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Hair Boutique's Hair Link Of The Week - 12/23/98

The International Long Hair Club (TILHC)

It seems only fitting that the last Hair Link of the Week for 1998 is Dave Tichenor's The International Long Hair Club. This is because Dave has been a special friend to the Hair Boutique from the very beginning of time. Dave has offered us not only his ongoing support and sage advice, but he has helped Jeff and I in many ways.

Over the past year I have had the honor to contribute articles on long hair to TILHC. Dave has also shared some long hair tips and information with Hair Boutique visitors on Hair Talk. One of these days I need to get Dave to write an article sharing some of his great long hair experiences with us.

I have had an opportunity to work with Dave during a challenging situation that faced our web sites awhile back. Dave was nothing short of understanding, helpful and wonderful. He is an pleasant and cheerful on the phone as he is on all the message boards where you might spy him from time to time.

Now that I have told you so much about what a great guy Dave is, let me tell you about his long hair site and why it was picked as the Hair Boutique hair long of the week. Dave's web site is dedicated to long hair enthusiasts from around the globe. Known to its fans simply as TILHC, it is devoted to promoting long hair throughout the Universe.

TILHC was carefully designed by Dave to provide something for everyone. This "something" may include photos of very long haired beauties, hair care articles, tips or other long hair related information.

TILHC wants to help promote long hair and to assist in providing tips to keep it as healthy as possible. The club's definition of long hair is "below the waist or longer".

Dave is truly a disciple of long hair. Dave lives in the suburbs of Chicago Il. where he works as a mechanical engineer. He is an active member of ETHLS and travels around the country to long hair contests and fairs.

Dave keeps his finger on the pulse of the long hair community and is a great resource of information on when and where the more interesting long hair contests, shows or exhibitions will be held. Dave has no qualms about packing up and heading off to experience these long hair events so that he can bring back photos and news for his TILHC members.

The current International Long Hair site includes a Modeling Page, The Stan Shuttleworth Memorial Page, Hair Care Page, Links, Goals Page, Pic of the Month Page and the Image Page. It also has a Styles Page, Salon List and a Long Hair News Page.

Since Dave opened the International Long Hair site it has continued to grow and incorporate new features. Dave recently added the Jennifer page with gorgeous long hair photos of the beautiful Jennifer.

Dave continually works hard to provide the latest and greatest long hair information for his loyal visitors.

Stan Shuttleworth

The Stan Shuttleworth Memorial Page is one of my favorite pages at TILHC. This page is devoted to the memory of Stan and his great work in long hair photography. Dave has created a wonderful memorial to the deceased Stan. It is Dave's stated hope that the page he created about Stan will keep his memory and dream alive forever. This page features 28 magnificent photos of incredible long hair. There is also a photo essay of Mary Tucker who was Stan's favorite model and some photos from Stan's last photography before he died in the 80s.

Long Hair Care Page

tilhc1.jpg (7351 bytes)

This page has a wonderful chart which shows how long hair will be after 1,2 and 3 years of an average growth rate of 6 inches. The article that is included with the growth chart explains some important hair facts including the fact that hair tends to grow faster in the summer than the winter and that some hair will never grow much beyond the shoulders due to replacement rates.

The Long Hair Care Page explains that the most important tip for those who wish to grow their hair long is to stop going to traditional hair salons. This page also gives tips on scalp massage. It has a fascinating report on the total number of hairs on your head if you are blonde, brunette or redheaded. It also explains that the average life span of each hair is approximately 2 years.

The Long Hair Care Page also includes links to an additional Hair Growth Page, Brushing Guide Page and a Measuring Guide Page.

Hair Growth Page

The 5 best things that you can do to make your hair grow faster and healthier are on this page. Dave provides some good tips on how to help your hair grow with some reference links.

Brushing Guide Page

This page provides Dave's views of hair brushing and some helpful hints.

Measuring Guide Page

On this page Dave explains the benefits of measuring your hair. He explains how to do it and why to do it and makes it all so clear and helpful.

Images Page

The Images Page contains photos of women with long to very long hair. While the hair is gorgeous, it is important to mention that this section of Dave's web site does contain some potentially adult rated photos.

tilhc3.jpg (5071 bytes)tilhc4.jpg (3964 bytes)

The Plaited Pages - Issue 23 - September 1998

Besides running TILHC site, Dave publishes The Plaited Pages (TPP) on a regular basis. The Plaited Pages are normally only for members who subscribe to the pages. From time to time Dave will make the Plaited Pages available for everyone on TILHC to read. Issue 23 of the Plaited Pages is available for everyone to read and enjoy who visits TILHC. If you would like to take a peek, be sure and click on the link.

The Plaited Pages is the club's paper. TPP keeps everyone in the club up to date on what is new in long hair. This includes long hair in the news, new web sites, events and similar long hair information. If you would like to get all of the Plaited Pages you must officially join the club. You can join the club by contacting Dave by email at [email protected]

Dave has also made Issue 10, 11 and 16 of the Plaited Pages available to everyone on the Net. If you would like to go back and check out these older issues, Dave has set up a link for easy access.

Issue 23 of TPP is devoted to long hair care. It features informative articles on Hair Growth and Nutrition and Growing Long Hair Gracefully.

There is also new features from the web site including a list of long hair care sites and long hair salons. The 23rd issue also includes a good review of two of the ponytail contests that were held at state fairs in August.

My favorite section of TPP23 is the Long Hair at Any Age article. It contains a wonderful photo of a long haired lady with gorgeous gray hair. The photo is stunning along with great text for women that wants to have long hair at any age.

All of The Plaited Pages contain new photographs of long hair and TPP23 is no different. Natural in Nature is a photo essay of a beautiful long haired lady who first appear on The Long Hair Site.

TPP23 also includes Golden Goals, Ponytails: Angie's Story Part 3 and Split Ends: The closing.

Don't wait too long to pop into see Dave and TILHC. The Plaited Pages are only open to the public every once in awhile. I would hate for you to miss it.

If you have any questions concerning long hair or would like to join TILHC you can contact Dave by email at [email protected]. He would be happy to hear from you.

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