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How To Get Started On Empire Kred

How To Get Started On Empire Kred

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It was almost four years ago on January 12, 2012 when I took the plunge onto Empire Kred (formerly Empire Avenue) and created the HairBoutique ticker.

Unfortunately I learned how to get started on Empire Kred (EK) only after I'd already made just about every mistake in the book.

Note:  EmpireKred (formerly Empire Avenue) is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites.

Rather then bore you with a goody-two shoes rendition of how to get started and follow the Dale Carnegie words of "win friends and influence people" I'm going to own up to all my horrible, no good, very bad decisions which almost tanked me completely on Empire Kred.

My Most Horrific  Getting Started Mistakes On Empire Kred

Buy Hold And Sell Keys Representing Market Strategy Buy Hold And Sell Keys Representing Market Strategy

Listed below are some of my horrific Empire Kred mistakes in no particular order of heinousness:

1.  I jumped into the game with no prior knowledge or understanding of how it worked. 

I figured it was a game so how hard could it be? Well duh, it may be a game, but it's much much more.

Empire Kred, when used properly, is a very powerful social media channel which can open doors to new business contacts, media connections and life long friends.

One of my Empire Kred shareholders for the past four years has become one of my very best friends in the world.

Through him I've made tremendous new social media connections, learned about innovative business approaches at the C suite level and received invaluable advice for the advancement of HairBoutique.

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If I had it all to do over again, I would do my homework, form a clear list of Empire Kred goals to achieve and time my entrance for the best possible success.

2.  Once I had created the HairBoutique profile on Empire Kred I didn't engage properly

During the first month of my participation in the Empire Kred Universe I received many welcome messages from long term players.

In fact, as a new player, I was bombarded by seasoned EK investors who often left messages on my profile.

I was so unprepared and overwhelmed by the frenzy of new activity on my HairBoutique ticker, I temporarily froze and didn't respond in kind.

Empire Kred is a social media channel.  Constant interaction with new shareholders is imperative.

Buy Hold And Sell Red Dice Representing Stocks Strategy Buy Hold And Sell Red Dice Representing Stocks Strategy

I learned the hard way that no response is not good player protocol.

Even a simple thank you or a smiley face is better than dead silence.

If I had a EK do-over as a newbie you can bet I would prepare a series of pre-canned responses pasted into a .txt file.

That way I would have some carefully construed responses I could post to make sure everyone who greeted me received an appropriate answer.

3.  I didn't participate in Empire Kred community events

Some of the best ways to engage with the most Empire Kred members is to participate in some of the regularly scheduled special events, including, but not limited to, the monthly #FullMoonEngageMe (run by Dom of DesDaughter), the seasonal [X]PendaPaloosa or special EmpireKred promotions such as Pie Throwing, PayItForward Missions or Holiday themed events.

Not only do the regularly scheduled events allow you to meet a large number of players at one time, some of the most seasoned players are more easily accessible and more willing to engage with new players.

4.  I didn't learn the proper game etiquette

Thank You Note - GraphicStock - Licensed to - All Rights Reserved Thank You Note - GraphicStock - Licensed to - All Rights Reserved

One of the biggest challenges new players experience is earning enough eaves (Empire Kred currency) which allows them to buy more shares of the most influential players.

Empire Kred investment missions are run by players who offer free eaves in return for investing in their stock.

Unfortunately this was game quicksand for me.  I didn't understand if a player offers the perks of paying for your investments in their stock, you should not turn around and sell them.  You must hold their stock.  It's only fair and decent.

Also, I didn't realize you should be prudent about how many investment missions you accept.

Moderation is key.  Just because a player offers more than one investment missions, don't binge on all of them and allow others to have their turn.

I had a tendency in the first few weeks of gorging on all the free eave investment missions, only to find myself being blocked from future missions or even worse, being sold off by angry shareholders who figured out I sold them after they provided me with free eaves.

I was in the wrong on both counts and I made serious amends.

The Moon - Science-Space Theme Background - Image Licensed From GraphicStock by - All Rights Reserved The Moon - Science-Space Theme Background - Image Licensed From GraphicStock by - All Rights Reserved

Eventually I was unblocked.  I learned my lesson. I stopped to bone up on all of the appropriate Empire Kred game etiquette to avoid ending up with a Bad Buy reputation.

Summary - Other Getting Stated Mistakes

Although I have already listed my four killer Getting Started Mistakes on Empire Kred, over the past four years I have stumbled and fallen down in other ways.

Those other ways included not becoming a Leader as soon as the option was offered, not participating in communities and not understanding clearly that sharing is caring.

Once I became integrated into Empire Kred and learned the ropes, I found it to be a very rewarding, fun and educational experience.

Hairboutique on EmpireKred - All Rights Reserved - Hairboutique & EmpireKred Hairboutique on EmpireKred - All Rights Reserved - Hairboutique & EmpireKred

I have met a lot of amazing people who have actively engaged with me off Empire Kred on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Flickr and Instagram.

If I had it all to do all over again, I would still join Empire Kred. I would just avoid the key mistakes I have listed above.

While Empire Kred may not be the social media channel of choice for everyone, it's been a great experience for me, my business goals and the promotion of

Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to all the amazing shareholders on Empire Kred who have supported me and Hairboutique on our four year EK journey.

Social Media Network Information

Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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