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Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo


Giovanni - 50/50 Balanced Shampoo - 8.5 ozGiovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo has been around for several years. The packaging has changed a little and the formula has improved, but I first used this product back in 1988.

Giovanni is based on a natural harmonious blend of herbs, minerals, and vegetable protein taken from the bosom of mother nature. It is especially designed for normal to dry hair and scalps. 50/50 Balanced Shampoo leaves the hair looking shiny, vibrant and healthy.

Not only is this product salon quality and all naturaly, it is very concentrated and very affordable. Made from a vegetable protein base, the shampoo contains non PABA sunscreen. It is approved for vegan use.


In the late1980s I was consulting with a long hair expert that insisted that I use George Michael hair care products. My hair did not thrive on the line and I constantly complained to my stylist about my hair. One day he became very frustrated with me and suggested that I try the Giovanni line because they were based on all natural products.

WooHoo!! It worked great. I suspect that my stylist, in his wildest dreams never expected me to love the line. Stranger things have happened and I not only loved the line, I used it of and on for about 5 years. I still use it from time to time to give my hair a rest from some of the other products I current enjoy from Phyto, Rene Furterer, Robert Hallowell, J.F. Lazartigue and Ken Paves.

A few years ago when I was testing the Aubrey Organics and Natures Gate lines I decided to get reacquainted with Giovanni. It was a happy reunion and I enjoyed the products even more then I did the first time I used them. Maybe my hair was just in better shape or maybe I understood the importance of minimizing chemical use on my hair.

Whatever the reason, I loved the Giovanni and have used it off and on for some time.

Recently I started testing Paul Penders products but decided to again crank up the Giovanni use to give me a comparison. I have been using the 50/50 Balanced Shampoo and 50/50 Remoisturizer on a regular basis for about one month.


I find that Giovanni is a very good "all natural" hair care line and it is in the same market space with Aubrey Organic (which I has used extensively) and Paul Penders (which I am currently testing).

It is not in the same space as Nature's Gate which contains a variety of chemicals include Laureth and harmful oxide derivatives. Yes, Nature's Gate is sold in health food stores but not it is not considered a natural product like Aubrey, Paul Penders and Giovanni.

I definitely like the Giovanni line. It always feels like I am giving my hair a mini all natural vacation when I switch from a salon quality product line to an organic shampoo. Although Giovanni makes a couple of different shampoos and conditioning products I have always had a preference for the 50/50 Balanced shampoo. It is designed for normal to dry hair and my hair is famous for being dry.

The 50/50 is easy to use. Just wet your hair and then place a small dab in the palms of your hand and then massage through your hair. Rinse well and follow with a cool/cold rinse. Dry and style as normal.


I could be hallucinating but I remember the original Giovanni products being packaged in a black container with dark lettering. Over the years since I first discovered the products the packaging has changed. The Giovanni 50/50 that I bought in 2000 were packaged in a simple white plastic bottle with pink and black designs. I bought the Giovanni originally at the local health food store. The current packaging is still white but the bottles are now rectangular instead of round and they have a different no spill top design.


The Giovanni shampoo is a amber colored thin liquid that has a strong apple aroma. Which is weird to me because there is no apple anything in the product. I sniffed long and hard trying to get a better bearing on the aromas and still kept getting the apple scent. The only thing that I can figure is that the Chamomile and Yarrow have combined to effect an apple scent.

No matter, I love the fragrance of the 50/50 Balanced Shampoo. It is fresh and clean and to me it smells like an apple orchard with ripe apples.

How I Tested Giovanni 50/50

Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo is designed not to strip hair color. I like the fact that I don't have to worry about it fading my highlights prematurely. Giovanni 50/50 contains no laureth or harmful oxide derivatives, and has absolutely no animal derived by-products. It is never tested on animals.

One drawback to the Giovanni shampoo is that it is rather thin and it does not create a lot of lather. This is because it does not contain the lathering chemicals that are present in salon and retail lines.

Some people have a problem with the lack-of-lather effects. I am pretty used to it and it no longer bothers me. I find a similar experience with other all natural shampoo lines. I guess I would worry if the product did start to lather.

One tiny drawback that I find for me is the shampoo's consistency. Because the Giovanni shampoo is thin and does not lather, I find that I tend to use a lot more of the shampoo on my hair than I would normally use.

Giovanni - 50/50 Balanced Shampoo - 8.5 ozI often do a pre-conditioning jojoba oil treatment before I use the Giovanni. One reason is that I can apply this very gentle shampoo to my oily hair BEFORE I add water and the shampoo will cut the oil and help wash it out. It works great.

I never do more than one shampoo application and then I follow with the Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Remoisturizer. I always follow with a cool to cold rinse and let my hair air dry.


Infusion of Rosemary Extract (and) Birch Leaf Extract (and) Chamomile Extract (and) Sage Extract (and) St. John's Wort Extract (and) Coltsfoot Extract (and) Yarrow Extract (and) Mallow Extract (and) Horsetail Extract (and) Red clover Extract, Soy, *Sodium C12-14 Olefin Sulphonate, Grapefruit Seed Extract, *Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Trace Minerals, DL Panthenol, Cinnamate.


It is important to note that not all hair care products work for all people or all types of hair. It is also important to mention that every person's hair is as unique as their fingerprints.

The Giovanni 50/50 Shampoo and Remoisturizer work well for me. I love the aroma (even though I am not sure what it is exactly) and I love how it makes my hair shiny and full of waves and body. I love the results I get.

Some people may find the shampoo too thin and might miss the lathering. Some might find that they would not enjoy the all natural aspects.

There is a real move from consumers to desire a more natural product. Giovanni definitely fits that bill with its all natural ingredients. It does contain Horsetail Extract and Rosemary Extract which are both excellent for healthy hair.

Bottom line, while I love it and will continue to use if for a long time to come as part of my alternating shampoo lines, everyone must make their own choices.

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