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When Skin's Physiological Balance Is Disrupted

When Skin's Physiological Balance Is Disrupted

La Roche-Posay Psychological Cleansers

Every day, the skin’s surface accumulates dirt, sweat, air pollution and bacteria which can clog pores, irritate skin and accelerate skin aging.

Did You Know - When Skin's Physiological Balance Is Disrupted

The skin has a natural defense system that protects it from external aggressors that cause damage and irritation. However, when the skin’s physiological balance is disrupted, which can occur from harsh cleansing, its defense system is weakened.

Now, for the first time, La Roche-Posay laboratories extends its dermatological commitment to skin cleansing with the launch of Psychological Cleansers designed to effectively cleanse the skin, while respecting its physiological balance (barrier function).

The La Roche-Posay Psychological Cleansers line consists of three innovative products that are:

Purifying: Deeply cleanse to eliminate impurities (dirt, oil, make-up).

Protective: Preserve skin’s natural defenses. Hydrate and soothe the skin.

Pleasant: A variety of mildly-scented formulas.

They also are:

1. Balanced pH

2. Soap-free

3. Paraben-free

4. Safe for sensitive skin

La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansers follow rigorous formulation demands to offer optimal efficacy, tested under dermatological control without compromising tolerance:

• Optimal safety of cleansing ingredients – each product is formulated with Poloxamer, a cleansing agent so mild, it is used in contact lens solution

• Effective to remove impurities while respecting the skin’s natural balance

• With antioxidant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water to strengthen skin’s natural defenses

La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub

For more active cleansing

• APF® (Activating Protease Factor):

Provides deep chemical exfoliation to boost cell turnover while respecting the physiological balance of the skin

• Micronized Diatomic and Polyethylene Powders:

Provides physical exfoliation using unique micronized (crushed and smoothed out)

polyethylene powders to eliminate potential irritation while respecting the physiological balance of the skin

• Jellified Texture:

Reduces rubbing friction which can cause irritation and facilitate rinse-off

Daily use: skin is gently exfoliated, smoothed and deeply purified, while respecting its physiological balance

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution

For extra-gentle cleansing without water

• 3-in-1: cleanser, toner, make-up remover

• Micelles: Micro-encapsulate dirt on the skin surface and lift it up without rubbing

• No need to rinse off; wipe-off formula

Daily use: skin is cleansed, toned and left feeling calm, fresh and pure

La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

For soothing, refreshing, cleansing

• Unique cooling effect for a refreshing, deep clean feel

• Efficiently cleanses the skin without causing dryness or irritation

• Rinse-off formula

Daily use: skin is cleansed, purified and refreshed.

Physiological Cleansers from La Roche-Posay can be purchased at select physicians’ offices, and some approved drugstore locations with Dermo-Skincare Centers as well as online.


La Roche-Posay is the brand recommended by 25,000 dermatologists worldwide offering adjunctive therapy daily skincare and in-office chemical peel products formulated with highly concentrated ingredients targeting every skin’s needs. Products are tested on sensitive skin. Its daily use products include formulations that are based on thermal spring water rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant.

Formulations are clinically proven for safety and efficacy that enhance overall treatment results and reduce related side effects that can improve consumer quality of life. Its range of professional products is composed of in-office procedures, including chemical peels as well as pre and post care products /protocols to increase procedure efficacy and optimize safety.

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