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Hair On Aging Women (Or Men) - Seriously?

If you've been reading my blogs, Tweets and articles at since the mid 1990s you know that I abhor any type of hair prejudice whether it be based on hair texture, hair length, hair type, color or any other hair issues.

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I also don't like to put anyone in a "hair box" based on their age, whether they are struggling with their hair (hair loss or other hair issues) or not.

I believe that every man, woman and child on this planet has their own unique inner and outer beauty with their tresses comprising just one part of the big picture of who they are.

In addition I believe that no one should ever judge you on your hair.  Yes, it happens but hopefully we can change that attitude in the short term. 

Even more importantly, no one should ever tell you how to wear your hair.  I don't care who they are from your family and friends to your hairdresser.

If you were born with naturally curly hair and you want to cut it all off, chemically straighten it or wear it au natural then so be it.  I respect and admire anyone who honors their true feelings about how they deal with their hair.

Women Over A Certain Age Should Not Wear Long Hair? Really?

I was told growing up that women over a certain age who were "aging" should never wear their hair long.  I was also born with natural waves and curls with baby blonde hues which turned dishwater blonde in my early teens.  I bucked all the trends by growing my hair several inches below my waist, going platinum blonde and keeping my hair bone straight when I felt like it.

When I left 40 in the rear view mirror I refused to consider cutting my super healthy, super long tresses.  I may never cut my hair shorter than it is today which ranges between 6-8" below my waist.  Will I grow it longer?  Maybe.  Right now I love my hair and don't care what anyone else says about what I should do with my hair.

Hair On Aging Women

Yes all of us human do age but tying a hair category to "aging women" or "aging men" is again, in my humble opinion, politically incorrect and in poor taste.

Of course as our bodies get older in chronological numbers we may experience the effects of the human body getting older which may include hair thinning, appearance of gray hair or even texture changes.  However, those hair changes are not a hair death sentenace which means we have to cut off all our hair, dye it blue or wear wigs.

If we want to do those things, that's one thing.  Hey I have vibrant blue wigs, pink wigs and clip-in purple extensions.  However, I will never let anyone, especially my hairdresser tell me how to wear my hair.  Luckily I have found a fabulous hair colorist and hair dresser who honor my right to wear my hair anyway my heart desires.

Addressing Aging Hair From A Biological Rather Than Judgemental Way

First I hope hair and beauty writers lose the "aging women's hair" and "aging men's hair' titles on all their articles, blogs and Tweets and become enlightened to the fact that every human of every age deals with different hair challenges which means there are a different set of options to consider.

Let's address hair challenges in a non-judgmental way.

Teens With Oily Hair To Thinning Hair Issues - The Full Gamet

Whether you are a teen with oily tresses or a man in his 50s with thinning, the hair and beauty industry has advanced to the point where there are so many options on how to address your hair the way you want are available.

If you are a male or female of any age with thinning strands you have a variety of options from taking special hair focused supplements (vitamins, nutrients) to investigating scalp and/or laser treatments, add-on hair options (partial or full) or shaving your hair and wearing it au natural, with headwear you enjoy or with wigs, if you prefer that route.

Bottom line, the next time someone in the hair and/or beauty industry starts a conversation with you by saying "hair on aging women (or men) should be" fire them on the spot.  Unless of course you have no other options at the moment and want to consider your next move.

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