Wigs.

This informative newsletter can be easily subscribed to right on the Resource Center page. All you need to do is enter your email address in the yellow box at the top of the page.

Email Group

If you like hair email groups (I am addicted) you can join the Hair Owner group that is moderated by Robert. This groups allows you to stay current on the latest in hair care, wigs and new products reviews. To subscribe, send a message to: or go the this e-group's home page at:

Site Collections

The HotLocks Resource Center includes the following site collections:

  • Hair Styles is a great collection of sites that covers current hair and past styles for Women and Men.

  • New Hair Sites Online allows you to see the Latest and Greatest in new quality Hair sites.

  • Hair Loss includes sites that cover hair loss caused from illness, treatments, to normal pattern baldness.

  • Treatments displays sites with current techniques and treatments available for various types of hairloss.

  • Wigs provides information on some online companies to browse or order from if you need a wig or hair piece.

  • Haircare Products gives info on the major professional product lines

  • Fashion Magazines provides a good source for hairstyles and articles.


This page gives you more information about Robert and provides you with a list of topics that are covered in the HotLocks site. Be sure to check out the Biography page.

Robert really knows his stuff and you will see why when you read about all of his credentials in the hair care/hair styling industry.

New Sites

I was pleasntly surprised when I popped into the New Sites and discovered that a lot of my personal favorite hair sites are listed here. Not only does Robert include World Wide Beauty, but he also has Lookfantastic and Afroworld (my friend's website from St. Louis).

There were also some sites that I had never visited. I love finding new hair sites to explore. Who knows, they may wind up as a Link of the Week some day.

Each site listed on the New Sites page includes a brief description so you can select the sites that you might have the most interest in first. I encourage you to visit all of them though. Not a bad one in the bunch.

HotLocks Best

This page gives Robert's opinion of some of the best hair related sites on the Internet.

Robert selects the web sites based on a number of factors which include their genuine distinction, all-round excellence, outstanding features, and/or extraordinary entertainment value.

Robert has the best sites divided into the following categories:

  • Unique Sites
  • Hairstyles
  • Hairloss
  • Treatments For Hairloss
  • Hair Replacement
  • HairCare products
  • Hair & Fashion Magazines

I have visited many of the sites on Robert's list and agree with his assessment. He does include some of the best of the best.

Weekly Column

The Weekly Column was one of the most impressive parts of the HotLocks site.

The current column, which was just updated, includes detailed information about men's haircuts. Not only does it cover the taper and blocked cuts, it explains some tips for each style.

For example, Robert explains that the blocked cut can be mixed with the tapered look which provides a softening effect on the neck and hair line. He also explains that the key in haircutting to achieving a personalized styles is mixing and matching the variables of a cut.

Robert also includes some "Did You Know" info about barbers.

Be sure to read this section to find out the real reason that barbers turn you away from the mirror, why Barberships were closed on Sundays and Mondays and how the Barber pole originated.

Previous Article

This page includes an article on Hairdresser's Pet Peeves. I absolutely love this list and have printed it out for my "hair scrapbook". This list is not only factual, it is based on good clean humor.

This list is even more valuable because it is based on feedback from interviews with 25 hairdressers and barbers. This is definitely a list that everyone should read whether you are the client or the hairstylist.

I won't give away the fun of reading the list. I will cheat a little bit and tell you my favorite on the Pet Peeve list is #2.

This Pet Peeve is about clients that want to tell the poor stylist their live story and will not leave until they are completely finished. They will even keep talking as the next client arrives.

I love this Pet Peeve because I have been the unwilling victim of hair clients who were in front of me and continued to talk while the stylist started shampooing my hair. In one case the stylist washed, trimmed, dried and styled my hair and her previous client talked the entire time. She was still talking as I left the shop and the next client arrived.

This list gives you a wonderful insight to Robert's great sense of humor. You just know after reading this list that he is a genuinely nice guy.

Past Columns

If you have dry, brittle, frizzy or lifeless hair you will love the article that is currently available on Robert's Past Columns page.

I like the fact that Robert is a straight shooter and doesn't beat around the bush about hair or hair care. He starts out the article by debunking the commonly held myth that there is a topical agent or treatment that can permanently cure or fix hair that is damaged.

Robert explains the best treatment for this type of hair. No hints. You will have to read the column to see for yourself. I will tell you that he provides a list of likely causes of damage to hair.

Capt 'n Clippers

The HotLocks site is not all just serious haircare stuff. Robert enjoys entertaining his visitors. He provides lots of entertainment with his Capt'n Clippers page.

This section contains an ongoing cartoon serial adventure by John Rico of various ongoing characters including Dad-Bud, Mom-Betty, Grandpa and Uncle Bush. There are currently 4 parts available with more to come.

Showstopper Wigs

Besides the HotLinks site Robert hosts the popular Showstopper Wigs site (rated as a 5 star wig site).

Robert explains that he got into wigs through his work with the American Cancer Society. Over 12 years ago he set up a program for free Wigs as well as complimentary styling services through beauty schools in So. California.

If you are interested in beautiful wigs in every imaginable size, shape, color and style Robert's Showstopper Wigs site is a must see site.


Robert also has a place where you can send him your suggestions and comments about the site.


Hair Boutique doesn't have a best of the web page, but we do have the Silver Hairbrush Award. Therefore HotLocks wins the Hair Boutique's Silver Hair Brush (our version of the best of the best) for Hair Link of the Week.

This great site provides a great place with tons of hair care help and information that will help turn bad hair days into good ones.

Congratulations to Robert for creating this award winning site. If you would like to personally congratulate Robert on his great site drop him an email. Don't forget to tell him that the Hair Boutique sent you.

If you want to talk more about this or other hair care articles on or anywhere else, please post a message on's Hair Talk Forums.

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