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(September 17, 2001), Port Washington, New York).........Ever since ARTec kiwi coloreflector shampoo joined the ARTec Colorist Collection, it was an overnight sensation!

kiwi was introduced to the color depositing haircolor protection system as the balancing shampoo because of its gentle cleansing and hair protect and qualities.

It wasn't only haircolor clients who fell in love with it!. The fresh sweet kiwi aroma, coupled with lustrous lather and amazing styling results, made kiwi an immediate success!. When kiwi coloreflector conditioner and kiwi bodifying detangle followed, the response was identical.

ARTec Worldwide is please to introduce their latest line extensions which hairdressers and clients have long waited for...the kiwi coloreflector styling and finished system!

The popularity at the back bar in salon's during haircolor services, as well as the popularity at the retail level with clients, makes the kiwi coloreflector system much in demand. (All photos copyright of ARTec, Inc.,)

The new line is comprised of five unique color protection styling products:

  • manipulating wax

  • detailer spray

  • shaping foam

  • blow serum

  • shine wax

Why Kiwi

Kiwi coloreflector styling products all contain a natural, luxurious, botanical blend of haircolor protection ingredients such as kiwi fruit, fennel seed extract, wild pansy and coffee bean.

Kiwi fruit contains natural Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant which helps prevent oxidation and haircolor fade. Oxidative effects on the hair are due to the restructuring of molecules that damage or change haircolor. This process not only happens during the processing stage of haircolor but can also occur because of the environment. Vitamin E not only stops oxidation on the day of the chemical service but continues to protect the hair between salon visits. Fennel seed extract is a natural, extraordinary haircolor protectant.

Fennel seed contains enzymes that prevent unnecessary stress on the hair due to the use of haircolor, or other chemical services. Chemical residuals left in the hair are considered a form of environmental stress. The enzymatic action of the fennel seed neutralizes developer residuals which may still be present even after the haircolor is rinsed out. These residuals can modify the color of the hair and damage valuable lipids. By scavenging these remaining chemical residuals, the enzymes in the fennel seed work to prevent problems within the hair while at the same time nourishing the scalp.

Wild pansy and coffee bean botanicals are natural protein bonding sun filters which protect hair from the harmful effect of UV light. kiwi coloreflector styling products, because they remain in the hair between shampooings, offer optimum, long lasting haircolor protection. Aside from the superior styling benefits, hairdressers and clients appreciate the great kiwi botanical aroma.

Kiwi coloreflector haircolor protection styling products

kiwi coloreflector manipulating wax

This spray-on detailing styling product provides pliable hold and ultimate definition for unique shapes and detail. Kiwi coloreflector manipulating wax can be sprayed on wet or dry hair to style, mold, manipulate and finish as desired.

Size: 3 oz. Suggested retail: $12.50 (US)

Size: 7 oz. Suggested retail: $20.00 (US)

kiwi coloreflector detailer spray

This fast dry, power hold hairspray seals in color, enhances shine, and adds body. Its perfect for shaping, styling, and finishing, with a unique, weightless brush-through quality for restyling. kiwi coloreflector detailer spray can be used on damp or wet hair for shaping while blow drying, and can be used on natural, color-treated and permed hair.

Size: 10 oz. Suggested retail: $11.50 (US)

kiwi coloreflector shaping foam

You will appreciate the maximum weightless, shaping and conditioning qualities of this alcohol free styling foam. Kiwi coloreflector shaping foam enhances shine, adds body, and seals in haircolor. The fresh, kiwi botanical aroma is refreshingly clean.

Size: 7 oz. Suggested retail: $8.50 (US)

Size: 17 oz. Suggested retail: $18.00 (US)

kiwi coloreflector blow serum

This product smoothes and repairs stressed hair. After applying to clean, towel dried hair, users will appreciate how the brush glides easier through the hair during blow drying. kiwi coloreflector blow serum provides control and exceptional moisture qualities to your hairstyle.

Size: 8 oz. Suggested retail: $10.00 (U.S.)

kiwi coloreflector shine wax

The kiwi coloreflector shine wax seals in color, enhances shine, and adds body. Its easy, workable texture provides flexible hold and control for dramatic shapes. Just a dab of kiwi coloreflector shine wax worked evenly through wet or dry hair delivers extraordinary styling results.

Size: 57 g. Suggested retail: $12.00 (U.S.)

ARTec Worldwide is hairdresser owned, professional salon beauty company founded in 1991, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality, top performing products to stylists and consumers.

ARTec Worldwide brands include enamels permanent creme gel haircolor, textureline, spaline, purehair, kiwi and the ARTec haircolor maintenance system.

Kiwi products are available in JC Penney, Regis, ULTA and other fine salons nationwide. For information on a salon or distributor in your area, please call ARTec toll free at 1-800-323-6817 or visit the ARTec website.

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