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Ways To Save At The Hair Salon

Ways To Save At The Hair Salon

There are many ways to save on hair services.  For example, you could go to cosmetology schools for reduced services, ask a friend or even sign up for to barter with a hairstylist, you may decide those options are too risky.

While there are many ways to truly save on hair services ranging from not going to the salon for any hair services at all, switching to box hair color and trimming your own bangs or ends, if you still want to maintain your relationship with your professional hairstylist and salon consider some tips below to save at the salon.

1.  Sign up for any special discount deals - Many salons are starting to offer a wide range of email or similar newsletters with an array of savings for hair services or products.  Some salons may even have secret deals that are not widely advertised.  When in doubt of your options, ask your stylist or the front desk.

2.  Be willing to be a last minute fill-in - Some salons will offer last minute discounts to fill last minute cancellation time slots.  Ask if your salon has a cancellation email or phone tree and ask to be included.

Last minute appointments are usually first come/first serve and come with a penalty for no-shows.  Make sure you understand the rules before agreeing to last minute time slots.

3.  Sign up to be a salon model - Some salons hire apprentices who are required to attend training nights and work on models.  The upside to being an apprentice's model is that you will receive top of the line services at extremely reduced prices.  Also, the apprentices are always supervised by a seasoned stylist.

The downside?  You may be required to have hair services you might normally select since the apprentices are learning new styling and hair coloring techniques.

4.  Check out Groupon or similar options - More salons are jumping onto the Groupon or group discount bandwagon.  You salon may agree to offer coupons on a group site but not inform their regular customers.

Usually the purpose of listing on Groupon is to attract new customers to the salon which is why the coupon may not be widely shared with existing customers.

5.  Book combined hair services - Some salons will offer a break on services if you combine a hair cut and color rather then doing just one service at different times.   You might even be able to benefit financially from booking a group of friends to the salon at the same to get a group discount deal.

6.  Pay in cash - When you use credit cards to pay for your services the salon is charged a service fee which can vary according to the card.  If you offer to pay cash or with a check, the salon may be willing to give you a 5% or more discount on the total bill.

7.  Ask about DIY services - Some salons will allow hair cut customers to come to the salon with pre-washed and damp hair.  This will save on a shampoo service.  Other salons will automatically combine a shampoo service with a haircut. It often depends upon the salon's policies.  Higher end salons are less likely to allow DIY services than hair-in-a-box locations.

Whether your salon allows you to save by arriving with pre-washed hair or not, it never hurts to ask.  Also, some salons will also allow clients to skip a blow out after a hair cut.

8.  Book appointments during slowest salon times - While some salons will offer a discount to customers willing to come in slow times to keep the appointment book full, others won't offer the same deal.  Regardless, if you book in a slow salon time your stylist will be less rushed and you will wind up with the possibility of receiving higher quality services from a relaxer stylist who doesn't have a heavy schedule.

9.  Keep an eye out for product sales - Although professional salon products are often available at a reduced on the Internet or at other big box outlet stores, some salons will hold annual sales of their top lines at very attractive prices.

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