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Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth?

What Are Cricket Proteins?

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? - Arachnocephalus vestitus - Entomart - Wikipedia

If you consume cricket powder, you’re actually eating the entire cricket.

Crickets contain very valuable minerals and nutrients which may help to slow the progression of hair loss.

In some cases it might also help to promote hair regrowth for those who've already experienced loss.

Cricket powder contains valuable minerals which are unfortunately scarce in the modern diet.

United States Patent Application For Cricket Hair Protein Powder For Hair

- Edible Cricket Composition For Preventing Hair Loss, Improving Hair Follicles and Promoting Hair Regrowth  - the abstract states:

"A hair regrowth (product) has been developed using edible crickets.  Edible crickets are provided in the form of 60-100 g (grams) of powders.

Or they can be taken in the form of 60-100 g (grams) of formulations on a daily basis.  Edible crickets reduce the concern about side effects and are safe."

Edible Cricket Protein Is Higher Than In Synthetic Medicines For Promoting Hair Regrowth

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth - Fried Crickets In Cambodia - Wikipedia Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth - Fried Crickets In Cambodia - Wikipedia

The patent application states:  "The intake rate of edible crickets is higher than those of synthetic medicines for promoting hair regrowth.

It's also higher than prescription medicines designed to prevent hair loss.

Edible crickets are used for pharmaceuticals, supplements, and cosmetics."

Edible cricket protein contains iron (Fe), zinc (Ze), copper (Cu), and biotin (Biotin, Vitamin B7).

Benefits Of Cricket Protein Powder Ingredients

It contains ingredients higher than nutritional ingredients contained in vitamins (hair or related) sold on the market in content.

Cricket protein also contains a large amount of amino acids constituting hairs, so that an excellent   effect is produced on hair regrowth."

The stated benefits in the patent application for utilizing cricket proteins is summarized as:

"The promotion of hair regrowth, the prevention of hair loss, and the improvement of hair follicles are easily recognized."

How Does Cricket Powder Help Hair Loss?

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? - Little Girl Eating Chocolate Covered Crickets - Don Bugito Snacks - All Rights Reserved

Some of the rich minerals contained in cricket protein powder includes, but isn't limited to:

iron (Fe), zinc (Ze), copper (Cu), and biotin (Biotin, Vitamin B7) as well as iodine and manganese.

Iron (Fe) deficiencies may prevent the efficient flow of oxygen to tissues from the center of the hemoglobin in red blood cells.

To create successful hair growth, blood circulation becomes extremely important.

Iron is effectively transfers oxygen to the hair scalp, roots and follicles so they can survive, thrive and grow.

Zinc (Ze) deficiencies are often present in people experiencing hair loss.

Zinc deficiencies may also manifest as chronically dry scalp, skin and hair.  It also may result in slow wound healing and sex hormone deficiencies.

Copper And Biotin

Copper (Cu) supports skin health, immune function, and proper iron absorption. It’s often deficient in the modern diet. Copper deficiency mimics iron-deficiency anemia, and presents as low white blood cells.

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? Gilles San Martin from Namur, Belgium - Gryllus campestris female Uploaded by Jacopo Werther

Biotin (Biotin, Vitamin B7) is known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7.

It helps to prevent hair loss, recover brittle nails and helps strengthen skin and hair.

Biotin deficiencies are known to manifest as hair loss.

Biotin is needed for good hair growth, but also for digestion of food and the management of blood glucose.

If vitamins, minerals and nutrients are not properly digested, they may not make it to the hair roots.

Iodine And Manganese

Iodine is required to produce thyroid hormone, which regulates your metabolism. Low iodine manifests as hypothyroidism which is known to trigger hair loss in some circumstances.

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrow Iodine - LHcheM - Wikipedia Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? - Iodine - LHcheM - Wikipedia

Manganese helps form bone and metabolize protein. Many enzymes in your body are dependent on manganese.

One called glutamine synthetase turns toxic ammonia into glutamine, a beneficial amino acid.

Manganese is necessary in the proper amounts in order to encourage healthy hair growth.

Taking Edible Cricket Protein Powder May Be Useful For Prevention Of Hair Loss, Regrowth And Healthy Hair Follicles

Edible cricket protein contains ingredients known to be useful for accelerated hair regrowth.

However, edible cricket powder may not always produce excellent effects on the prevention of hair loss, the improvement of hair follicle or the promotion of hair regrowth in all cases or for all people taking the powder.

Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? - Manganese - Wikipedia Eat Crickets For Hair Loss And Regrowth? - Manganese - Wikipedia

Consuming cricket protein powder may trigger some side effects.

In general it's considered safe for most people.

It's also beneficial in preventing hair loss, promoting healthy hair regrowth and long term healthy hair maintenance.

It's also been known to produce an increase in hair thickness.

It may also reverse some types of gray, white and/or silver hair.

Will You Eat Crickets For Hair Loss?

Cricket protein may be available in formulations of capsules, powders, granules, tablets, pills, and drink.

It's possible to mix 30 g of cricket powders, or  extracts with 50 g of citric acid, 5 g of oligosaccharide, 1 g of taurine, and 914 ml of purified water to create a typical drink.

The mixture may also be sterilized and sealed to make a drink for humans to consume.

Would you consider taking a product which consisted of cricket protein powder if it might help your hair?

Best wishes to all.

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