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Celebrity Hair Makeover: Channelling Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon

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When Celebrity A Lister float onto Red Carpets wrapped in stunning couture gowns everything about their appearance is perfect from the top of their shimmering manes to the tips of their carefully lacqued toes.

Anyone in the know understands the time and commitment every star makes to have gorgeous strands, picture perfect makeup and the perfect image.

Besides months at the health club with noteworthy trainers, the stars are cut, colored, dried and styled by only the cream of the celebrity hair dresser crop.

Ken Paves is one of those A List Celebrity Hairdressers whose phone number is on the speed dial of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Although known to fly around the world to tend to the star studded coifs of his famous clientele such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Eva Longoria, Ken often works his magic surrounded by his stellar staff at his Beverly Hills Salon on Robertson.

Celebrity Makeover

In April 2007 Ken and his stellar Paves Salon team opened their doors to six lucky Celebrity Makeover winners who had been selected by Multi Media International (MMI) for the opportunity to transform into versions of their celebrity idols.

Winner Katie specifically wanted to be transformed into a version of Reese Witherspoon. As part of her celebrity makeover process Katie received an initial consultation for hair color and style with Team Paves at the Beverly Hills Salon. The celebrity make-up artists with Benefit Cosmetics were also on hand along with the MMI photographer to record Katie's step-by-step transformation into a bona fide celebrity look-a-like.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is famous for her iconic blockbuster blonde roles in Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2.

Debunking the myth of the dumb blonde, Reese is almost as famous for being one of the New Age power blondes who possesses great business acumen, earns top dollar in Hollywood and wraps the entire package in an aura of sizzling sexiness.

Before Photo Katie Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

Although Reese has gone brunette for some of her movie roles, she always returns to baby blonde hues for her personal statement.

Like most celebs in the movie biz, Reese has morphed from short choppy bobs to long luscious tresses which cascade to the middle of her carefully sculpted back. A classic Southern beauty, Reese has a peaches and cream complexion with a traditional heart shaped face complete with the prominently pointed chin.

Reese is spellbinding in longer hairstyles which soften her jaw line and minimize her chin. Soft side-swept bangs draw attention to her big beautiful eyes and well shaped brows.

Reese gravitates towards softer make-up palettes favoring pink lips and cheeks.

Celebrity Makeover Magic

At first glance it it's crystal clear why Katie (shown to the side) wanted her celebrity makeover at the famous Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon to transform her into a fabulous version of Hollywood cutie Reese Witherspoon.

Who could blame her? Reese Witherspoon is blonde, beautiful and has a firm grip on the American Dream. She is a beloved movie star, has two gorgeous children and a sizzling new romance to boot.

Getting Started Notes

During Photo Katie with Diana Folino Initial Consultation at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

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Katie arrived for her makeover with her medium textured blonde highlighted/lowlighted tresses swept off to the side of her forehead with long strands nestling into her cheeks.

Katie's face consisted of a mixture of traditional shapes. Although her jaws and cheeks are square, her chin tapers to a point that normally is typical of a heart shape. The top of her face appears to be more oval in profile.

Katie's beautiful wide set eyes were framed by well shaped brows. her beautiful skin has a milky white porcelain appearance. It is uncanny how much Katie resembles Reese even before her makeover.

Although her pre-makeover shoulder length hairstyle appeared a bit bulky, shaggy and in need of good shaping, it offered a great starting point for her fantasy makeover.


During Photo Katie Receiving Highlights Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

Celebrity hairdresser Diana Folino who works with A List clients such as Eva Longoria and Ashlee Simpson focused on enhancing, rather than dramatically altering Katie's existing style and color. This was a great starting point for channelling Reese.

Diana skillfully performed a precision dry cut on Katie's hair focusing her attention on the perimeters of the hair. She meticulously trimmed the ends making sure that that they blended well with the rest of the lengths. She also carefully removed some of the hair's bulk to create a sleeker profile and to facilitate easier long term styling.

