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What is hair? Depending on which modern expert you ask, hair may or may not be a dead substance. Most experts would agree that hair is a type of fiber consisting of cells (dead or not) that grows from hair follicles and projects through the skin and is found on humans as well as all mammals.

Although sometimes referred to as hair, the covering on non-mammal and human species are referred to as fur.

Insects and spiders may appear to have a form of hair but in reality it is known as insect bristles.

Some forms of cats, dogs, mice and rats have no fur or "hair at all".

Keratin are proteins which are a primary part of the cells in the epidermis, hair, nails, feathers, hooves, horny tissues and the enamel of teeth.

Different Types of Hair

Hair grows in multiple places on the human body. These different types of hair are defined as:

Terminal Hair: Hair that is fully developed. Vellus Hair: Short, fine almost invisible hair known as "peach fuzz" that grows all over the human body for both males and females. Lanugo: Very fine hair that if found covering the body of unborn human fetuses.

Body Hair

Although several theories exist about the development of hair covering the human body, no absolute record of the beginnings of human hair exist today. There are lots of expert opinions but no exact timeline of when human hair evolved to its current condition.

Men and women of all ages and races have been concerned about their hair since the beginning of time.

Hair has always held great social significance for all societies. Whether it is right or wrong, politically correct or not, people judge other people by the length and style of your hair.

Biologically hair offers protection to the human body by holding in heat in the winter and keeping your head cool in the summer. It is also designed to protect against the elements.

Hair that grows in the nose and ears keeps foreign bodies from invading. Hair growth under the arms and in the pubic regions are designed to protect the body from friction of any kind.

The Official Study Of Hair

Many people study all aspects of hair. The study of hair is known as trichology and experts are referred to as trichologists.

Professionals who study hair in order to cut and style it as known as cosmetologists or barbers.

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