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Control Hair Frizz In Rain, Dry Temps, Humidity And Wind


Rainy days can be a big challenge for people with naturally curly, kinky and wavy strands or tresses which are prone to frizzing. Men and women of all races may experience major frizzing problems.

While frizz can be contained during good weather, it can be a definite challenge during rain, dry temps, high humidity, cold weather and windy climates. Depending on your hair type and texture you might not have problems in some climates but definite frizz issues in others.

There is no absolute cure for frizz. While there are options like chemical straightening, relaxing Thermal Reconditioning (TR) and Brazilan Keratin Treatments (BKT), these treatments may often cause just as may problems as dealing with frizz.

There are temporary cures such as defrisants and serums but all hair products are water soluble which means there is a risk for humidity and water to break through to the hair and cause frizz.

Best Known Methods For Fighting Frizz

The best known methods for fighting frizz include the following tips:

Pre-Post Conditioning Treatments And Oiling 1. Utilize pre and post oiling of the hair to insure strong moisture base which will block frizz. Optimum moisture content in the hair is estimated to be 10 to 11%. Deep condition on a regular basis.

Do Not Wash Hair Daily 2. When you must wash, opt for cleansing with moisture enhancing formulations. Consider doing Conditioning Only Cleanse (CO), Diluted Shampoo (DS) or Water Only (WO) cleanses. This maintains the moisture balance and avoids striping hair of precious oils and water. Skipping daily washing avoids stripping the natural oils and moisture in your hair which can add to frizz issues.

Use Moisturizing Conditioners And Anti-Frizz Cocktails 3. Utilize leave-in conditioners, anti-frisants and similar which seal the hair and prevent penetration of outside moisture during rain, humidity or other moisture busting environments. Ask yourself how much frizz bothers you. If it does, don't skimp on the best products available.

Utilize Good Silicones 4. Consider utilizing products with a "healthy" silicone composition which holds moisture in the hair and prevents frizz, even during rain and humidity. Another option is wax which also forms a barrier but may not be compatible with all curly or frizz prone hair.

Invest In Defrisants 5. Opt for the application of defrisants or anti-frizz creams or serums to hair which has been towel dried or plopped to remove excess moisture.

Air Dry When Possible 6. If your hair responds well to air drying, consider this is a method for minimizing moisture loss. If not, consider a combo of air drying with diffuser drying to minimize loss of moisture.

Avoid Brushing7. After drying apply a styling cream, serum, wax, or pomade to smooth strands and block humidity and moisture. Use your fingers to style or a wide tooth pick. Do not brush strands except in emergencies.

Have Back Up Hairstyles 8. Have back-up hair styles ready for super rainy days. Sometimes even stick straight hair will frizz in a torrential downpour. Always have cute barrettes, headbands or hair wraps available to help contain a sudden temperature or humidity shift.

Invest In A Great Umbrella

9. Umbrellas are considered important fashion accessories for both men and women. Invest in a good one and have it always handy.

Other Frizz Busting Tips Include

1. Avoid chemicals on your hair. It tends to dry it out and rob it of moisture. Chemicals will only add to the problem of frizz.

2. Avoid exposing your hair to the elements except when necessary. Pop on a hat or scraf in the sun and near salt and sand. Never ride in a convertible without a head covering. UV rays will harm even the healthiest hair making it prone to frizzing.

3. Keep damaged strands trimmed. Minimize split ends which can add to frizz.

4. Let hair air dry whenever possible and avoid hot styling tools except on special hair events.

Flat irons can be used to help control frizz. Unfortunately flat irons are famous for damaging hair. Yes, you can use an iron with a temperature control but this feature does not necessarily control damage or breakage since the lower the temperature, the more often you have to pass over a strand to get it straight. This results in slowly burning off the surface products and ultimately the hair.

5. Be willing to experiment to find the best anti-frizz products for your hair type and texture.

Not all products work for all people. Nor do they work all the time.

6. Have a positive attitude. No hair is 100% perfect all the time. Learn to love your hair.


It has become fashionable to flaunt your natural texture. Even frizz. Wild hair, even wild frizzy hair is currently viewed as sassy and sexy.

With the proper use of cleansing methods, leave-in products and styling techniques, you should be able to minimize frizz. However, if you can learn to love your frizz and natural texture, even if your products fail, you can enjoy your hair.

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