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Ficcare Hair Clip Lust


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Over the years I have talked incessantly about Ficcare Hair clips. I first spotted them at a small IBS show in Dallas in the mid 1990s.

I purchased one at the show and it became my new hair toy addiction.

I have an array of Ficcare clips at home that I use for a variety of my favorite long hairstyles.

Although I have played with an array of hair toys over the past 15 years, I always come back to Ficcare as my favorite hairclip.

Imagine my joy when I discovered the clip being worn on ABC's Grey's Anatomy by Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang, Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Katherine Heigl as Dr. Izzie Stevens.

When people ask me why I lust after the Ficcare clips I spill the following secrets:

1. Ficcare's collection of elegant hair clips (and related hair accessories) never fail to impress.

2. Started by a family of charming and beautiful sister the Ficcare clips and hair accessories are modern, upsale and elegant.

3. The sisters behind Ficcare are perfectionists. They only offer the highest quality of clips and accessories.

Ficcare All Rights Reserved

4. Ficcare clips and hair accessories are timeless. The clips I purchased since I started in the mid-90s to present day still are instyle.

When Ficcare honored with the opportunity to sell the clips through our Marketplace I was one of the first customers and I buy from them all the time.

5. Ficcare hairclips and related hair toys are unique. Although there are poor imitations and fakes out there (called fakkares or similar) the true Ficcare is one-of-a-kind.

6. The clips and all the related accessories are not only breathtaking but they are functional. Imagine a gorgeous hair accessory which holds your hair all day long and looks amazing?

7. Although Ficcare Clips work beautifully for hair which is long enough to be clipped up, these gorgeous clips are a fabulous hair tool for long, very long tresses, thick or very thick hair as well.

8. Ficcare clips are that they are very hair friendly and have smooth edges which won't rip, shred or tear prized tresses. This is an important fact for people like me with really long strands.

9. Ficcare clips can be used easily with just a little practice.

10. These amazing clips will even work with the thickest of hair.

11. Ficcare clips are always of the very highest quality.

Ficcare All Rights Reserved

12. Ficcare clips are hand-made, hand-painted and are of the highest craftmanship.

13. Ficcare clips come in different sizes for different lengths, types and textures of hair.

14. Ficcare clips are always fashion forward. When a new fashion trend hits Ficcare is always there with their interpretation.

15. The sisters behind the Ficcare line are fantastic and so amazing to work with. They care about their customers and work very hard to provide the very best designs.

16. The Ficcare clip is the clip of choice by many celebrities around the world.

17. People with long hair know that Ficcare clips will do the trick of securing their strands when no other clips or hair accessories succeed.

18. Ficcare's Maximas Clip has a unique and perfect combination of shape and space which accomodates a large array of hair lengths, textures and volume. The patented clip is available in three sizes, styles and an array of eye popping hues. Even better, Ficcare's are available as Mini Maximas™.


It's easy to see why I lust after the Ficcare clips and hair accessories. They are miniature works of hand-made art I love to look at, buy and adorn my strands with.

When braids or updo hairstyles are created using Ficcare clips as the anchor they hold securely in place and will not budge.

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