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Hair Boutique's Hair Link Of The Week - 11/21/98

The Long Hair Men's Site


Over the past several months I have written many Hair Link of The Week Reviews for the Hair Boutique. I must confess that the review of Victor’s Long Hair Men’s Site has been the most challenging for me to date.

It has been hard for me to do because I hold so much respect and affection for Victor that I wanted to make sure that I captured him and his site perfectly. Whenever I start putting the "perfection" hex on my head, I get really messed up. My palms get sweaty and slip and slide on the keyboard. My face breaks out and my consumption of chocolate escalates. I am not sure if my face breaks out because of the accelerated chocolate or the perfection stress. At any rate, the pressure percolates.

I had a brief reprieve from writing about Victor’s site with the recent technical difficulties that Hair Boutique was having. I was secretly relieved that the server problems were giving me good cause to procrastinate writing the review about Victor’s site.

Wonderful Times 100

With all this hand wringing as my starting point, I guess I should cut to the chase and tell you that The Long Hair Men’s Site is wonderful.

Victor is wonderful and his knowledge and devotion to long hair is wonderful. Victor lives in Texas (which is instant brownie points for me), he is in the same technical field as I am (computers) and he lives the long hair code (me again).

I don’t want to sing Victor’s praises excessively although it is difficult not to because they are all well deserved.

One of the things I like and respect about Victor is that he is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). No hidden agendas, no games and definitely no people pleasing. I feel like I always know exactly where Victor stands on any topic. I appreciate the fact that I know where I stand too. Victor is straightforward and honest. I admire that about him.

A Web Site Before Its Time

The Men’s Long Hair site is dedicated to men with long hair. The site is dedicated to those men who follow their own instincts and let their hair grow long. The Men’s Long Hair site provides a place for long haired men or men who are long hair wannabes to share information on just about everything that is long hair related.

The Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard

I tend to actively lurk on the Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard. This board offers a fine blend of discussions about the social issues of men with long hair with discussions of appropriate hairstyles, hair care products and tips for growing long hair. There was recently a great discussion about children and long hair along with some comments about dealing with dry hair.

The board is open to anyone who wishes to follow the standard rules of board behavior. The majority of posters are men who are dealing with issues of their own long hair. I love to surf in and read the posts. Every once in awhile I will come out of lurk mode and comment on a topic, but for the most part I just enjoy reading the posts.

The tone of the board is warm and friendly and there is very little incidence of hostilities, flaming or other board nastiness. This is a warm and inviting board with a major encouragement factor.

Don’t get me wrong. Not everyone agrees with everyone. But the disagreements tend to be focused and positive. I have a special appreciation for this type of board behavior.

Long Hair Links

This page only contains 5 links. The links are dedicated to sites that are very specific to long hair only.

One of the best links on this page is Marty Mart’s link. Marty was the first Samson of the Month at The Men’s Long Hair Site.

His page includes a great Long Hair FAQ. A couple of times I have referred to his hair info. You really can’t miss Marty’s hair either. His hair length and styles will knock your socks off. Great hair Marty. Note: As Victor pointed out to me, Marty has since cut his hair. Marty is a swimmer and his hair never seemed to get dry.

Speaking Of Samson

Another feature of The Men’s Long Hair Site is the Samson feature. The current Samson is Vinny with awesome hair. Note: If you want to see more of Vinny and his awesome hair visit his web site.

The great thing about the Samson feature is that it includes photos as well as information about the selected Samson of the month.

Victor provides a lot of great information which includes how long the featured Samson has had long hair, favorite hairstyle, any hair rituals or hair tips and hair care products. For me, I appreciate these additional pieces of information.

While I love looking at beautiful long hair on both men and women, I am always curious about all the questions that Victor asks in his Samson interviews.

Besides the current Samson there are links to the previous Samsons which include Marty Mart mentioned above, Jimmy, Willie Nelson and the House of David.Baseball Team.

House of David Baseball Team

Victor has performed his magic so that you can use your mouse to click on individual people on the House of David Baseball time to get a bigger image.

