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Goldwell: Creating Beautiful Haircolor


Before Image From Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa, Inc., Goldwell Project Glossy 5

Photography: Annette McCall Makeup: Lydia Brock Model: Claire W All Rights Reserved.

Baltimore, MD. Winning the cover of Goldwell's Project Glossy, Volume 5, was the dream come true for Vivian Moore, the managing vice president of Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa, Inc., a Goldwell Alliance Salon.

When planning the shoot for the final volume of the Goldwell hairstyle collection book, Vivian's goal was to create sophisticated images to show Modern Glamour to both the Project Glossy judges, as well as to the clients of the five Mitchell's locations in the Cincinnati, Ohio area without appearing too "done".

Vivian and her team were so successful that three additional photos (one from Vivian and two more from other stylists from Mitchell's) were also selected out of the 24 new shots inside Project Glossy, Volume 5.

Mitchell's photos were also included in the "Best of" series from Project Glossy Volume1 through 4, which was a special feature of Volume 5.

Before Image From Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa, Inc., Goldwell Project Glossy 5

Photography: Annette McCall Makeup: Lydia Brock Model: Claire W All Rights Reserved.

An experienced photo session artist, Vivian began to plan for the Glossy shoot several months in advance by pulling tear sheets that interested her from fashion, beauty and hair magazines.

(After Image from Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa, Inc., for Goldwell Project Glossy 5 - Photography by Annette McCall, Makeup: Lydia Brock, Model: Claire W. all rights reserved.)

Then Vivian and her team edited the selections until the collection inspired a consistent message.

Next the team met with the photographer, makeup artist, graphic designer and copy writer to share their vision of how the finished photos would be used for internal and external salon marketing. Finally, models are selected to ensure the ability to achieve the desired look.

Creating The Look

To create the Project Glossy winning image displayed in this article, Moore selected gorgeous model, Claire W, who has very naturally curly hair. Her natural color was a dark blonde, which had been previously colored. Claire's hair color canvas progressed from regrowth at the base to very light ends.

Vivian used 10V, double 30 volume to lift the re growth base, then used Goldwell's Oxycur Platin to lift individual curls to a lighter, paler blonde. Moore recommended that Claire care for her hair with Goldwell Definition Color & Highlights Shampoo & Leave-In Serum to maintain its brilliance between appointments.

"Over the past five years, we, as colorists, have tried to make coloring techniques so complicated and gimmicky," said Moore. "My goal is to simply create beautiful color, using the simplest techniques possible to achieve the desired results."

To style, Moore used curling irons ranging in size from one-half inch to jumbo, randomly selecting strands and not following a perfect pattern. As she removed the irons, she pinned each curl in place until cool. After allowing them to set, she released them one at a time, applying Goldwell's Trendline Jelly Mousse and Shine Wax to her fingertips, then separated random curls.

"The goal with this design was to create a perfect style, then unperfect it by taking it down a couple of notches," reported Moore. "Our clients are fashion-forward, but also confident enough to want their own personal style. They don't want a perfect finish or to look like everyone else. This style reflects that desire."


Goldwell is a leading marketer of professional hair color, perms, shampoos, treatments and styling products used and available in upscale salons and spas.

Goldwell is one of the world's largest professional-only hair care companies and has world headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, US. headquarters in Baltimore and Canadian headquarters in Toronto. For more information on the Goldwell products described in this article, visit


Hair: Vivian Moore, Mitchell's Salon & Day Spa, Inc., (Cincinnati, Ohio area) Photography: Annette McCall Makeup: Lydia Brock Model: Claire W.

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