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Naomi Watts Set To Star In Next Batman Film Plus J. Edgar Hoover Biopic

There's a big buzz in the media now about "The Dark Knight Rises" which is Christoper Nolan's third and final Batman film.

Competition is rumored to be heating up with a short list of big name actresses vying for the coveted lead role.  Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel,  Keira Knightly, Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley are some of current contenders for the role.

Blonde and beautiful actress Naomi Watts is rumored to have already signed onto the film to play the role of Vicki Vale.  The role of Vicki Vale, was famously played by another blonde, Kim Basinger in Tim Burton's "Batman.   Namoi Watts would be a brilliant choice for the role.

J. Edgar Hoover Biopic

In addition to her rumored role as Vicki, Naomi has been announced as the co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in a new J.Edgar biopic.

Deadline Hollywood reports that DiCaprio will play J.Edgar Hoover in the film while Watts will take on the role of Hoover's secretary Helen Gandy.  It has been suggested that Helen spent weeks destroying personal files after Hoover's death.

Dream House

The blonde actress also co-stars with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in the thriller, Dream House, set to be released in September of 2011.   How does the mother of two young boys manage to crank out all these films?  It's truly amazing but just demonstrates how bankable the Aussie actress is.

Naomi's Hairstyle History

Her busy life also explains her low-maintenance hairstyles which tend to be wearable and flattering to her long face.

Naomi is famous for her fine to medium thick blonde hair which ranges in hue from a light platinum to a darker buttery blonde. The actress does blonde better than most and it always looks shiny with tons of movement. She is famous for her LOB Hairstyle which is known in the hair world as a Long Bob or Long + Bob = LOB.

The actress has moved towards blunt cut longer bobs which hold their shape as they grow out and don't require as frequent of trims as the shorter bob styles.

Her hair tends to be naturally straight with just a hint of wave.  She historically has worked with some of the biggest names in hairstyling including Robert Vetica.The celeb hairstylist was credited with creating Naomi's collarbone 'do she wore to the premiere of Salt.  The hairstyle, which was freshly-cut showcased side-swept bangs.

Vetica described the hairstyle as a Studio 54-inspired look.  He cut off 2 inches of Naomi's hair. He said "I kept her hair blunt and collarbone length, and created bangs that swooped to the side. The length is a bit longer in front and slightly higher in back.

The bangs were first cut long and blunt, then razored and texturized to about the bridge of the nose so they looked lighter around the face and were easily swept to the side," said Vetica.

"After we did so many different looks for Cannes, I wanted Naomi to look fresh and young and really different.

The look had to accent her gorgeous blonde color, have lots of shine and movement and look really healthy and strong."

Vetica achieved his goal.  Naomi's hair looked stunning.

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