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Glee's Dianna Agron Bumps Up The Red Carpet Sass With 60s Inspired Hairstyle

Although I love Glee for the singing, the dancing and the drama.  I also love the hair.

Not only does the cast have amazing and interesting hairstyles, hair is even interwoven into the scripts.  The on-going drama between Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Mr. Shu (Will) often involves Sue taking swipes at his gorgeous natural curls.

Of course Dianna Agron (April 30, 1986) is also stunningly beautiful and embodies the perfectly blonde tressed cheerleader in the role of Quinn Fabray.  Well, except for her baby bump which was (she delivered her baby at the end of last season) a key part of her current role on the wildly popular show.

(Image of Dianna Agron - Breakthrough Of The Year Awards - 8-15-10 - - All Rights Reserved)

Dianna has taken Quinn in new directions over the past season turning him from the uber bitchy popular girl to the sometimes kind and often reflective mother-child.

Off camera Dianna, born in California, is always impeccably coiffed and polished from her long bronde (blonde + brunette) tresses to her perfectly manicured toes.

Recently Dianna wowed the media on the Red Carpet at the Breakthrough Of The Year Awards presented by Crest 3D White in Hollywood where she was being honored as the Breakthrough Newcomer.

Dianna looked spectacular in a strapless fitted and belted floral print dress which showed off her stunning figure.  Her long bronde kissed hair was coiffed in a half up/half down style with a sleek hairline bump and loose barrel ringlet style curls.

If you've been following Dianna you know she is partial to the hairline bump which does add balance to her face and highlight her beautiful skin and eyes.

Dianna's strapless dress worked perfectly with her sultry hairstyle.  In fact, her loose ringlets were coaxed over one shoulder to cascade down the front of her gown.  She looked sophisticated but playful and sassy at the same time.

I think Dianna looks best when she wears her long tresses soft and tousled, much like the style she showcased at the Breakthrough Awards.

The Romantics

Besides her role on Glee, Dianna also co-stars in the new movie, The Romantics, with a big name cast including Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel. One of the side bennies of being in the film? Meeting the stars and their families including Tom and Suri Cruise as well as Fergie - Mrs. Duhamel.

Dianna told the media "we just bonded so quickly; we became such a family-all of us, which doesn't always happen. We would cook dinners together and go for romps on the beach and play board games. It was just so much fun off the set and on."

(Image of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron in scene from Glee - Courtesy of Fox - All Rights Reserved)

Dianna's Return To Glee

Meanwhile, I can't wait for Glee to return to see how Dianna's character will change now that she's had her baby.  Then of course there's the rumored cameo of Britney, which the cast isn't allowed to talk about.   But then who knows what famous faces may pop up on Glee.

Now that Dianna has bonded with Anna, Katie and Josh, maybe even Fergie will make an appearance.  With Glee you just never know.  Right?

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