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Rhianna's Victory Hair Rolls On Today Show

Just when you think Rhianna and her inspired celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stevens have hit the wall for new ideas for creative hairstyles out pops another.   When Rhianna performed for the Today Show (Friday, 5/27/11) she showcased her long spicy red tresses with a new twist.

Victory style hair rolls were formed on either side of the singer's head in front.  Wearing her waist length hair cascading from a side part with loose ringlets spiraling down towards the waist the singer had a version of hair rolls looped on either side of the part.

Although they were not as stiff and tightly formed as the traditional victory hair rolls, they still created the same effect.

Of course Rhianna's costume pushed her rich red over the top.  She paired her curled tresses with a long sleeved vibrant blue and black striped mid-drift baring top.

How To Copy Rhianna's Victory Hair Rolls

To recreate this hairstyle you'll need hair which is long enough to be formed into rolls along the top of your head.  Where you position them is up to you.  If you prefer, you can even create just one roll along the fringe.

Tools You'll Need:

Bobby pins, hair ratts or foam donuts, hair ties like Blax or Bungee, curling iron, comb and firm hold hairspray.

Step by Step How To:

On hair which is freshly cleansed, dried and straightened complete the following steps:

1.  Use a long tail comb to lift and separate out two individual sections of hair at the very front of your scalp.  The target hair sections should ideally be positioned on either side of a center or side part.  Clip the two sections up and off your face away from the rest of your hair.

2.  Pull the rest of your hair out of the way and secure it into a pony or hair twist.

3.  Work on one roll at a time.  Start by unpinning the first hair section.  Separate it into much smaller sections.  Use a boar bristle brush and backcomb to create lots of height and body.

4.  Once you have created the height you desire then use your fingers and smooth the sections down.

5.  Use your fingers as a curling rod and wind your hair around until you've formed a long tube of hair.

Note: If you prefer a more defined shape take a sausage shaped hair ratt or hair foam in the shape of a hot dog or sausage.  Roll the target section of hair around the hair ratt keeping tension from the roots of your hair as your roll.  If you prefer you can try creating your own hair ratt with a rolled pair of clean nylons, socks or similar.

6.  Once you've molded the section of hair to the shape and size you desire pin it in place against the scalp.  Use bobby pins the same color as your hair and be sure to pin where the bobbies don't show.

7.  Spray with a firm hold hairspray.

8.  Complete the same steps on the second section.

9.  Ideally the two hair rolls should be the same size, shape and length on either side of your head unless you wish to create your own signature look.

8.  Unpin the rest of your hair and wear it long and flowing like Rhianna or pulled up in a ponytail, twist or other designed hair style.

This is such a fun hairstyle to try that the options are endless.  You can wear the back of your hair in a twist, top knot, chignon or with big teased waves.  You can also pop on a wig in a contrasting color.

You can also use your hand to mold and form your hair rolls.  It will be floppier if you don't use a ratt or form, but experiment to get the look you love.

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