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Hair As Keepsakes, Charms, Amulets And Jewelry Throughout History

When my beloved husband Michael died very suddenly over four years ago I had the presence of mind to ask to cut off a few of his fabulous curls to keep in my keepsake box.

I was literally in shock, since he died of a massive heart attack.  However, when the social worker offered to let me sit with him right after he died, she asked if she could get me anything.  I said "yes, a scissors and a plastic bag."

(Image shown to the side of a brooch made with human hair - - All Rights Reserved).

She looked at me oddly and I said "I want to snip a few of his curls to put into a locket or my keepsake box to remember him by."

The social worker scurried off and came back with a scissors and a little baggie.  She offered to cut his ringlets for me but I told her I wanted to do it.

While saying goodbye to my beloved partner, best friend and husband for close to 23 years, I snipped a few of his gorgeous shiny curls and tucked them carefully into the little bag.  As I said goodbye to him for the very last time, I clutched those curls knowing I would always have something of him to cherish along with his wedding ring and favorite watch.

My experience with my dearly departed husband is nothing new.  Since probably the beginning of time people have kept lockets of hair of loved ones to cherish their essence.  Sometimes the hair was used to make jewelry, to tuck into a treasured locket or other keepsake.

For more information refer to:  Mourning Jewelry: Made From Human Hair

The Power Of Gems & Charms by Geo. H. Bratley

Other times hair has been used for other means.  According to the book 'The Power Of Gems & Charms' by Geo. H. Bratley hair is sometimes used in the making of charms.  According to the book, one of the most gruesome charms on record was worn by Jean Cavigilioli, the famous Corsican bandit who was captured near Ajaccio.  In the early days of his career, Cavigiliolo slew a rival bandit with his poniard and cut off his beard.

The famous bandit took the beard hair from his rival and made it into a watch-chain.  He then wore the watch-chain as a luck charm which he claimed protected him during battles that ensued.  Ironically Cavigiliolo was captured on one of the only days when he was not wearing the beard hair charm.

The Hair Watch Guard

Geo. H. Bratley in 'The Power Of Gems & Charms' explains that the hair watch-guard is still with us to-day, for human hair is thought to be a strong and powerful amulet.  Which is why hair has been used in many forms of jewelry and why hair has been worn into battle in the past.

Bratley reports that during the war between Russia and Japan lockets and brooches containing hair were given by lovers and friends to soldiers as amulets against the bullets of the Japanese.

Victorian Hair Jewel Traditions'

During Victorian and earlier times it was actually customary to wear jewelry made with the hair of a loved one who had passed away.  In some cases the hair was worn from loved ones who were still alive.

Human hair might be woven around combs, into brooches on the handles of handbags as parts of hair jewels and even as part of watchbands, rings or related item.

For more information on having human hair made into jewelry items check out: to see samples of Victoria hair jewelry.

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