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Celebrity Hairdresser Kim Kimble's tremendous passion for her life in the world of hair literally oozed through the speaker of my crackling, popping and hissing cell phone.

Proclaiming "she just made it" to the call in time due to a prior hair "blow out" session in New York, Kim was immediately approachable, warm and welcoming.

Even through the distracting background noises and other challenges of a cell to cell phone interview, Kim was enthusiastic and energized.

Launching immediately into a discussion about her work with the celebrated Beyonce, I expressed amazement at Kim's reported creation of over fifty different wigs for Beyonce's role as Deena in the movie Dreamgirls.

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Wondering how she had the time to create that dizzying array of different hair looks, Kim assured me "she started the process of researching and designing the wigs many months in advance".

Remarkably, this vivacious superstar, in her own right, seemed to downplay the huge amount of time and commitment she dedicated to creating Beyonce's hair transformation throughout the course of the film. Maybe because Kim Kimble adores all aspects of the hair business.

Through the magic of Kim's wig creations, Beyonce's Deena morphed from sweetly innocent bangs and ponytails to the ultra glam girl bouffants and big dos.

Kim explained "she did a lot of research into 60s and 70s hair utilizing aged Vogue magazines and inspiration from a range of symbols ranging from Olympic rings to Egyptian styles". Kim thrived on the challenge of creating the different looks for the film and was very proud of the results.

A third generation hairdresser, this hair lifer started doing "unofficial duty at the shampoo bowl" in her mother's hair salon in Chicago "around the age of six". Kim has great devotion to the "strong women from her family" who have linked together three generations of hairdressers.

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Although her mother still does hair in Los Angeles, her beloved grandmother has retired after many dedicated years behind the chair. It's obvious when she speaks of her grandmother that Kim has tremendous love and affection for this great lady who influenced her life in so many ways.

Growing up in the hair biz, Kim had a clear understanding of her desire to be a hairdresser. She took the opportunity to study cosmetology while in high school. By the time she had her high school diploma, the former shampoo girl was ready to go out into the world and be unleashed onto her own hair career.

Making a quick detour into college, Kim found herself "spending all of her time doing everyone's hair in her dorm room during her first semester". She reported "it was easy to realize her true calling was hair and not a four year college degree". While she noted "someday she may go back to college, at this point in time she has lots of other hair related goals to achieve".

Even though she spent all of her growing up years watching and learning the art and science of hair from her grandmother, mother and their various hair employees, Kim chose to pursue advanced hair training.

The celebrity hairdresser supplemented her natural hair artistry talents and high school hair training by attending the prestigious Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina and the famed Vidal Sassoon Academy.

The Fine Art Of Men's Grooming

After making the decision to abandon college to pursue her true love of hair, Kim made a first stopover in the world of men's grooming. She worked at a barber and beauty shop in Los Angeles called Radiantly Raw.

Her early years at Radiantly Raw were spent mostly barbering men - doing haircuts, shaves, manicures and pedicures.

Kim relished the experience and confessed it "helped her build her initial hair clientele". Although she worked "mostly with men in those early years, all of her male clients referred their girlfriends to her and many become long time friends and clients".

From Barbering To Films

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In 1996 Kim received her first opportunity to work in films. She signed on as "a hair consultant" who specialized in "wig designs" for the movie BAPS starring Halle Berry. Although Kim didn't personally work with Halle, she did "design and create all of the wigs for the film".

The budding celebrity hairdresser confessed "she had a wonderful time creating all sorts of crazy hair pieces" for the film which also starred Martin Landau.

Kim's career has build upon her very special talents designing and creating wigs and she also specializes in weaves.

The LA based celebrity hairdresser who is always working, loved working on BAPS so much that she followed up that film with TV's Cinderella.

Kim then worked on I Still Know What You Did Last Summer in 1998 as a hair stylist. In 1999 she worked with Brandy on Double Platinum. From there she worked as a key and head hair stylist on a variety of films including Austin Powers in Goldmember with Beyonce.

As her exceptional hair work in films became well-known, she worked free lance to develop new celebrity clients and other hair opportunities.

Great Beginnings With Beyonce

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When I asked Kim how she first met Beyonce she explained being "hand picked by Beyonce's former hairdresser and mother six years ago, to take over the reigns of Beyonce's hair care".

As Beyonce's career blossomed and became crazy busy, her mother no longer had the necessary time to work with her daughter's hair. She personally chose Kim for the task. Kim was "thrilled and honored at the opportunity" and has been working with Beyonce ever since.

Kim travels constantly with Beyonce and is always at her side taking responsibility for the superstar's ever evolving gorgeous array of hairstyles that Beyonce showcases on Red Carpets, for movie roles and commercials, video and photo shoots and on tour.

The celebrity hairdresser's primary concern is making sure the star's hair is always spectacularly styled. Kim reported "she just finished creating an array of hairstyles for Beyonce's American Express commercial".

