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Elements Of Beautiful Short Hair


Jennifer Aspen

Attitudes and ideas about hair have changed drastically in the past fifty years.

A lot of old belief systems that tied into the true elements of what defined beautiful short hair have been transformed as hair consumers break all the rules and follow their own hair whims, needs, goals and interests.

Other belief systems and theories about hair length, style, and color as far as their ties to short hair styles have been banished.

It used to be true that short hair was considered most appropriate for people of a certain age, race, sex, body type or professional lifestyle. In some ways, short hair was considered not as beautiful, sexy, sassy or elegant as long hair.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, as the belief systems that "hair is the ultimate accessory" promoted by Hollywood Hairdresser Ken Paves takes deeper root, many people of all ages, sexes, races and professions are opting for short hair with the knowledge that it can instantly change their length or alter it with a dizzying array of fabulous options.

This begs the ultimate question. What are the true elements of beautiful short hair?

1. Healthy hair First and foremost beautiful short hair is built upon on pampered healthy hair and scalps that are free of disease, split ends, rips and tears or dry, chemically damaged areas. Healthy hair is soft, vibrant, shimmering and full of energy, vitality and movement. It requires the base of a healthy scalp which supports it with natural oils and strong blood flow.

2. It Creates A Beautiful Feeling Short hair is beautiful when the person wearing it feels absolutely fabulous and adores the style. A person that feels beautiful will act beautiful and will enjoy their hair style.

Jennifer Aspen

3. The Styles Works In Harmony A beautiful short hair works in harmony with the shape of the face, the type and texture of hair, the skin and eye tone of the person wearing the style. Or maybe not. Read #4 below.

4. No Boundaries A beautiful cut and hairstyle never have rules or boundaries. They are created and worn because they suit the moods, whims and goals of the person wearing the style.

Regardless of age, race, sex, body type or economic status. A beautiful short cut shows independence and unique personal style. 5. Enhances Hair Hue A skillfully cut and styled short hair style draws the spotlight to the hair color. When a short hair cut is strategically created to show off highlight, lowlights or other gorgeous hues, the style is instantly elevated to stellar status. Even better, a short cut can free the person wearing it to be willing to experiment with a wide range of hues and colors that they might never been willing to try before.

6. Liberates Hidden Personalities A short hair style can help throw open the doors to a hidden side of the personality that has been shut away or covered in long tresses for years. Short hair can liberate. It can make a quiet person more playful, a timid person more daring and add new life. It can also enhance an existing personal style in many ways. It can also add a feeling of new youth and timeless beauty.

7. It Offers The Ultimate Base Style Short hair is incredibly versatile. It offers a great baseline to create a wide range of "hair as the ultimate accessory" with add-on ponytails, braids, half-wigs and falls. This is truly an element of a beautiful style.

8. Short Hair Is Universal Short hair is Universal. It communicates its beauty around the world.


The true elements of beautiful short hairstyles are available for everyone.

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