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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of The Week - 10/5/98

Brair Bear's Hair Lair

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When I was growing up back in St. Louis, Missouri, it was considered a mortal sin to be seen out in public wearing hair curlers. Curlers were reserved for "in the privacy of your own home." Curlers were also considered the height of slumber party attire, the bigger the better.

I lived through all the curler crazes from the little pink spongies to the orange juice cans and through several generations of hot curlers.

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Finally I just gave up and the last time I had curlers in my hair was when I was convinced that big curls were the right look for a Christmas party 10 years ago.

Now the closest thing my hair comes to a curler is a curling iron for very special events. I have a couple of unopened packages of "hotdog" curlers languishing in the back of my bathroom. Maybe someday I will get the urge again. Nah.

Even though my hair and I have moved on to the non-curler phase of our existence, I still have a fascination with looking at people wearing curlers for the world to see. Maybe it was because I grew up in a time when curlers were kept off the streets. Or maybe it is because I love to look at the different types and how they are arranged in the hair.

When it comes to "curler heaven" Briar Bear's Hair Lair is one of the premier curler sites. This great site meets you on the front page with a wonderful mission statement. Mr. Bear lets you know that his site is "A Study of Women in Rollers-dedicated to those who don't think anyone appreciates what they go through to have GREAT HAIR!"

There is no denying that this site has lots of great photos of women in rollers.

Mr. Bear has taken a lot of time to collect some great photos of different types of rollers. I love all the photos, but my personal favorites are on the VELCRO page.

There are some great photos of many different types of VELCRO rollers.

bb_soapelectricgreen.jpg (3592 bytes)

There is a separate page with great roller photos that Mr. Bear took at a hair show 4 years ago in Toronto, the Electric page that has a few shots of women having rollers put in their hair , the Perm page, the black and white page and a wonderful Gallery.

There is also Ray's Cheesecake page with a variety of shots of women. Some in rollers and some not. Mr. Bear also has the Beautiful Page that has no roller photos but does have a photo of a great blonde upsweep.

This site was originally opened on April 23rd of 1998 but was closed from August 1st until September 16th so that Mr. Bear could do some housecleaning. I have always been enchanted with the little dancing bear that greets you when the site first opens and the interesting roller photos.

bb_blondeupsweep.jpg (3279 bytes)

So I was sad when Mr. Bear temporarily shut down the site. I was also very happy that he reopened it, better than ever.

I first met Mr. Bear through email a few months ago and he is a very interesting and charming guy who hails from Canada. He is a very talented musician (I hope he doesn't mind me telling you) and his Hair Lair site is truly his gift to the web.

I am sure you will enjoy Mr. Bear's site as much as I always have. It certainly does not divert from its path of curlers and it is tastefully done.

Mr. Bear is always looking for photos of women in rollers.

If you've got pictures, (you haven't seen anywhere else and you'd like to see them posted), of women in rollers send me him an e-mail at: [email protected].

Kudos to Mr. Bear for his great Hair Lair!

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