Diana also expertly extended Katie's length with individual hair pieces added to her natural strands.

She finished by slightly layering and shaping the frontal fringe which worked beautifully with Katie's face shape, eye and skin tone. Katie's face shape worked perfectly with the newly crafted bangs which opened up her entire face.


During Photo Katie Receiving Trim Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

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After completing the cutting and shaping of Katie's hair, Diana determined that Katie's existing blonde base did not need any additional enhancements. Instead, Diana decided to create Radiant Reese shimmer by adding highlights and lowlights.

Cranking up Katie's natural glow, Diana wove in a series of painstakingly placed honey gold based highlights and light caramel lowlights that added instant warmth and pizzazz. Katie’s color instantly morphed to a golden version of Reese.

A contrasting beige blonde was added in the front for definition and bright dazzle which perfectly played up Katie's eyes


To maximize the beauty of Katie’s gorgeous new highlights and lowlights, Diana washed Katie's hair with a color enhancing shampoo designed to showcase the gorgeous new hues. It also provided anti-fade protection.

Diana coated Katie’s freshly washed and towel dried strands with a light styling product.

During Photo Katie Receiving Eye Makeup Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

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After letting her freshly washed tresses briefly air dry to remove excess moisture, Diana used a round boar's bristle style brush in combination with a blow dryer to dry Katie's hair. Working with small sections, Diana used the brush to build in volume and swing.

Adding HairDo Human Hair Extensions

Once Katie's hair was completely dry Diana worked around the perimeter of the hair with a straight iron to create an ultra sleek finish. It was agreed that Katie's hair would be extended to a similar length as Reese Witherspoon's hair with clip-in style extensions.

Diana then created a horizontal part that extended from ear to ear a few inches below the crown of Katie's head.

Selecting a few strands, Diana lightly back combed to create a natural hair anchor for the 100% human hair extension piece that were added to Katie's hair.

The gorgeous 21" long extension was from the fabulous HairDo line and were designed by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson. The color was carefully selected to integrate with Katie's base, highlights and lowlight.

Note: The HairDo™ Human Hair Clip-in Extension Systems are available in nine color levels and six pre-dyed "salon inspired" Vibralite® colors. These extensions have been specially processed so that they can be professionally colored and/or permed and cut to match any client's needs. The entire HairDo line is available at

During Photo Katie Receiving Final Touches Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

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After the gorgeous human hair extension piece was clipped into Katie's hair, Diana used her fingers to carefully arrange, smooth and finish Katie's style. She finished off by using a light layer of gloss product to kick up the shine.


Once Diana was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color the celebrity makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetics applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Katie's sensual new look.


After Photo Katie Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Reese Witherspoon Makeover April 2007

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The final makeover result was breathtaking.

Katie had indeed morphed into a look-a-like version of the famous blonde bombshell movie star.

Katie's pre-makeover blonde bulky hairdo was transformed into a sleek shimmering golden blonde masterpiece with luscious long cascading strands along Katie's gorgeous face.

The combination of the luscious highlights and lowlights with the sleek revamped fringe provided a rich and luxurious new image. Katie’s look went from sweet to fun and flirty due to carefully planned and executed changes.

Katie's makeover just goes to show you why celebrities always look so fabulous. They have experts like Diana and the rest of the Ken Paves celebrity team in their little black books.

To experience your own celebrity makeover, be sure to visit Diana and the fabulous team at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon at 409 Robertson in California.

Call the world famous salon at (310) 499-7122) for your own jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell Diana and the rest of the Ken Paves team that Karen at and Cheryl at MultiMedia sent you.

Story Credits

Styles: Diana Folina for Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in California - (310) 499-7122) Editor: Cheryl Crosby - Multi Media International Makeup: Arianne Dubose And Benefit Cosmetics Team Photographer: Georgia Cobb Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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