Believe me, I sat and clicked for quite some time. Some of the men on this old time baseball team had long hair like I have never seen before on any men or even women.

Photos, Photos & More Photos

The Images Section of the site just continues the trend that Victor has established of providing lots of great photos throughout the site.

The Samson section has great photos of each Samson. Not just one or two, but lots. The Images Section has 16 current dynamite images of European rock groups (ASKA, Carnal Grief, Cathedral, Dismal, Cobzweb and SkewG).

There are also links to 8 additional Galleries with hundreds of great photos of men with long hair that is literally every length, style and texture imaginable. I could tell you my favorites, but that would have to be a separate article because I have so many. What can I say, I love long hair on men.

Searching For The Men’s Longest Hair Site

Victor is looking for any Web sites that showcase extremely long hair in men. Even better, Victor is looking for men with waist-length or longer hair to submit their photos and Victor will post them on this page.

I can promise if I see any men with super long hair I am going to twist their arms for photos. This is a great idea and I hope the men out there with super long hair queue up to show off their ultra long locks.

Men’s Long Hair Styles

Victor points out on the Styles page that most men with long hair wear it in a pony tail or loose. He also says that there is no need to be restricted to a very small set of styles. In true pioneering style Victor created the Styles page to explore options.

The Styles page has 10 different styles for men with long hair. Victor again has set up the photos so that you can click on them and enlarge them.

Victor sent me some photos where he is wearing his hair up in a different style. It looks great and it is nice to know men have other options.

More About Victor

Victor lives what he believes when it comes to long hair. He supports the long hair cause in many ways including posting on the Hair Boutique Hair Talk boards, contributing great hair information to a variety of email lists and working hard to make The Men’s Long Hair site a quality site for men with long hair interests.

When I emailed Victor about featuring his site I asked him if he would send a photo or two of his hair. In typical, "do everything to help", Victor sent a lot of great photos of his hair including his wonderful hair history.

I am including a link to Victor’s Hair History so you can see the amazing evolution of Victor and his hair.

Hairiest Man Contest

Victor recently took 2nd prize in The Hairiest Man Contest. Great job Victor.

v_HAIRY11t.jpg (6237 bytes)

Victor & His Long Haired Daughters

If you get to know Victor at all you will fast discover that the apples of his eye are his two beautiful daughters who are already sporting heads of gorgeous long hair. Victor has graciously provided us with some photos of his lovely daughters.

Victor & His Many Other Interests

Even though this Hair Link is specifically about Victor's Long Haired Men site, this review is really not complete if I don't talk about all of Victor's other Internet work and many interests. Besides the Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard Victor has created several additional boards that are related to hair of various types.

The other boards are modeled after the Long Hair Hyperboard and include the newly revamped Beard & Moustache Board which is a great discussion messageboard guessed it....beards and moustaches.

There is also the controversial Buy/Sell Hair Board that offers people the opportunity to post messages buying and selling hair or discussing the process.

There is also the Hair Link Board which has been around for awhile and has a large listing of hair boards, hair sites, and other boards. There is a great listing of hair links and hair related products. All the major messageboards are listed. Note: Victor informed me that he plans to replace the Hair Link Board with a new Links board that I had not seen before I did this article. (Sorry Victor).

Victor has also provided a separate board for adding links. The Add Links board is basically open to anyone to post new hair links.

Other Interests

Although not specifically hair related, Victor also has two links at the bottom of his Hair Link Board where you can pop into two of Victor's other loves: the Art Cars message board and Color On The Web.

Some Final Words Of Thanks

This review needs to end in a very specific way. It seems only fitting that I end this review with a thank you to Victor from the Hair Boutique.

Victor has always shown tremendous support for Jeff and I and The Hair Boutique. Victor is never too busy to respond to email, give sage advice ...webmaster to webmaster....or send great tidbits of hair information. Even in the days before we were the Hair Boutique, Victor was helpful and encouraging. He always had great ideas and information and was always willing to share them freely.

Thanks Victor!

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