Vanessa Williams, Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington

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Besides creating heavenly hairstyles for the celebrated Beyonce, the self confessed workaholic has also managed to squeeze in some fabulous hair creations for some of her other famous clients including Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams, Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington, Garcelle Beauvais, Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union.

Kim noted she "started working with Mary J. Blige two years ago when Mary started working on her breakthrough album".

Although she doesn't do Vanessa William's hair for the Ugly Betty series, which she loves to watch, she has done her hair for lots of other celebrity and red carpet events.

Unlike some celebrity hairdressers who don't relish long stints on movie lots, Kim confessed "she loves to work on films" and has done hair on many different films with her famous clients.

She also "relishes doing a lot of different hair projects allowing her to change up what she is doing every couple of months". Kim loves "the variety of switching from films to Red Carpet to working on tour".

Every hair styling opportunity is a great new opportunity for this hard working celebrity hairdresser.

Obsessed With Fashion And Runway Hair

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What other hair celebrity challenges does this mega talented ball of fire wish to take on? She confessed "she has done it all in the hair world except for runway hair".

Kim loves "the constant buzz and excitement of New York City and is obsessed with fashion. She confessed she is constantly watching fashion TV and tracking all the latest fashion trends". She also loves to "watch the evolution of different fashion designers and how their lines change over time".

She believes that doing runway hair would allow her to be more creative and would push her to excel in a new hair arena. Kim admitted she "loves anything new, hot and happening". She also loves to constantly be challenged and evolving her craft.

Her obsession with fashion is not limited to any one trend. She confessed to a love of fashion that ranges from Hip Hop to haute couture. Her favorite fashion designers "include Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Robert Cavallari".

She also noted she is "constantly inspired to create new hair designs based on the latest fashion collections".

Epiphany Hair Studio In Los Angeles

When she is not traveling the world with Beyonce or jetting off to New York to work with Mary J. Blige, Kim can be found at her Epiphany Hair Studio in Los Angeles located in West Hollywood (1106 N. Cienega, 310-652-1822). Kim currently resides in LA with her mother and grandmother.

Kim's Epiphany Hair Studio is this hard working celebrity stylist's second salon but is most likely not her last. Kim has dreams of eventually opening "a hair academy" to teach students the art of hair.

Kimble Hair Care Line

In addition to her work with her celebrity clients and running her LA salon, Kim has also lovingly spent the last several years creating a new hair care line that was inspired by her grandmother and mother. Kim explained "my grandmother often mixed up her own product formulas for her clients back in the salon in Chicago".

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Kim shared the secret behind her fabulous Kimble hair care line. Her grandmother, she explained, "was always mixing all sorts of incredible homemade formulas for her hair clients".

As a young child Kim watched and learned. Incorporating some of those family formula secrets, she developed her own line based on those traditions.

Kim's goal is to offer "hair care products that are gentle and will not cause any allergic reactions". She explained "many people are allergic to the sulfates in shampoo products". Therefore, Kim created a line that has minimal sulfates of other ingredients which might cause allergic reactions.

She also wanted to create a line that "smelled yummy" and incorporated avocado and peppermint oils along with ginger.

Many of her celebrity clients have come out in favor of the fabulous line. Actress Kerry Washington has said "when I'm wearing my hair really curly I use product by Kimberly Kimble one of my hairstylists in L.A. Those are really great for ethnic hair."

Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hairdresser Molly Roncal has said "I live for Kimble Replenishing Oil Drops. They're not heavy or greasy and they keep you frizz free all day."

Actress Taraji P. Henson has said "Kimble's Ginger Cream Conditioner smells so delicious you want to eat it."

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Garcelle Beauvais has said "I love Kimberly Kimble shampoo and conditioner. She's a hairstylist I've been working with forever. My favorites are her Peppermint (Cream) Shampoo and her Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner. I just love when you can smell your hair all day long."

Kim is thrilled with the feedback on her new line which she wanted to be "all natural and totally delicious". She also wants it to be easily accessible to anyone that wants to try the line.

What's Next

Kim also hopes to open a salon in New York in the future. She also wishes to expand her hair care line to include hair brushes and hot tools. Kim will also continue designing wigs and weaves and working with hair extensions. Although she doesn't currently have a condo in New York, she is seriously considering that option since she spends so much time jetting between LA and New York for her many celebrity clients.


Kimberly Kimble is a brilliant celebrity hairdresser who works with many celebrated performers including Beyonce, Vanessa Williams and Mary J. Blige. She balances a busy career designing fabulous hair styles for films, photo shoots and Red Carpets with her work in Los Angeles at her own hair studio. She also designed a brilliant all natural hair care line that has evolved from the secret recipes of her beloved grandmother and mother.

What's next for this mega talented hairdressing superstar? Her goal is to take on the world of fashion runways. There's no doubt that Kim will not only find her way to the runways, she will conquer them with her incredible talent, vibrant energy and unstoppable drive.

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