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Kathy Bates Jumped At Current TV Role

Kathy Bates With Silver Grey Hair

Kathy Bates Jumped At Current TV Role

Kathy Bates has triumphantly returned for a second season of TV's law drama, Harry's Law.  She showcases her gorgeous gray medium length tresses and her great acting talent as the title character.

Kathy popped into NBC's The Today Show recently and explained to Al Roker that the role of Harry was originally written for a man.  Lucky for the actress the producer's wife saw the show and said "what about Kathy Bates?" for the lead role.

Kathy said that when the Emmy nominations came out a few months ago her producer Bill got up early and said 'oh my god, Kathy got a (Emmy) nomination' and his wife said 'I want a present.'

Harry's Law is noteworthy for a number of reasons. Kathy pointed out that they have a group of great guest stars.  She said the guest stars include "Alfred Molina, Jean Smart, Jason Alexander from Seinfeld, to name just a few." Kathy said "we've got a nice group coming in."

Kathy Bates With Silver Gray Hair

Al pointed out that this show is different than a lot of the legal and police shows that are cut and dry.  Al said this show has a lot of  heart in it.

Kathy agreed.  She said "Harry started out in a shoe store downstairs.  She in the middle of a ghetto becoming gentrified.  So there's a lot happening.

Al asked the famous actress what attracted her to this part? Kathy said she decided to do Harry's Law because "it was the part itself.  It's rare that you get a part for a 62 year old women you know that's going to lead up a TV show.   Let's face it.  So  I jumped at the chance."

Hoda Kotb And Khloe Kardashian

Kathy also stopped by the chat with Hoda Kotb and guest host Khloe Kardashian on the fourth hour of NBC's Today Show.

Kathy told Khloe Kardashian and Hoda that playing Harry, the ballsy lawyer is "so much fun."  The actree said "It's been a blast.  I'm so happy we're back for a second season.  I love it."

Kathy Bates

Kathy said when she first came on board the show they wanted to call her Harriet, but she convinced them to keep it Harry.  She wanted to keep that special feel to it.  And of course she was right.

Transition From Movies To Television

Khloe asked Kathy if it was a big transition going from movies to television.  Kathy said "Yeah, you know last year was a real steep learning curve for me.  I had so many lines to learn every day.  It was a tough schedule and everything.  But this year it feels direct.  I feel much much happier.  The scripts are wonderful and I'm enjoying every minute of it."

As far as going back to Broadway?  Would she like to do that again?  Kathy said "nothing harder than that (Broadway).  It would have to be the right part at the right time.  It's very demanding.  I think it's the actor's gymnasium, really."

As far as movies?  Kathy said that "she's been so wrapped up with Harry's Law she hasn't been able to say yes to anything, but that."

Kathy feels "really grateful I'll tell you because it's kinda unusual to have a 62 year old woman be a lead on a TV show but we're beating the odds so I've very grateful."

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