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Steven Tyler's Feathered Hair Has Made Him A New Hair Icon

There's been a lot of big changes on Fox TV's American Idol this season.  Not only did Jennifer Lopez pull up a chair at the judge's table and showcase an array of ever changing gorgeous hairstyles, she was joined by Steven Tyler who immediately turned up the sizzle on the reality TV show.

Steven is no slouch in the hair department.  When fans spotted his feather hair extensions they immediately rushed to their stylists to copy the look.  And the look of feather hair extensions is catching on even here in Dallas which tends to be slightly behind the two coasts when adopting new hair trends.

It's amazing that Steven Tyler has actually eclipsed Jennifer Lopez as a new hair icon.  His long flowing layered blonde locks are being eyed as a great new hairstyle for young men around the country.

Steven is a huge hit with the fans making sure to interact with them as much as possible during the American Idol show.

How did this feathered hair trend start?  It began in California as a new hair extension trend to showcase the more relaxed and bohemian lifestyle.'s Brooke had just a few feathers added to her own medium length tresses and she reported the whole process was quick and easy.  Her hair stylist used high quality real feathers that were in a natural color.  Brooke said there was no damage to her hair and the feathers can be washed, blow-dried, straightened, curled and brushed.

Of course for more adventurous people the hair features came in a variety of hues from hot pink to blue, red, purple and yellow.  If you want to be more conservative you can get natural colors like Brooke selected.  She actually likes her extensions and said they feel like part of her hair.

Meanwhile keep your eye on Steven because he rocks some amazing fashions, earrings and hair looks.

If you love the feather trend, but don't want to have feather extensions then consider feather earrings which are also very popular right now.

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