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Aubrey Hampton: Father of Natural Hair Care


If you're interested in hair care products that are actually certified to be 100% organic you probably have heard of Dr. Aubrey Hampton of Aubrey Organics fame.

Although more people are becoming concerned with the potential dangers of using hair care products laden with certain chemicals, Dr. Hampton is still relatively unknown by the majority of hair care consumers.

Who Is Aubrey Hampton?

Dr. Hampton got interested in creating chemical free hair care and beauty products over 30 years ago when no one really cared about all natural hair care products.

Aubrey is truly the pioneer of the natural and organic hair care and cosmetics industry.

Many years before the United States FDA even got the idea to require that all cosmetic companies list their ingredients on the label, Aubrey was listing every single ingredient on his beauty products.

Aubrey's most recent book, What's In Your Cosmetics: A Complete Consumer's Guide To Natural & Synthetic Ingredients was controversial, to say the least and generated a lot of attention for Aubrey. Why? Because his book was designed to educate the consumers about the various petrochemical ingredients that are used in the majority of hair and skin care products currently on the market.

The cosmetic and hair care companies were less than thrilled with Aubrey's book since it provided an expose into the type of chemicals that are used by the beauty industry.

Dr. Aubrey Hampton may not be the most popular guy with the cosmetic and hair care companies, but he is a crusader in trying to provide the consumer with the true facts about what types of chemicals are used in the beauty industry.

Aubrey's company, Aubrey Organics, is headquartered in Tampa, Florida where he is constantly searching for new herbals that have never been used before in the personal care industry.

How It All Started

Although many people value Aubrey Organics for its excellent 100% natural hair care product line, hair care was not where the whole story started.

The Aubrey Organics company has been around since the late 60s when Dr. Hampton moved from his early business of manufacturing chemicals and accessories for the printing and wig cleaning industries to a more organic path.

Over 30 years ago Dr. Hampton invented a bath product designed to help relieve the pain of muscle strains and arthritis.

This bath product was specifically designed to utilize the relaxation properties of various herbal extracts to soothe the pain. Another interesting note about the first product which was known as Relax-R-Bath was the fact that it not only utilized herbs, but it also was based on a combined theory of aromatherapy.

Although aromatherapy is very popular in the current times, 30 years it was mostly unheard of except by a select group of people. That group included Dr. Hampton who decided to harness the relaxation properties of aromatherapy and combine them with the healing properties of the herbs to create a holistic product.

The success of Hampton's first product is long lasting since Relax-R-Bath is still popular over 30 years later.

Hampton believes that this first bath product is what really got the company started and recognized.

Another factor in the acceptance of the organic cosmetics industry was a new environmental awareness that started to build and grow in conjunction with the first Earth Day celebration in 1970.

Consumers Need To Be Aware

Contrary to popular opinion Aubrey Hampton believes that hair is alive but that use of bad chemicals will actually kill hair. He also believes that people can actually go bald from using chemicals even when there is no family pattern of hereditary baldness.

Dr. Hampton believes that it is important for all consumers to read product labels and avoid buying products that contain chemicals.

Many times, as Hampton will be the first to point out, cosmetic and hair care companies will camouflage the truth of what they use in their products.

To read more about Dr. Hampton's opinions visit the Aubrey Organics website.


Dr. Aubrey Hampton has done more for the organic hair and beauty industries than anyone else in the industry. Even after 30 years he continues to work for the consumer. Back in 1997 Dr. Hampton launched a campaign to get the FDA to recognize organic cosmetics.

Hampton was motivated in his action with the FDA because he felt that the word organic was constantly used in a misleading way in the hair care and cosmetics industries.

Dr. Hampton wants to make sure that consumers truly understand what they are getting behind the "organic" label and he wants the FDA to make sure that consumers are protected.

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