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Paul Edmonds Iconic British Hairdresser

If you've never heard of celeb hairdresser Paul Edmonds it may because he's always booked with some of the biggest and brightest celebrity names in Europe.  Some of his famous clients include Natalie Imbruglia, Gina McGee, Julie Walters, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson, to name must a few.

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Why is Paul so popular as a celeb hairdresser?  He is known to be incredibly charming and charismatic but has tremendous hair styling talent.

Edmonds has been nominated hairdresser of the year eight times.  That has to be some sort of a record.

Unique Hairstyling Abilities

Of course he deserved all of those nominations for hairdresser of the year because of his unique hairstyling abilities which combines a rare blend of creativity and confidence with experimentalism, dexterity, charisma and business acumen.

Edmonds has been single minded in his ambition to provide the best in hairdressing since he began his career in 1973.

Working With Best Hairstylists In The World

His credits include working with some of the best hairstylists in the world.  He's worked for Daniel Galvin as artistic director and Neville Daniel as the manager/artistic director. As well as holding these positions, he has also been a mentor and trained many leading British hairdressers including Errol Douglas, Richard Ward and the late great Umberto Giannini.

In 1984 Edmonds opened Paul Edmonds the salon in Beauchamp Place, which then moved in 1997 to its present location in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge. The salon represents all that Paul has built his reputation on ...a contemporary feel, a calm friendly approach and holistic client care.

What Not To Wear & Strictly Come Dancing

Paul is also the resident hairdresser on the BBC's celebrated show What Not To Wear and assists on Strictly Come Dancing. He has also made popular appearances on The Richard Arnold show and used his creative ideas to transform hair for catwalk shows at London Fashion Week 2007.

Paul also trained at the College of Psychic Studies for 3 years as a healer and uses the skills he developed to put his clients at ease and make his appointments even more enjoyable.

The Holistic Approach Drives Salon Philosophy

The Paul Edmonds holistic approach to hair is one of the main drives behind his salon philosophy. Hair cuts are not only easy to style yourself, but are complimentary and work with your hair to its maximum potential.

All the team members at Paul Edmonds work on the same philosophy, cuts that compliment the face, body and lifestyle.

Paul believes that your hair is an outward symbol of who, and what we would like to project to the world, so it takes a skilful hairdresser working with the client to do this. At Paul Edmonds all of the stylists are trained to listen and advise the clients.  The goal is to work towards creating a contemporary style while enhancing the client's best features.

Visit Paul Edmonds at 217 Brompton Road, London. Call 0844 770 9410 for more information.

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