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American Idol Sends Naima Adedapo And Thia Megia Packing


In a dramatic gesture last week by the American Idol (AI) judges Casey Abrams was sparred final elimination.\\u00a0 Abrams was as shocked as everyone else that Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler used their one save of the season to keep Abrams.\\u00a0 Ironically their save was relatively early in the AI season.\\n\n

On Wednesday’s show a sober Casey Abrams who has had a haircut and a shave was told by Jennifer that she didn’t regret saving Abrams and was happy she did so.\\u00a0 The audience seems to love Abrams but it was the audience votes that put him at the very bottom last week.\\n\n

As a result of Abrams save last week, two AI contestants had to go home this week.\\u00a0 The women continued to fall on the sword with a dreadlocked Naima Adedapo and a long haired Thia Megia being sent home.\\n\n

Although I was sad to see two more women go, I wasn’t surprised at all after watching the March 30th performances.\\u00a0 Adedapo applied a reggae twist to an Elton John classic song which the judges didn’t go wild over.\\u00a0 Megia also left a lot to be desired with her rendition of a John son.\\u00a0 America made the correct choices.\\u00a0 I actually was surprised Adedapo lasted as long as she did.\\n\n

The 26 year old Paul McDonald was also in the bottom three but managed to survive.\\u00a0 Probably not for long, regardless of how many flowers bloom on his white suit.\\u00a0 His voice was weak but there’s no doubt he knows how to entertain the crowd.\\n\n

While I wasn’t found of Adedapo’s voice, she had amazing locks and I enjoyed watching all the different hairstyles she rocked during her limited time on the show.\\n\n

The 26-year-old Rod Stewart-esque character was in the bottom three\\u2026and for good reason. His rendition of Elton John\\u2019s \\u201cRocket Man\\u201d the night before was one of his weakest performances yet and made his limitations glaringly obvious \\u2014 namely, he\\u2019s one dimensional.\\n\n

Sadly, 16 year old Lauren Alaina who is wildy talented, was completely distraught at the loss of her BFF, Thia Megia.\\u00a0 The two girls were close in age and had bonded to the point that Alaina got a special hug from judge Steven Tyler because she needed consoling.\\n\n

Of the AI Contestants remaining in my humble opinion I think the final five will be Pia Toscano, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams.\\u00a0 Of course at this point it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.\\n\n

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