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ARTec: Don't Have Your Hair Colored....Have It Enameled


November, Port Washington, New York.........Ten years of intense research, development and testing (coupled with 30 years of extreme passion, commitment, and energy), is what makes enamels., ARTec Systems' new professional permanent creme gel haircolor line, such an extraordinary success. After spending many of his early career years as a consultant (liaison between marketing and chemistry) developing haircolor for leading haircolor companies, ARTec's President and Co-founder, Leland Hirsch, introduces a haircolor line of his own!

Enamels....haircolor that thinks it's paint. The name, enamels., says it all. Leland spent a lot of time examining all kinds of paints and colors throughout the development of enamels. (enamels. comes packaged in a stainless steel pain can. "Paint is not simply paint anymore," says Leland. "Commercial paint has become fashion." Major fashion designers have designed colors for the commercial paint industry, and Leland has done the same for haircolor. "enamels. colors are true fashion haircolors....the reddest reds, the purest coppers, the warmest golds.

Enamel paint, versus regular paint, has the most intense color. enamels. is like five coats of paint instead of one (like the traditional permanent haircolor of the past)! enamels. permanent haircolor, in comparison to other permanent haircolor on the market, is like comparing the new Volkswagen automobile colors to other automobile colors. Volkswagen colors are intense, they shine with vibrancy. They grab your attention! So do enamels.!"

Why you love enamels

enamels. provides the most balanced coverage of any professional haircolor found on the market today. The color results are intense. enamels. is so high-depositing, that even if one area started out lighter than another, the results will be the same all over. The color is so pure, it looks extraordinary in any light! The gray coverage is the best you'll ever experience. It's immediate. It's thorough. Those stubborn grey hairs that peek through just when you through you had them all covered -- are now gone!

You'll appreciate the high speed processing time (just 30 minutes) which makes your salon visit short and sweet. Another genuine surprise is the unusually pleasant, non-offensive, fruit-floral fragrance. enamels.' mild formulation leaves your hair remarkably conditioned with intense shine results!

The new 61-shade line was developed as a unique hair coloring system meeting the needs and skill level of both the novice as well as advanced colorist. With enamels., color selection and desired results are made simple" color is broken up into four haircolor ranges which distinctly address upfront the level of pigmented vs. unpigmented (gray/white) hair. This patent-pending color choice system designates color for up to 25%, 50% and 100% unpigmented hair and ensures predictable color results. The guess work of how much depth vs. tone is needed, dependant upon the amount of unpigmented hair, is now removed. The goal, which was achieved beyond expectation, was to simplify formulation and eliminate color problems such as uneven coverage and "hot" roots which commonly occur on unpigmented hair. The result is enamels., the most simple and creative color to use. There's nothing else like it anywhere!

While enamels.' advanced formulations incorporate up-to-date technology, the cutting edge packaging takes haircolor out of the backroom and into the front of the salon. Upscale brushed aluminum tubes and brushed aluminum boxes make enamels. the first modernistic, fashion forward, permanent haircolor line on the market.

With enamels., salons can now proudly display their permanent haircolor everywhere -- in the windows of the salon, in the color department, etc., Haircolorists can mix their permanent haircolor formulations in front of their clientele because now their haircolor has a creative image!

Don't have your hair colored.......have it enameled.!

enamels. professional haircolor is available in top salons across the U.S. and Canada. To have your hair enameled., call 1-800-323-6817 for an enamels. salon location nearest you.

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