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Fall Forecast: The Season 12 Hottest Hairstyles


Rodarte Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Despite the 100+ degree Summer temperatures, Fall is fast approaching. With Fall comes Homecoming parties and events. Fall flows into the Holidays with Winter formals followed by award season and Prom.

Talk to any celebrity hairstylist worth their hairspray and they'll tell you that hair follows fashion. Indeed it does.

Which is why the most wearable of the hairstyles featured on the 2011 Fall Fashion runways may just be the hottest hairstyle trends to watch, copy or comment on for the upcoming Fall season.

Based on the 2011 Fall Fashion trends ranging from the matt-textured piece-y manes and deep side parts at Rodarte (left) to the knotted buns at Michael Kors Ready-To-Wear and the Elegant Top Knots at Monique Lhuiller (see below) expect to see the following top hair style trends for the upcoming Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 seasons.

Matt-Textured Manes With Piece-y Definition

Rodarte Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy at Rodarte took the American Plains as their inspiration for the Fall 2011 collection.

Of course the famous sisters tapped fashion hair royalty to top off their dramatic designs with stunning tresses which featured long, lush, below-the-shoulder strands with eye blinding shimmer.

Celeb fashion hairstylist Odile Gilbert created the hairstyles which featured deep side parts and long side-swept fringes which flipped slightly as they merged into the sides.

There were also some which were swept half-up-half-down with the occasional thin loose accent braids and fan shaped hair clips custom created for the show.

Gilbert described the finger picked, tousled and piece-y defined hairstyles as "a mess under control" with her hairstyle inspirations drawn from "the spirit of a field of wheat."

Expect hair for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 to feature similar designs with that blow-in-the-wind essence featured at Rodarte.

Center Parted Bone Straight Strands

Versace Fall 2011 Fashion Show

While Rodarte was rocking blonde beauties with long lush tousled strands, Versace featured fierce looking military styles with bone straight strands to match.

Versace models were coiffed with precision center parts combined with bone straight panels of long hair cascading down over past their shoulders.

The strands were brushed back behind the ears with the bone straight strands swaying down the model's back.

Versace wasn't the only designer to showcase fierce parts and bone straight strands.

Designer Jenni Kayne combined her 90s inspired fashions with long luxe straight strands cascading softly from a clean center part edging from the hairline all the way toward the back of the crown.

Theysken's Theory and Edun also finished their designs with similar parted hairstyles which signaled a return to shiny bone straight strands framed with a clean center part.

Free Form Braids

Rag & Bone Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of Rag & Bone tasked fashion hairstyling trend setter Guido Palau with creating hairstyles to work in harmony with the fashion house's easy breezy trademark style.

Guido, as he's commonly known, created just washed, soft, airy and very clean hair on the Rag & Bone models. He washed the hair of all the models right before the show and dried their hair with a paddle brush and minimal styling products.

The result? Soft, beautiful tresses with lots of shine. Guido added an array of free-form braids to the models' strands. In some cases he plaited two to three braids on each side of the face as well as centering them down the back of the hair.

His goal was to create an array of textural hair elements so that when the models walked the runway "you know something's in there."

The braids were tousled and uneven in length and texture. The British fashion hair guru pulled out wisps of hair around the entire hairline noting "when you leave out the loose bits you get a sexy feeling that's not schoolgirl."

The brilliance of Guido's free form braids is that they can be easily translated into an array of plaited-outside-the-lines hairstyles. Whether you decide to go with free form braids for a relaxed daily hair wear or amp it up for a special event, it's easy to do as long as your hair is long enough to plait.

Beautiful Braided Buns At Valentino

Versace Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Guido Palau was also the hair genius behind the beautifully braided buns at Valentino's 2011 Couture Collection.

Not only did the hair maestro create gorgeous low-slung braided chignons, he embellished the sleek shimmering buns with delicate jeweled metal headbands.

The barely-there beautiful headbands were entwined in the models' hairlines in front and extending all the way back behind their ears.

