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Secret Cold Stoppers

Introduction - Secret Cold Stoppers

Oscillococcinum Oscillococcinum

Unfortunately cold season seems to hit right around the busiest time of the year when the Holidays are in full swing.  Luckily there are some amazing secret cold stoppers which will stop cold and/or flu viruses in their tracks.

The key to stopping colds and flu are to prevent them by amping up the immune system or bombard them with a range of formulations designed to block the viruses from taking hold in the body.

If you don't have time to succumb to a cold consider the following secret cold stoppers:

1.  At the first sign of a sore throat, sniffle or other cold like symptoms reach for {{asin=B001GCU092,text=Boiron's Oscillococcinum homeopathic pellets}} which are designed to stop cold and flu-like symptoms from taking hold in the body.  Many fans of alternative medicine believe this homeopathic remedy is one of the top secret cold stoppers.

Although many users swear by oscillococcinum's ability to successfully block a virus from taking hold, once it does, this homeopathic formulation is less effective.

2. Unlike Oscillococcinum which is known to help block colds as well as other viruses, {{asin=B001GCU09M,text=ColdCalm Cold Tabs}} are designed specifically to relieve cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny rose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat.  In some cases taking ColdCalm at the very hint of a cold may stop it in its tracks.

3. Keep your feet warm once cold weather hits to amp up the immune system. One of my favorite tricks is to sleep with a toasty warm {{asin=B002X7LCJG,text=hot water bottle}} nestled at the bottom of my bed.

Studies have indicated that when the feet are cold the blood vessels which nourish skin and mucous membranes, preventing immune cells from reaching the rest of the body. If you don't want to try the hot water bottle trick, opt for {{asin=B000KBLKTO,text=warm socks or booties}} which will help amp up your immune system and stop cold and/or flu viruses in their tracks.

Cold Calm Cold Calm

4. Consider {{asin=B002VD8BEG,text=Now Foods Andrographis Extract}} which is a popular immune boosting herb.

European researchers claim that people who take Andrographis Extract are 40% less likely to catch a cold or flu virus than those who don't. The suggested daily dosage is 400 mg a day.

5. Fans of Oriental medicine often recommend {{asin=B004W4DXVS,text=YIN QIAO JIE DU}}.

It's recommended for the first day or two of a wind-heat attack, exhibiting toxic heat symptoms (flu), swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, aching body, fever with chills, headache, sore shoulders and/or stiff neck.  This Chinese herbal remedy promotes sweating.  It's excellent when taken immediately at the time the first symptoms of a cold or flu virus become present.

6. Try {{asin=B0036THMWG,text=Echinacea Supreme liquid caps}} when any cold or flu symptoms first occur.

One of the best formulations for me which always helps knock colds out before they grab hold is Gaia's certified organic Echinacea Supreme formulation which is grown on a farm in Western North Carolina.

Echinacea Supreme Echinacea Supreme

Echinacea has been used successfully for hundreds of years in North America to support immune health, in part because it's a native botanical.

This formulation is concentrated for a fast acting response. Echinacea Supreme contains the same full spectrum of phytochemicals naturally found in Echinacea. It's definitely one of the key secret cold stoppers.

Additional Secret Cold Stoppers

Some of the very best secret cold stoppers involve taking consistent cold and flu precautions which may include, but not be limited to:

7.  Wash your hands a minimum of seven times a day.  Studies have shown that washing your hands a minimum of seven times a day will cut your risk of developing a cold or flu by as much as 75%.

Be sure to completely scrub and use warm water, soap and dry with a clean towel.  If someone in your home or work area has the sniffles, don't share a towel or other items with them.  While some people believe in using {{asin=B001FM7TYW,text= hand sanitizers}} there's mixed opinions of their long term value.  When in doubt reach for old fashioned soap.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Purell Hand Sanitizer

8.  Keep your fingers and hands away from your eyes, mouth, face and nose.  Cold and flu viruses you might pick up on doorknobs or other contaminated areas can be transferred into your body through those portals.

9.  Keep your cellphone sanitized.  Even better, avoid putting your cellphone in your mouth or near your eyes or nose.  Cellphones pick up lots of germs.  If your immune system is weak it's much easier for a cold and/or flu virus to gain entry.

10.  Rinse your mouth and/or gargle with old fashioned salt water.  Water will flush a virus before it can attach to the throat.   Salt will blast any germs which might manage to hang on.  Do a salt water gargle or rinse at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms.  Gargle with warm salt water 2x a day every day until the symptoms subside.

11.  Take a hot bath or shower.  Cold and flu viruses are heat-sensitive.  Taking a 25-30 minute hot bath or shower may actually stop a cold or flu virus in it's tracks.  Researchers at New York City's Lenox Hill Hospital have found that if you take a daily 25-30 minute hot bath after you get a cold or the flu, you will recover much faster than if you don't.

12.  Have a cup of hot ginseng tea.  Studies have shown that indulging in just one cup of ginseng tea every day during the height of cold and flu season may cut your risk of developing a full blown virus by as much as 40 per cent.

American Ginseng American Ginseng

The reason?  Ginseng has noteworthy immune system boosting benefits.  If you're not into tea opt for either {{asin=B0036THLI6,text=Liquid Ginseng drops}} or herbal caps.

13.  Amp up your daily consumption of probiotics.  If you don't want to pop pills, opt for eating no-fat organic yogurts which help to strengthen your immune system by blocking entry of cold and/or flu viruses.

14.  Exercising just 10 minutes a day for 3-5 times a week will help strengthen the immune system as well and block entry of illness causing viruses.

Summary - Secret Cold Stoppers

Additional immune system boosters include drinking lots of water every day, eating one clove of fresh garlic per day, adding 1/4th teaspoon of fresh ginger to your food every day and popping a comprehensive multivitamin.

Other immune system strengtheners include getting consistent rest, eating beta-carotene rich pumpkin and making sure to consume a healthy diet.

Ultimately amping up your immune system may block the risk of developing a cold or flu virus.  However, if you do start to develop symptoms then consider taking some of the secret cold stoppers listed in this blog.

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