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Curly Hair Wins The Job With Ouidad


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A behavioral study that recently aired on Good Morning America discovered that employers are more likely to hire a woman with curly hair than a woman with straight hair.

When GMA reporter Taryn Winter Brill met with job recruiters with her hair worn naturally curly, those experts described her as being more "intelligent, articulate and displaying a higher level of confidence" than when she mirrored the interview but only altered her hairstyle to straight.

Why is that? The recent study suggests that people with curly hair are thought of as "low maintenance, independent, self starters, trustworthy and go getters" - all qualities that make up an ideal job candidate.

The results of this study is no news to the proclaimed "Queen of Curls, curl expert and author, Ouidad, (pronounced wedôd) who says, "My clients are strong, independent women who aren't afraid to show their individuality. Curls give my client's the confidence they need in today's competitive workplace!".

With today's dismal economy and rising unemployment rates, finding a job can be a daunting task. If curls increase one's hire-ability, then let the ringlets take center stage."

Note: To read an interview with Ouidad here at click on the following link: Ouidad Interview.

Curly Hair In Pristine Condition

Of course its important to keep your curls in pristine condition in the world of work.

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Ouidad, leader of the "curl revolution" has devoted her renowned career as a curl expert to developing tools and a complete line of products designed to help women with natural curls look their very best both on and off the job.

This is great news for the 70 percent of the US population with naturally curly tresses.

One of Ouidad's newest tress tenders is the Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner. This fabulous product will leave naturally curly hair in pristine condition and ready for anything that lies ahead for job seekers, regardless of the adversity it faces.

This combined hybrid conditioner and pre-styler is a breakthrough product Ouidad spent over two years developing! Ouidad says "conditioning is the best way to protect hair from environmental factors such as heat and humidity while also priming it for styling."

Not only will hair's strength be enhanced with Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner's proprietary blend of naturally active ingredients, including Arnica, Prickly Pear Cactus, Green Tea and Pro-Vitamin B5, this advanced product also helps hair hold onto moisture - creating a protective barrier that adds shine while safeguarding hair for overall health and vitality.

Note: To buy all the Ouidad products listed above visit

Protecting Your Curls All Year Long

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While out and about interviewing for new career opportunities or buzzing back and forth to your current job it is important to always protect your natural curls.

Even the healthiest curls can be damaged by any type of exposure to sun, wind or environmental toxins. Ouidad teaches her curly haired clients the importance of shield their beautiful tresses from the elements which can wreak havoc by depleting even the most expensive salon hair color.

Ouidad says "protecting your tresses and your scalp is a must!" She recommends always keeping hair under wraps during any type of prolonged exposure to the sun or the elements with a great brimmed hair or fashionable scarf.

The Ouidad Salon Sun Shield Treatment provides protection for curls all year long. This exclusive, professional treatment was created to keep hair and color in good condition while preserving its healthy shine. It offers sun and environmental protection benefits that last for up to 4-6 week. Formulated using deep penetrating ingredients that are comprised of 21 amino acids, proteins and sulfur in a base of an organic clear glaze, the Ouidad Sun Shield Treatment is an absolute all weather essential.

If you can't get to the Ouidad Salon for the fabulous Sun Shield Treatment, you're still in luck. Her Ouidad Sun Shield Spray works to instantly provide UV protection to hair. This amazing product includes an exclusive Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride ingredient that is traditionally reserved for skin care usage.

Terri Seymour American Idol Season 4 Finale - Press Room 05-25-08 All rights reserved

The small molecules of this ingredient absorbs sun rays, as conditioning agents including Quartz Crystals, Proteins, Amino Acids and Antioxidants. These ingredients reflect sun damage away from the hair, keeping it moisturized.

A breathable clear glaze, that acts as a shield, protects hair from harsh elements, preserving hair color and promoting healthy shiny curls that are sure to wow future bosses at that important job interview.


Ouidad's story is one of immigrant success. Ouidad left Lebanon for the US in 1970 with the secret dream of one day opening her own hair salon. Now, some 38 years later, she not only runs one of the most chic beauty salons in New York, but she is also known as the "Queen of Curls" and is the leader of the "curl revolution".

Ouidad offers a full line of products, ideal for attaining perfect curls for a perfect interview.

Log on to for more information on the Ouidad products listed above with additional curl tips. All Ouidad products can be purchased by calling 800-677-HAIR. The world famous Ouidad Salon is located at 37 West 57th, 4th Floor, New York, New York. Please call for an appointment.

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