Thin strands were artistically looped behind the ears flowing into the braided bun.

Rachel Roy Fall 2011 Fashion Show

The ethereal bun was embellished with a whimsical hair jewel pinned at the center which was an extension of the hairline hugging custom made headband.

Each delicate headband and jeweled chignon piece oozed romance, and whimsy. Guido gave new meaning to the definition of pretty. Guido's beautiful buns would be perfect for any future bride, prom goer or anyone who wants to look pretty as a picture.

At Rachel Roy's Fall 2011 braids were also the go-to hairstyle designed by hair guru (and one of my personal favorites) Ted Gibson. The always brilliantly inspired Ted pulled the models' hair up into a milkmaid style braid that was plaited with colorful ribbons.

The braids were positioned on top of center parts and secured at the crown.

Extreme And Exaggerated Slicked Back Hairlines

Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 Fashion Show

Ralph Lauren’s swingy trousers and blouse-less vest turned out in sultry pinstripes could be dressed down for the office or accessorized for a hot party or cocktail hour.

The inspiration for Lauren's 2011 Fall collection was the glamour and sophistication of the 1930s with it's Art Deco and Chinoiseric influences.

Lauren's sassy menswear inspired woman's fashions were finished off with sharply defined hairstyles featuring a precision side part with a slicked back look.

The hairstyles accompanying the fashions had elements of rawness combined with femininity.

The hairstyles would look equally striking on a woman or a man. They combined the best of roughness and wildness with softness and charm.

While Ralph Lauren showed off his slicked back hairstyles with his Art Deco inspired collection, Carolina Herrera showed off a similar extreme and slicked back hairstyle with her revolutionary long skirts and dressy blouses.

Slicked back hairstyles are definitely a hot hair trend for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012.

Sharply Defined Hairlines

Derek Lam Fall 2011 Fashion Show

The Derek Lam Fall 2011 collection featured a similar menswear style to Ralph Lauren's stunning collection.

Deep sided hairstyles were substituted with slicked back tops featuring chin length bone straight panels of strands hugging the head in contrast to the pants.

The Lam collection featured clothing inspired by uniforms and August Sander photographs. As a result, the fashions featured wide legged pants and skinny ties.

Celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita created a simple, but powerful hair statement by literally pulling back the top middle section of the hair adjacent to the hairline. The slicked back top section created a sharply defined hairline.

Orlando told the fashion press that he liked to "do things that look simple but take some work." He explained that he was inspired by pulled-back styles which might be worn by schoolgirls minute hair clips or barrettes.

The famous stylist created the sharp look by blow-drying the middle section of the hair straight back and then securing it with T3 360° Control hair spray.

Feathery, Twisted And Ruffled

Band Of Outsiders Fall 2011 Fashion Show

At the Band Of Outsiders show the models floated down the runway wearing asymmetrically positioned, unevenly plaited, long tails.

The stunning long braids cascaded from messy or uneven center parts with the plaiting starting far down the strands past the shoulders.

The top of the braid was tousled and finger picked to create a loose, ruffled and feathery look. The key to the Band Of Outsiders look is that the plaits are loosely braided to encourage strands to escape and create that messy tousled look.

Like the free form Rag & Bone braids, the Band Of Outsider plaits are easy to adapt to either a relaxed or more formal hairstyle.

Michael Kors Ready-To-Wear

Knotted Buns

At the Michael Kors Ready-To-Wear fashion show the models wore stunning knotted mid-back buns which looked more like works of art rather than a series of knotted and wrapped hair twists.

The buns often featured random strands floating freely from the edges of the knots creating a looser look.

The hair was pulled tightly back from the face and featured the fierce center parts without a hint of any tendrils floating freely around the hairline.

Arizona Muse in Elie Saab Fall 2011 RTW

Retro Romantic Chic

The models at Elie Saab held a faint inspiration from the sixties.

