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Obagi Results

Obagi Results

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I had my first and only Obagi Blue Peel in 1996 To guarantee the best Obagi results, I had the treatment applied by a well-known Dallas plastic surgeon.

The Obagi Blue Peel was recommended to me by my regular aesthetician. She created a pre and post customized Obagi peel plan based upon the specific needs and age of my skin.

Obagi peels can be applied to the face, neck or other parts of the body.

Pre-Treatment Obagi Plan

My treatment plan included a series of pre-Obagi graduated glycolic peels.  By the time I went in for my custom designed Obagi Blue Peel, my skin had been prepped perfectly.

My plastic surgeon was pleased with the great pre-Obagi treatments my aesthetician provided.

What Is The Obagi Blue Peel?

Based upon a mixture of slow acting TCA (Thrichloroacetic Acid) and blue solution, the Obagi Blue Peel is designed to trigger exfoliation of the thin surface layers of damaged skin.

The layers of the dead skin cells which are sloughed off are eventually replaced by healthy new cells. This allows the skin to take on a new level of clarity and tightness.

Obagi-4_350hRange Of Applications From One To Four

Depending upon the condition and needs of your skin, the Obagi Blue Peel can be applied in one application or to a maximum of four.

My skin has some light skin damage due to the fact that with my strong Irish and German heritage I have highly sensitive skin.

My esthetician and plastic surgeon agreed that the best treatment for me would be a two step application. When applied properly by a skilled plastic surgeon an Obagi Blue Peel can slow the natural skin aging process.

The Blue Peel Versus Glycolic Or Similar Treatments

Slow acting TCA enables cosmetic physicians to control the peel process along with its depth.

This means an Obagi peel can be tailored to the nature of the problem to be corrected whether wrinkles, scars, laxity or pigmentation problems.

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Can The Obagi Blue Peel Procedure Damage The Skin?

There is always the possibility of damage with any type of peel, whether glycolic or Obagi.

The danger or damage is even more of a possibility if the Obagi peel is not applied by a highly skilled and experienced physician.

Peeling the skin lightly in a controlled manner, which occurs when applied by an expert, will most likely not cause any damage to the skin.

There are no internal toxic effects (TCA is not absorbed through the skin).

How Many Blue Peels Can Be Done?

A physician will determine how many Obagi peels are necessary to achieve the desired Obagi results.

In most cases the procedures take 25-30 minutes.

Sedation During Application Of Blue Peels

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When I had the Obagi Blue Peel applied, I was advised that I didn't need sedation.

Instead, I was advised to take two extra strength Advil or similar right before I arrive at the office.

Unfortunately, I did feel significant discomfort when the first peel was applied. In fact, it felt like my face was on fire.

I asked for ice to suck on, which actually lessened the pain and burning in my face.

An electric fan was used to minimize my burning sensation.

Second Application, But Not A Third

The second application hurt less than the first, but I was unwilling to consider a third application, even though the doctor thought it might be a good idea.

If you are sensitive to pain in any way, be sure to talk to your physician and ask for the best sedation possible.

My skin was very sensitive after the peel, but it was during the peel application when I experienced the most pain, burning and discomfort. The burning sensation lasted for approximately 5 minutes.

If your doctor provides sedation, you will need someone to drive you home.

Blue Tint On The Skin

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Right after the peel a light bluish tint was visible on my skin. The light blue tint deepened until I looked very similar to a bright blue cartoon character.

I was warned about my skin turning a deep blue. In addition, I was told my skin would start to peel off within 2 or 3 days.

My doctor advised me that total peeling of my skin would last  an average of 6 to 12 days. I was informed after the peeling stopped, my skin would be completely healed.

Leaving Town To Recover

Although the peeling didn't disrupt my regular lifestyle, I scheduled my peel for late on a Thursday afternoon. I left town for a one week vacation where I could keep a low profile.

I had complete solitude while I turned bright blue and my entire face peeled off. By the time I returned from my vacation, my skin looked amazing.

Post Blue Peel Care

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After the Obagi peel I was provided with special post peel care.

Twice a day in the morning and evening, until my skin was 100% healed, I was advised to do the following:

1. Gently clean my skin with tepid water and special Obagi Cleanser.

2. Moisturize with a mixture of Action Lotion moisturizer and Tolereen (0.5% Hydrocortisone) in equal parts.

I was advised not to scratch my skin if itching occurred.   In addition, I was advised not to pull, pick,  rub or force off any skin which was peeled.

If itching and/or oozing occurred, I was advised to soak sterile gauze pads with Tolereen and apply.

For serious oozing I was advised to soak sterile gauze pads in a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and dab the area as needed.

For Optimal Results And Healing

For best results, until skin is completely healed from the Obagi peel, avoid the following:

sunglasses2_250h Sunglasses - All Rights Reserved

1. Unnecessary sun exposure.  Wear protective hats, glasses and/or clothing.

2. Use of any type of sunscreens

3. Any type of makeup

4. Over moisturizing skin

5. Strenuous exercise of any type

6. Extreme facial expressions

7. Sleeping on the stomach or sides or apply pressure to the treated areas.  Sleep on back when possible.

8. Sweating, especially on the treated skin areas.

9. Avoid direct exposure from water, shampoo or similar products on the treated areas

Shampoo In The Shower Shampoo In The Shower

No matter what, keep skin clean and dry.

Remember, never scratch, rub, pick, pull, clip, cut or disturb the peeling skin in any way. This can lead to unnecessary scarring.

My Obagi Results

Although the Obagi Blue peel definitely hurt without extra sedation, the burning, turning blue and discomfort was worth it.

Shower - Wikipedia Shower - Wikipedia

My skin was glowing, free of light sun damage and smooth. I received many compliments about how beautiful my complexion looked.

Obagi Post Care

The Obagi Blue Peel is a medical procedure and must always be performed by a physician or a properly trained specialist.

A blue peel can also be applied in 4-6 week intervals to achieve a desired correction. The Obagi peel may be utilized, in some cases, for deep scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Annual Blue Peels can be applied to assist in long term maintenance of skin health and fitness.

Summary - Obagi Results

When all appropriate precautions are taken, the Obagi peel is applied by an expert and proper sedation is applied, the Obagi results are well worth the investment in time, money and pre or post preparations.

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