The clothes were worn close to the body and his message was definitely Parisian, specifically Belle de Jour.

The hairstyles on the models followed the message with chin length bobs or faux bobs worn close to the head with deep side parts and sleek side-swept fringes directed over to one side of the face or with one side worn tucked behind the ear.

Saab's hairstyles were chic and shiny, but did not detract from his gorgeous designs.

Forties Half Up Half Down With Hair Combs

Miu Miu Fall 2011 RTW

Miuccia Prada showcased the fabulous forties on her Fall 2011 Miu Miu runways.

She provided a modern vintage collection with overtones of World War II-era Paris.

The models wore matte red lips and half up/half down hairstyles which were held in place with hair combs.

When it comes to setting trends you have to pay attention to Prada has triggered various headband trends with many of her collections over the years.

Monique Lhuiller Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Elegant Top Knots

Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2011 collection was a fabulous celebration of everything that's feminine.

The designer who is famous for eye popping, mouth dropping, body-hugging gowns didn't disappoint with an explosion of luxurious fabrics.

The stunning designs were taken to a whole new level with styling, hair and makeup.

Behind the elaborate hairstyles was famed fashion stylist Odile Gilbert (hair stylist at Rodarte) who was inspired by the striking and stark quality of photographer Richard Avedon's portraits.

Gilbert created an "elegant and sophisticated, but still young" twist on the traditional updo.

Monique Lhuiller Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

She fashioned the models' hair into an "haute couture, but modern look that's glamorous and chic" by pulling it into a sleek and shiny high ponytail, with cascading curls meant to "look like ribbons" and adorning it with a small black velvet bow.

Working in harmony with the stunning hairstyles was sultry makeup taken to a new level with unexpected colors and textures.

Diamanté Embellished Asymmetric Chignon

Mark Badgley and James Mishka have been hailed as the Top 10 Designers by Vogue. Indeed, Badley and Mishka know how to put together a spectacular collection which is all pulled together with hair, makeup and accessories.

Fall 2011 was no exception. Hairstylist Peter Gray of Moroccanoil was responsible for creating slightly disheveled asymmetric chignons, rope twists, upward rolled sleek French pleats with diamanté embellished side parts.

All of his Badgley Mischka hairstyles consisted of these four key separate elements.

Badgley Mischka Fall 2011

The thin diamanté strips were cut to the proper part length and width and adhered with eyelash glue right onto the parts.

Gray told the fashion media his hairstyles were inspired by "films such as 'Dark Victory,' 'All About Eve,' Catherine Deneuve in 'The Hunger,' and 'The Women,' and socialites"

He noted "There is so much crystal in the Badgley Mishka clothes; it's like a wartime party -- very beautiful."

Badgley Mischka Fall 2011

"It's important that glamour becomes accessible," Gray divulged.

He also recommended trying one element of the style to get a glamour element into the everyday hair world.

Ironically the crystal embellished parts were seen on Nicole Richie who achieve the look with crystal embellished necklaces drapped onto her hair. The glued crystal strips are so much easier to achieve and sustain.


The Fall 2011 fashion catwalks were bursting with beautiful hairstyles which can easily be transitioned into party or playtime hair.

The key with fashion catwalks hairstyles is how easy they are to adapt to a cocktail party, wedding, prom or other dressy hair event. Besides showcasing beautiful hair textures, braids, knots and chignons, the catwalks also provided a peak into the future hair hues which will dominate Fall 2011 and Winter 2012.

Tracey Reese Fall 2011

Even better, the styles can easily be adapted to a wide range of hair lengths, natural textures and types.

And what hues will be hot for hair for the near future? Think metallic inspired shades of gold, silver, brass and copper as well as an array of pink highlights and rose based hues like those painted onto the long texture enhanced strands of the models at the Tracey Reese 2011 Fashion collection.

The popular hues include creamy tans, coppers, burlwood, chateau rose, desert sand, beet red, incense brown, grey white, lead and bracken.

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